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6 Things You Need To Know About Bariatric Surgeries and Gastric Bypass Mexico

23 April, 2019

A gastric bypass Mexico is a type of clinical intervention which is done to treat an excess fat problem in patients who are overweight or obese. This aims to help patients lose those extra pounds and fat by changing the shape and way both the stomach and small intestines process food you eat. This is achieved by limiting the amount of food the digestive tract is capable of processing the food we eat.

The procedure is done under general anesthesia, which makes it a painless process during the surgical procedure. Even though, it may be an attractive alternative to achieve your goal and to recover a more beautiful figure. The gastric bypass is not aimed towards everyone. As with any other major surgery, it may come with certain risks and secondary effects to our health; also, the long term success depends on your capacity your lifestyle habits and to opt for a healthy diet.

Those who are considered to undergo a gastric bypass surgery must overcome a rigorous evaluation by a medical specialist, who is ultimately the ones if your physical condition is good enough to go into the operating room.

Who are good candidates for a gastric bypass Mexico?

As with many other surgeries destined to improve the patient´s health and physical appearance, the gastric bypass Mexico is a delicate process which enables you to change your life, in a physical sense completely. This is done through a method that helps you to progressively improve your appearance along with other medical requirements that every patient must bear in mind; but it also enhances the patient´s emotional state, since it helps you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

The gastric bypass surgery may help you to reduce the risk of developing a specific potentially life-threatening illness, like cancer, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes and many others related to obesity. The world health organization (WHO) considers obesity as a high-risk illness for human health and a modern epidemic since there are over 1900 million registered adults who suffer from it according to 2016 records.

Generally, this procedure may be an excellent option for those who despite considerable effort, dieting and rigorous exercise routines have had no success in losing weight. If you have a body mass index of 40 or over if you suffer from an acute illness related to being overweight like diabetes or high blood pressure; or if you are an adolescent who went through puberty with a body mass index over 35 and are suffering from type 2 diabetes or sleep apnea. In some cases, some may qualify for specific weight loss surgeries if their body mass index is between 30 and 34, and who suffer from severe health problems related to being overweight

What you must know about a gastric bypass Mexico surgery

It is vital for any medical, surgical procedure to get involved, not only in the recovery process but also being well informed about the whole surgical procedure and everything included in the post-op surgery process. Just as athletes warm up before the big game to be in optimal physical condition during the game, and in doing so avoid any injury; patients who wish to submit to this surgery must prepare so can be done successfully. This means they must give it all, make an effort, and get proper orientation so they may know what they may expect.

This is why today we will share some of the things you may expect regarding your surgery and some tips you may implement during your recovery process.

  • For those people who suffer from obesity or are overweight, a weight loss surgery in Mexico is an excellent procedure which may allow you to improve your health, minimize the risks of related illnesses and to improve the quality of life. With this procedure, there is a more dramatic weight loss compared to other techniques. If you are looking for a safe and reliable surgery to improve your appearance; which lets you view great results, then the gastric bypass Mexico surgery is for you. Usually, the patients with a gastric bypass sometimes may lose up to 70 percent of excess body fat, therefore, after surgery, you´ll start gradually noticing fast improvements to your state of health, which may have been affected by obesity.
  • Risks and complications. As with any other major surgery, a gastric bypass Mexico surgery comes with certain risks to the patients that you must consult with the operating surgeon before surgery. Don´t be afraid to ask questions which will ease your minds. The highest risk associated with this surgery is venous thrombosis, which means the formation of blood clots in your legs. Similarly, it is possible that in some cases, there is some leakage in the places where the stomach and intestine where reconnected, stretching of the intestine openings, gallstones stomach bloating. It is necessary for you to put yourselves in the hands of a certified specialist, to prevent this great inconvenience who poses high human quality, like the ones we have at Health & Wellness Bazaar.
  • Get rid of bad habits. A good piece of advice is to keep in mind the before and after of your gastric bypass surgery is to reform your lifestyle specifically in regards to nutrition completely. Whatever you do has repercussions both in your results as with your future health, so you must make a conscious effort to give your bodies the treatment it deserves. The specialist usually recommends patients to quit smoking with up to a month in advance before their surgery, also to reduce their alcohol consumption. Once the surgical procedure is over, they are advised to strive to achieve better nutrition habits and quit being a couch potato, which is responsible for much of the chronic conditions.
  • Following instructions. The medical recommendations are there to be followed and for you to recover within the expected amount of time, and to allow you to see the much-expected results. This means you are not to dismiss any diets or pieces of post-op advice because surgery by itself is no guaranty of successful and long-lasting effects.
  • Is it possible to lose weight with a bariatric bypass surgery? No. this type of bariatric surgery allows you to lose up to 80% of weight, and to reduce your BMI. This means you lose excess weight. As this happens and you approach your ideal weight, the loss reduction becomes slower and in some cases stops. Having reached this point, if you wish to continue losing weight, you must make specific changes in your physical activity. The more you exercise the more calories you burn. As you reach your ideal weight, the exercise routine will focus on toning your muscles. Even though the gastric bypass Mexico does help you lose weight, it ultimately is up to you to achieve the best results.
  • Gaining weight. Even though, with the help of a gastric bypass Mexico it is entirely possible to regain weight. Surgery should go hand to hand with the acquisition of healthy eating habits; yes, despite going through surgery you may gain weight if you continue to indulge in overeating carbs, fats, and sugars. Being a couch potato also creates an imbalance between the number of total calories ingested and calories consumed; this puts you at risk of a rebound.

Health & Wellness Bazaar is your bariatric center Mexico, we have one of the most reliable networks of specialists. We work only with the best and most qualified and US certified specialist to guide you through your recovery process. Contact us today so we may provide more information.

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