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As a narrow provider network, we only contract with a select group of board-certified surgeons
in the destinations where we operate, and any doctor you choose has been thoroughly vetted by our Physician Advisory Committee.

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Covered Specialties

Our top surgeons focus in Plastic Surgery in Mexico, Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico,
Dental Implants in Mexico and IVF in Mexico



Health & Wellness Bazaar is an elite network of Board-Certified English-speaking doctors and medical professionals strategically located in Mexico to create the perfect arbitrage opportunity for U.S. buyers of healthcare. We contract with the best and highest rated medical providers in Mexico, meeting or exceeding U.S. standards of care with successful track records, extraordinary credentials, and facilities with highest quality and safety certifications.

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Highest Standards of Medical Care

All doctors in our network are carefully and exhaustively vetted by our Physician Advisory Committee to ensure the highest standards of medical care and patient safety.

Global Support 24/7

We have on-site Patient Coordinators in all our destinations to assist you 24/7 in all your needs so you don't have to worry about anything during your medical trip.

Patient-Centric Experience

Our knowledgeable and experienced team will make this process seamless and enjoyable from beginning to end, your recovery is your only focus.

HIPAA Compliant

We take all necessary measures to protect your information and ensure that all security standards are in place and followed throughout our entire ecosystem.

We also work with top Fertility Clinics in Mexico to treat all infertility conditions and contract with the
top-performing orthopedic surgeons in Mexico to perform Hip and Knee Replacement Mexico.


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  • It is obvious that Health and Wellness Bazaar only work with the most professional medical personnel and that their ultimate goal is making patients happy and owning up to the great customer service they offer. They truly care about their patient’s wellbeing and satisfaction. Thank you, Health and Wellness Bazaar,...
    Erica Meza
  • Arely Torres
  • I couldn’t be happier with my experience. I had an injury that caused cartilage damage to my ankle and decided to go with dr Mora for ankle anthroscopy combined with stem cell and prp treatment after long conversations through email I knew this was who I wanted to go with.
    Michael Garcia
  • I had a ‘Mommy Makeover’ on September 25, 2018 with Dr. Rodas-Nava. I’m extremely pleased with my outcome & the entire process to this point.
    Tari Colbry
  • I absolutely loved my experience. In September I reached out to Lauren because I wanted to get a rhinoplasty and she recommended Dr. Rodas.
    Laura Romero
  • They answered all my questions each time I called (almost every other day..:) ) The service and treatment I received was impeccable!!! Even during my surgery, the staff was also warm and friendly. I felt so comfortable under their care.
    Natalie Hibou
  • They made me feel at ease with the lead up to surgery and did everything possible to make both myself and my wife comfortable when we arrived in Mexico. Our driver Michael, was awesome and accommodations and logistics were excellent. The surgery was textbook perfect and post operative care was...
    Daren Olsen
  • I had a very successful surgery by Dr. Mora Sanchez. Every night one the clinic staff stayed with me while I was in the hospital to ensure I was well taken care. My pain management was very professionally handled.
    Charles Beeler
  • EVERYONE at Health & Wellness cared for me as if i was their own family. very sincere and very talented. No game at this place. Lots of love and LOTS of skill.
    David Schmidt
  • The Stem Cell Therapy I had was very successful, I completely avoided surgery and saved considerable money compared to what this treatment would have cost in the US. I always recommend HWBazaar to anyone who needs medical treatment, even to those who have insurance with expensive deductibles and copays.
    Tonya Malek
  • The Health & Wellness Bazaar has been nothing short of a miracle for us. My husband has struggled and suffered with excruciating pain from his herniated discs. Even though my husband is still in the recovery stage, he has felt the most relief from the Spinal Stem Cell Therapy than...
    Jonathan Encinias
  • I received a stem cell treatment for my lower back and removal of hardware. Before my treatment I could barely get out of bed and had lots of pain. I'm currently going through a police academy now and my back is 100% This was done January 2017.
    Alfredo Bernal
  • This is truly individualized treatment and care; I never once felt rushed or treated like just another nondescript patient. I strongly recommend Health & Wellness Bazaar to anybody who needs orthopedic surgery.
    Andrew Kapur
  • My road to Health & Wellness Bazaar began because I did not have insurance nor the money to pay for the treatments in the US, but to be honest, I would travel there for any health issue, my confidence in them is so great!
    Susan Miner
  • Dr. Mora by far is one of the best doctors I’ve ever experienced. He was professional, he took his time with me to explain the break and the procedure needed. It was a great overall experience. The staff at BajaOrtho were top-notch, friendly and treated you like family.
    Ellen Stein
  • I agreed to undergo Knee Arthroscopy with Stem Cell Therapy to regenerate the cartilage and I couldn’t be happier with the results. In 4 months after my treatment I was completely recovered and I am now able to enjoy all the activities I used to do with my biological knee.
    Fati Zandi
  • Health & Wellness Bazaar gave me back my life. I have always had trouble losing weight and didn’t have $15,000 available to have weight-loss surgery in the US
    Oscar Castro
  • The whole process was very easy and they even helped me over the phone to upload my MRI to their platform for review. Upon my return home, my surgeon gave me very clear instructions to follow after the surgery and provided me with a physiotherapy prescription to rehabilitate my shoulder...
    Tina Nicole
  • If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely choose Dr. Mora again. He is a great doctor and did a great job on my knees. Thank you Dr. Mora! To this day, they are still in contact with me and told me if I need anything...
    Steve Paradie
  • Thanks to this Clinic, I have my LIFE back. Dr. Eliseo Mora Sanchez is one of the most amazing People I have ever met, he is an incredibly Talented Man. The People working with Him and Service are second to none.
    Burk Krohn
  • The whole staff at the clinic were outstanding and the treatment so far beats what they wanted to do here in the US!
    Fred Loehr
  • HWBazaar works with a boutique surgery center so there is less exposure to infection like you would get in a large hospital and you also receive a one-to-one nurse attention. The surgery went well and I recovered rapidly. Furthermore, the cost savings can not be beat, I saved at least...
    Richard Barton
  • My experience was very positive, especially the people. Everyone I met was definitely worth meeting, good folks all around. I have recommended HWBazaar to a lot of my friends, all I have to tell them is: “Quit messing about with the doctors in Canada. Just go, they'll fix you. Even...
    Donald Sewell
  • I had had excruciating pain in my knee for several years and the long wait lists for surgeries in Canada made this a very simple and easy decision despite of the complexity of the surgery. After speaking directly to HWBazaar I got over my fears that the surgery would not...
    Ronald Spafford
  • I had a very positive experience overall. Since my initial contact with HWBazaar to the Airport pick-up in San Diego and transportation within Tijuana. I can't forget the staff, caring. Then I met Dr. Eliseo Mora Sanchez and he explained the procedure and I was good to go, confident that...
    Mary Braun
  • The wait list in Canada was too long to receive treatment for my ankle problem and my pain was unbearable. My biggest fear in looking for alternative options was the unknown. The satisfaction I feel today is enormous in knowing I made a good decision and returned home after a...
    Brad Bonar
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