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3 Reasons to Choose a Mommy Makeover

14 November, 2019

The technique known as Mommy Makeover Mexico is the solution for those who have given birth and want to improve their image. Two reddish stripes on a pregnancy test change the life of any woman; then begins the arduous process of sweet and gestate a new life, which often brings consequences difficult to overlook.

Changes in pregnancy leave traces and marks indicating that your body has been the refuge to bring the world the greatest love of his life, but not all women are comfortable with the idea of ​​taking a pronounced scar and having to look striae, and with the prospect of being in the mirror and notice that your breasts look slightly fallen or have a couple of extra-kilos, when previously sported a flat stomach.

While having a baby is a happy event, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can have a high cost in the body of the mother, especially if we consider the hormonal revolution involved. As a result, self-esteem can be reduced, problems with body image increases and, in some cases, signs of depression, a problem that should not be overlooked appear because at present the World Health Organization (WHO) He considers an epidemic that has made victims to about 300 million people.

Quality of Service to look beautiful

Many mothers decide to do something about it to ensure that, as far as possible, their bodies again look like they enjoyed before their babies were born. This procedure includes general treatments, reducing or eliminating streaks, working excess skin, tensing the muscles, lifting or placing breast implants Mexico. The mommy makeover is achieved by using various surgical techniques.

In Health and Wellness Bazaar We are a network of medical tourism, which provides comprehensive services and the highest category, hand specialists have a proven track record. We work to meet their medical needs, with experts abroad, so our experienced team will guide you on the path to recovery figure. The only thing they should worry about it is to be quiet and stay healthy because we take care of realizing your dream to look fabulous.

We know that their pregnancies have wreaked havoc on their bodies, affecting the structure of your breasts, changing the appearance of your abdomen and legs. After nine months of carrying a new life inside and suffering hormonal changes that entail, it is not surprising that they are in the current circumstances, but the good news is that we take care of them back to feel comfortable with themselves, because we offer what is now known as “makeover mom,” about personal problems as a result of pregnancy through a package including tummy tuck, lift or breast augmentation and fat removal with liposuction or liposculpture.

The benefits of a mommy makeover are varied and can perceive shortly after leaving the operating room. Not have to wait months and months to see a slow transition, but their bellies again are aesthetic, your skin will remain smooth and firm breasts. So, when choosing our services, are fully sculpted their bodies, so that no one can guess that just given birth to a baby.

Safe anesthesia and professional treatment

Although many women are excited at the prospect of achieving a makeover and are eager to see the results, they also experience concern about the procedure, so, in most cases, the distress before the intervention is greater than the complexity of the techniques to be employed. Often the idea of ​​undergoing anesthesia may increase fears because many patients feel very vulnerable in that situation.

Currently, anesthesia is safer than ever and is administered by experts; Also, when choosing our medical services, you will be available to best plastic surgeons in Mexico, Ready to answer all your questions and convey the confidence they need to know that everything will be fine and they are in good hands.

Our specialists will inoculate their general anesthesia, which will make you unconscious during the operation, without pain or discomfort. The drug is administered intravenously or by inhalation mask; and once you are asleep, your vital signs will be continuously monitored by trained personnel. Generally, our patients do not remember what happened and, thanks to medical support, have a quick recovery without major problems.

Professional assistance

In an initial consultation, our plastic surgeons carefully study the goals trying to achieve with the mommy makeover, to establish what procedures are convenient for you. According to your wishes and considerations of our specialists, may be candidates to undergo two or more techniques in a single operation.

Then his surgeons will review all options and choose those that suit their expectations. Mommy makeover surgery is performed in a clinic or hospital, using general anesthesia, and all safety requirements that are necessary to carry out an intervention in the operating theater. However, there are also cases where the operation may be an outpatient basis under local anesthesia only. These decisions will be taken according to medical judgment.

In Health & Wellness Bazaar we are the network of medical tourism in which you can place your confidence because we provide a complete and friendly service of the very best qualified experts and experienced that you can guide them every step team. Do not expect more and change their lives and contacting us through the contact means on our website.

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