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Location Map : Guadalajara, Mexico
Years of Experience : 31
Languages(s) : Spanish, English
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Dr. Manuel Aceves

Dr. Manuel Aceves embodies the optimal combination of science, knowledge, and human touch. His soft-spoken personality, genuine bedside manners, and incredible wealth of knowledge and experience will make you feel comfortable and at piece knowing that you are in great hands. As soon as you walk into his clinic, Obesidad y Laparoscopía Avanzada, in Guadalajara, Mexico you experience an immediate sensation of trust and optimism about your health, you will be received by fully English-speaking staff composed of patient coordinators, nurses, psychologists, nutritionists, and other experienced doctors under Dr. Aceves’ supervision.

Dr. Manuel Aceves is part of a prestigious global group of bariatric surgeons with over 25 years of experience in laparoscopic weight-loss surgery and comprehensive training on Robotic Obesity Surgery with the Da Vinci Robot. Dr. Manuel Aceves continuously receives and imparts training from top US medical institutions, conducts and publishes medical research in weight-loss treatments, and founded the first multidisciplinary surgery center to treat obesity and metabolic disorders in western Mexico. Having received his Medical Degree in 1979 from the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM) makes him one of the doctors with most experience in all of Mexico and belongs to an elite generation of physicians in the county. Dr. Aceves has performed hundreds of bariatric surgeries with a success rate of 99% across all types of weight-loss procedures and thousands of endoscopic, laparoscopic, open and mini-open Gastrointestinal procedures to treat all types of diseases and conditions of the human digestive system. In addition to being a renowned Board Certified surgeon, Dr. Manuel Aceves is a prominent and respected professor at UNAM, his Alma Matter, where he teaches Surgical and Multidisciplinary Management for Obesity. His important medical research is published in prestigious Mexican and international medical journals and is regularly invited to important international medical conventions like the World Congress of International Federation for Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders as keynote speaker, organizer, presenter, and attendee. Dr. Aceves has held leadership roles and is an active member of the American College of Surgeons, American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS), International Society of Surgery, and Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES).

Dr. Aceves is conscious and sensitive to the fact that everybody’s body behaves differently and that every patient is a unique case. Dr. Aceves and his highly specialized bariatric team will spend as much time as needed with every patient to fully understand how their mind and body operate to design a customized and personalized comprehensive weight-loss treatment that will maximize results and optimize a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Medical Education:
  • Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM), Mexico City, Mexico: Medical Degree, 1975 – 1979
  • Hospital General de Ciudad Netzahualcoyotl, Mexico City, Mexico: General Surgery Residency, 1983 – 1986
  • University of Padova, Italy, 1996: Fellowship in Bariatric Laparoscopic Surgery
Medical Association Memberships
  • American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS)
  • Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES)
  • International Federation of Surgery for Obesity
  • International Bariatric Club
  • American College of Surgeons
  • Mexican Society of Obesity Surgery
  • Mexican Association of General Surgery
  • Mexican College of Surgery for Obesity and Metabolic Disorders
  • Latin-American Association of Endoscopic Surgery (ALACE)
Awards & Achievements :
  • Summa Cum Laude: Autonomous National University of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico: Medical Degree
  • President: Mexican College of Surgeons
  • President: Mexican Association for General Surgery
Hospital: Obesidad y Laparoscopía Avanzada

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Price: $7600 USD

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve Mexico

Bariatrics is the branch of medicine that studies the causes, prevention, and treatment of obesity and metabolic disorders.

Bariatric surgery is a procedure that helps people lose weight by making changes to their digestive system; the most common procedures are: Gastric bypass, Adjustable Gastric Band, and Intragastric

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  • Amy Trix

  • Gastric Bypass
  • Surprise, AZ, U.S.
I first met Dr. Rumbaut the day before my surgery, shortly after I arrived in Monterrey, Mexico. He impressed me as a very caring doctor who took a genuine interest in his patients and in making them feel at ease. Even though several of his phones and pagers were buzzing (he's obviously a very busy man), he ignored all of the distractions (didn't even look at his caller ID!) and concentrated on me and answering my questions. He even provided his personal cell phone number to his patients in case they needed to ask him something for the duration of the stay in Mexico.

I think the man is amazing, one of the pioneers in bariatric surgery, and would recommend him to anyone who has to pay for their surgery out of pocket. His entire staff was friendly and very knowledgable. Everyone I spoke to, from the receptionists to the nutritionists and the other doctors on staff, was willing to answer questions and help out in any way they could. They all provided phone numbers and email addresses, and repeatedly told the patients to contact them with any questions, at any time. The only thing I don't like about Dr. Rumbaut is that he is in Mexico, and I can't go hug him every day! This doctor could work anywhere in the world, but chose to work in Monterrey to help patients from the US and Canada who couldn't wait for their insurance to cover the surgery (and for those with no insurance). He is sincere in his desire to help as many people as he can, and he and his staff provide a TON of information on before-care and after-care. There is a structured after-care program, and his patients all have access to the nutritionalists for life. All of the risks were clearly explained, and all questions answered honestly. I have not found any of the information given to me to be false or misleading. The only language barrier I ran into was with a couple of the overnight nurses at the hospital, but the doctor's office provides all of the patients with a list of Spanish phrases that came in very handy. The care I received at the hospital was at least equal to, if not better, than any care I've received in a US hospital. I did try to learn a bit of Spanish before I went, and that came in helpful when I went out shopping a couple of days after surgery. My only real complaint I have about the entire experience was regarding the hotel that the patients stay in. The beds, while very comfortable the first night there (pre-surgery), were extremely high and difficult to climb up into after surgery. There were also several bus loads of children staying there that ran around the halls at all hours and would carom off of people in the hall ways and out by the pool. The hotel staff was extremely friendly though, and willing to help out as much as they could. Request a fridge in the room immediately if you're going though - it would be nice if those were automatically provided for the bariatric patients, as the doctor gives you a large box of protein drinks/Crystal Light, etc. for the couple of days after surgery you're in the hotel.

Overall, I would recommend Dr. Rumbaut and his staff to anyone. I did go by myself and was never once lonely or scared to be alone. The staff makes regular trips to the hotel, and patients are provided with contact numbers to call at any time, day or night. Dr. Rumbaut's surgical competence is beyond expectations, and so is his bedside manner. He will remain in my prayers forever, and I just can't thank him enough.


Name : Manuel Aceves

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