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4 Things You Should Know About Rhinoplasty

16 November, 2019

The rhinoplasty in Mexico is a proven effective method for nose reshaping, achieving symmetry and harmony regarding facial features. The operation, although it has aesthetic purposes, can also contribute to the improvement of functional problems such as a deviated septum when combined with septoplasty.

Our certified experts by the board of Health and Wellness Bazaar can design for you a personalized treatment, according to their needs, giving them attractive and natural-looking results. Generally, the shape of the nose may be jarring as a result of multiple factors, such as a twisted bone structure, nostrils too wide, protrusions or indentations, a drop point or imperfections trauma.

Our doctors will proceed to assess their health status and to establish a consultation with your cosmetic needs, to determine what your options are. Then they carefully review your medical history, since certain autoimmune conditions and other factors may make them unfit for surgery. Remember that your welfare is our priority, so we will always take all the measures we consider necessary to confirm that the procedure they want is the right one for you.

Reap the benefits of rhinoplasty in Mexico

In Health and Wellness Bazaar we handle a typical itinerary for patients who choose our medical services. On the first day they will be assessed by our surgeons and undergo pre-operative consultations and tests rigor; on the second day will be held the operation and spend the night in a hotel, the third day is for rest and recovery, while on the fourth day will attend a follow-up freely to return to their homes.

Thus, in choosing our specialists, who are the best plastic surgeons in Mexico, You will be enjoying many advantages, such as saving up to 60 percent compared to prices that are handled in the United States; the highest quality of medical care, certified and renowned surgeons; They may opt for various procedures, proven technologies, and techniques accepted by the FDA, in all cases.

Why choose rhinoplasty in Mexico surgery?

In the United States, rhinoplasty is one of the most requested interventions and their cost tends to rise to 8,000 US dollars; usually, it is not an operation that enjoys coverage by health plans and insurers, but have to have the capital to cover everything that this decision implies. However, through Health and Wellness Bazaar, they may travel to Mexico to undergo this cosmetic treatment, safe, easy and affordable with packages from 3 thousand dollars and minimal wait times, because your satisfaction is our priority.

Our medical providers offer them such low prices that will not stop choosing, with the guarantee that they will be in the hands of experts whose medical career, graduates of the best universities in Mexico and the United States, and licensed by our board of specialists. The quality of our services is unparalleled, because, despite the low rates, you can be sure that the standards are well above the common denominator in the United States. At present, we have certified personnel in Tijuana, Mexico City, Monterrey, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and Guadalajara.

What is Rhinoplasty in Mexico?

Rhinoplasty is a pioneering technique plastic surgery in Mexico which already has many years in the market, so when entering the operating room, you can be sure that the operation has been successful in thousands of patients and their effectiveness has been proven by the global medical community.

The surgeon employed by one of the known methods and basic to improve the nasal structure. During open surgery, an incision will be made along the columella, which is the cartilage that runs through the nostrils; if the specialist considers opportune a closed rhinoplasty, then make incisions inside the nostrils. Whenever appropriate, the experts prefer the closed surgery because the wounds are completely hidden; However, the correct technique will depend on the goals of treatment, as well as the shape of the nose and professional considerations.

How to cope with postoperative?

One advantage is that rhinoplasty in Mexico surgery is an outpatient basis, which means they should not remain hospitalized. Our surgeons placed a splint to favor the healing process for three days. Upon returning to your home or hotel room they should stay at rest for at least ten days. At first, they may experience swelling, which will be reduced over time. It is also recommended to avoid sport or are recovering while our doctors allow.

On the other hand, many patients are concerned about bruising. This problem does not arise in all cases and, when it occurs, is due to many factors such as your body’s ability to clot properly. Some people recommend eating a multivitamin based on zinc and vitamin C, to prevent bruising of the nose; However, you must remember not to ingest any substance without medical consent, because they could jeopardize their health and their lives or not. Any questions you have can clarify preoperative consultation with our surgeons, those who attend a friendly and timely manner.

In Health and Wellness Bazaar we are your reliable network of medical tourism because we provide a comprehensive service and the highest quality hand a large team of specialists working to meet their needs and meet their needs. Do not expect more and Communicate with us through our website, filling the contact form, calling us at phone: (858) 779-2552 or by writing to the email address: [email protected].


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