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4 Types of Obesity

23 December, 2021

Thousands of patients successfully lose weight and start a better-quality life every year. Do you know why? Thanks to the best Mexico bariatric center by Health & Wellness Bazaar, these patients can have the proper treatment and the right tools to overcome the obstacles that have prevented them from losing weight.

For some, just thinking about losing weight can be overwhelming. Food, exercise, which specialist to go to, and getting started can be challenging. Therefore, our Mexico Bariatric Center may be just what you are looking for and a permanent solution to your obesity problems. You will experience from start to finish the guidance, assistance, and support of some of the best specialists in this field.

Why is it important to know the cause of obesity?

One reality is that many people who suffer from obesity have tried various methods, such as diets, exercise, and numerous other routines. Yet, no matter how hard they try, sometimes it seems that it is an impossible goal to achieve. Obesity has become a chronic problem that is gradually ending a patients’ quality of life.

Before undergoing weight loss surgery in Mexico, knowing the cause of obesity is a fundamental element when choosing the best treatment and course of action. The reason? Because being aware of what is going on in the minds and bodies of those with obesity allows for a better understanding of the disease. In this way, a personalized treatment can be offered, where the root of the problem can be eliminated, and the patient’s effort is greatly rewarded.

Types of obesity according to the cause

At our Mexico Bariatric Center, our specialists are determined to be updated with the techniques and knowledge of this disease. In a prestigious recent study, obesity was investigated from an approach that helps to understand better how it works. Some patients may have one or more characteristics at the same time. Four obesity phenotypes were studied: each patient’s physical, biochemical, and behavioral characteristics.

As a result, it was possible to categorize obesity as follows:

  • Type 1: Hungry brain

Are you one of the people who can eat large amounts of food and still feel like you never get enough? Many obese people experience just that. Our brain and the digestive system naturally work in constant communication. When we eat, the stomach sends a signal to the brain of satiety. However, in these cases, it seems that communication is cut off, and that signal to the brain simply never arrives.

That fact seems to make people continue eating and consuming without feeling satisfied.

  • Type 2: Hungry gut

Successful and permanent weight loss can be hampered by the fact that these types of people often eat normal portions of food. Yet, very quickly, they feel the need to eat again. So practically, throughout the day, they are continuously ingesting food and calories in their body.

As a result, the intestine malfunctions as it doesn’t have enough time to go through the entire cycle of digestion.

  • Type 3: Emotional eating

Surely you have seen that TV scene where the character is in front of the television with a large bowl of ice cream after having a bad day or going through an unfortunate emotional event. Sadly, that is not at all fiction. Numerous people relate to that scene because eating makes them feel good.

Whether due to joy, anxiety, sadness, or stress, food becomes a refuge to deal with emotional situations. And in general, what makes them feel even better is consuming foods with a high-calorie content, such as chocolates, bread, fast food, among others.

  • Type 4: Slow metabolism

Do you have a slow metabolism? Do you feel that your body does not burn calories as it should? Factors such as weight, age, gender, and genetics contribute to this group, or it may even be a consequence of other diseases such as a thyroid condition. Despite your best efforts, your metabolism may not be burning enough calories.

This is the group that most people believe they belong to. However, in the study mentioned above, it was concluded that this is the least common phenotype.

Most common treatments against obesity

Because obesity creates multiple problems, there is no single standardized treatment to treat it. It is worth mentioning that each person responds differently to treatments, so sometimes the results may vary from one patient to another.

At our Mexico Bariatric Center, we design a plan based on the circumstances of each patient. Sometimes, one or more methods can be used simultaneously to address the patient’s specific needs. These are some of the methods most recommended by specialists:

  • Diet

In general, those who suffer from obesity tend to consume foods rich in calories and saturated fat. Therefore, a new diet plan is essential to start losing weight. Good nutrition is about learning what foods to choose, how to balance them, having set times, and eating the right portions.

  • Exercise plan

Constant physical activity allows a good metabolism, helps to channel emotions, improves mood, and burns calories. With the help of a healthcare professional or a trainer, a realistic plan can be tailored based on the degree of mobility and the severity of obesity.

Weight loss surgery in Mexico is an effective method to lose weight quickly, safely, and effectively. It is an alternative for those who have tried other conventional methods. It basically consists of making modifications to the stomach or intestine that promote weight loss. The most performed bariatric surgeries are gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery.

  • Psychological therapy

This is a tool used by bariatric and non-bariatric patients since they can learn to manage emotions better with the guidance of a specialist. Besides, it can help them find the right motivation to make a new change in their life.

  • New habits

Both small and large lifestyle changes contribute positively or negatively to combating obesity. Some of them involve avoiding skipping meals, not consuming alcohol, tobacco, or other addictive substances, doing a less sedentary routine, and even surrounding yourself with people who help you achieve your goals.

Having the weight you want is possible!

Being well informed about obesity is the best way to control this disease and make decisions to beat it. Today more than ever, it is possible to design a personalized plan that brings each patient closer to having the opportunity to improve her life. At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we have the best bariatric surgeon in Tijuana and Mexico who have helped countless formerly obese patients enjoy a fantastic quality of life.

If you want to know more about the Best Mexico Bariatric Center by Health & Wellness Bazaar, contact us today, and a specialist will help you make a proper diagnosis of your type of obesity and explain the available options. You can call (858) 779 2552 or email us at [email protected], and we will schedule a consultation for you as soon as possible.

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