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5 Aspects of in vitro fertilization you must know

12 November, 2019

Health and Wellness in Bazaar not only have specialists in placing breast implants in Mexico safely, with resources approved by the FDA for the satisfaction of our patients, but also have a medical team with broad experience in the implementation of IVF in Mexico, techniques of in vitro fertilization, which represents a timely solution for those couples who, for one reason or another have not been able to see his dream of becoming parents.

The news of pregnancy changes the life of a couple or a marriage and, in many cases, is the greatest desire that people have for their adult lives. However, this profound desire can be truncated by several factors and, currently, many people have trouble conceiving. When a couple has had sex for over a year and a half, he begins to experience negative emotions, depression, anxiety and even there may be a break in the relationship, as a result of repeated negative results.

The good news is that, in recent years, techniques have been developed that allow those who have trouble getting pregnant, see the light at the end of the tunnel. Today, it is common for young couples to postpone parenthood, delaying the decision as much as possible until professional feel prepared and financially to cope with all that entails the arrival of a baby.

Many women decide to seek a pregnancy up to 35 or 40 years old, which implies a great risk of health and decreases the chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy. Also, other variables could intervene in infertility, and environmental factors, the stress of everyday life and poor organic state. Fortunately, as we have noted above, technological advances and discoveries in the field of medicine have made possible the implementation of the IVF in Mexico, Which provides thousands of couples around the world the opportunity to be parents.

When IVF in Mexico is done?

IVF in Mexico has become the most sought after treatment worldwide as an alternative for those who have difficulty getting pregnant. This technique is carried out in an appropriate clinical space, fertilization that their bodies are not able to perform naturally through the sexual act. Just a sample of egg and sperm for our specialists get the embryos to be implanted in the womb of the mother.

This is a procedure developed to help women who could not become pregnant as a result of a disease of the reproductive system or an alteration in the fertile cycle, especially in cases of blockages in the fallopian tubes or endometriosis. And, far from those who might believe, infertility is common, so you do not have to feel sad or ashamed We can help!

Faced with an infertility problem, not to apportion blame or affirm from the beginning that is the exclusive responsibility of women, because women and men may have conditions that prevent them from carrying out fertilization. And even the problem may be in both, which is not surprising. Only the United States has more than 6 million infertile patients, so we can offer very popular treatments.

What are the common causes of infertility?

In 40 percent of cases, the male body can be responsible for that pregnancy does not occur, which can respond to poor sperm motility, abnormal morphology or a low number of reproductive cells. On the other hand, in the case of women, our experts believe that the most common cause is given by defects in ovulation, the most frequent polycystic ovary syndrome, but can also be obstructions, adhesions, presence of fibroids or tumors and in the worst case scenario, endometriosis.

How is IVF in Mexico done?

In principle, they must attend a consultation assessment and undergo various tests to determine the cause of the problem and thus establish whether they are candidates for in vitro fertilization. Then, our experts take a sample of eggs and sperm of the father or donor, out to bring the process of fertilization in a laboratory, in a petri dish. A few days later, embryos are returned to the uterus of the mother or the surrogate, using a catheter inserted into the cervix.

The most common is that the cycle of fertilization for patients with female infertility lasts 4 to 6 weeks to complete, although medical considerations may vary. The chances of success are very high, although each patient is different and external factors must be present. Everything will depend on the ability to have their bodies to carry out the implementation successfully.

Are all eggs are fertilized?

No. Our specialists make a thorough study about health and cellular structure, both the male and the female sample to use only the eggs and sperm to enjoy optimal health and contribute to raising the rate of success. Thus, the chances of getting pregnant are 70 percent, so that in vitro fertilization is the safest alternative to a problem of infertility in couples.

Are there chances of multiple pregnancies?

IVF in Mexico or IVF is the main assisted reproduction technique and is associated with a higher probability of twin pregnancies; in fact, about 60% of pregnancies with multiple embryos derived from this technique. And while it is true that this treatment may raise the possibility of having more than one baby, many investigations are aimed at reducing the numbers, because multiple pregnancies carry more risks for babies and mothers.

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