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6 Tips for A Great Doctor-Patient Relationship

22 February, 2022

Would you like to make the best out of medical consultation and your relationship with your doctor? First, it is crucial to choose an excellent doctor and world-class plastic surgeons in Tijuana and generate a bond of mutual trust. The ultimate goal is to enjoy optimal results from your plastic procedure or any other medical treatment for that matter.

At Health Wellness & Bazaar, we have top-rated doctors and specialists who strive to offer the best medical care in each consultation and treatment. Even so, patients can contribute positively to make the process even smoother and more satisfying. That is why today we will talk about the importance of achieving a good relationship with your doctor and surgeon and some keys to achieving it.

Why is a patient-doctor relationship essential?

If you have decided to have plastic surgery in Tijuana, you may feel anxious, excited, and perhaps have some doubts. Therefore, forming a bond of trust will give you the necessary opening to express all your doubts and concerns and help you understand each part of your treatment and surgery.

The more you manage to communicate your desires and concerns, the more secure you will feel with your decision. In addition to the information your doctor receives, it will also be beneficial for you to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and thus experience results that make you feel happy and satisfied.

Plastic surgeons in Tijuana – Six keys for a good relationship with your doctor

Plastic surgeons in Tijuana are health professionals known for sharing their knowledge, being empathetic, and providing the best tools to increase patients’ quality of life. However, each patient is different in their physical features and personality. Therefore, patients can contribute to smooth communication from beginning to end.

Several months may go by from your first consultation until you are discharged. Therefore, having a good relationship with your doctor will help you feel comfortable before, during, and after surgery. Different concerns will arise in each part of the process. Hence, the following tips will be handy:

  1. Express yourself frankly

The patient must have clear answers to questions like these: Why do I want to improve this area of ​​my body? How would I like to see myself? What is it that I don’t like or want to improve? Am I being realistic with my expectations?

A patient who has clear answers to questions like those can convey them to his doctor. In this way, your doctor will help you balance your expectations with the realistic results that best suit you according to your characteristics.

  1. Ask specific questions

Do not feel afraid or ashamed to express your doubts or concerns. Your doctor and the entire support team around you are ready to help you feel safe and comfortable. Also, don’t assume your doctor will cover all the information you’re looking for, so come prepared with thoughtful questions.

You can request information about surgery, recovery, symptoms, risks, times, food, habits, among others. A helpful tip is to write down the questions you want to ask your doctor at your next appointment and bring them with you. Listen carefully and make sure you understand what your doctor says.

  1. Get reliable information

If this is your first plastic surgery, it’s normal to have many questions. Some obtain information from the internet, friends, acquaintances, or other people without medical training. Instead of believing everything they say, the ideal is to always clear those doubts with health professionals, especially with your plastic surgeon in Tijuana, since he will provide you with precise and transparent information.

You can also find information through our website or other reliable sources to help further your knowledge of the procedure you’ll be undergoing.

  1. Don’t leave out important information

A common serious mistake is withholding information that could create complications during surgery or recovery. In general, this information has to do with habits such as smoking, consuming harmful substances, current conditions, medications you are taking, or recently undergoing medical or aesthetic treatment.

Additionally, if you notice any unusual symptoms during your recovery, do not hesitate to reach out. Discuss it as soon as possible with your doctor so that he can provide you with timely care.

  1. Arrive on time for your appointments

Being on time will help you make the most of the time your doctor has allotted you. So, try not to miss any appointment, or in case you cannot attend for any reason, cancel on time, and reschedule as soon as possible.

But if you want to get rid of that kind of stress before your surgery, don’t worry. Our all-inclusive package of medical tourism in Mexico includes personalized transportation from your hotel to the hospital so that you arrive on time for your appointments during your stay.

  1. Follow medical recommendations

Remember that good results also depend on you and the effort you put into your care, so before and after surgery, your doctor will give you vital instructions to avoid unnecessary complications and ensure that your recovery is successful.

For example, he may instruct you to avoid self-medication, smoke, drink alcohol, work out, or expose yourself to the sun for a while. If necessary, write down all the recommendations and follow them to the letter.

Get the best results

Plastic surgery is a decision that changes and improves not only a person’s physical appearance but is also capable of transforming every aspect of their life incredibly—in their confidence, relationships, and professionally.

We know that to achieve the success of all plastic surgery, it is necessary to join efforts by providing top-quality medical care from a great medical team and patient’s commitment. That’s why at Health Wellness & Bazaar, we want you to feel comfortable and free to express yourself. We offer you timely and clear guidance and advice from your first contact with us. In this way, you will feel accompanied throughout your process both inside and outside the clinic.

If you want to know more about our plastic surgeons in Tijuana, we invite you to visit the Our Doctors section. Or better yet, book a virtual or on-site consultation today at (858) 779-2552, or email us at [email protected]. All of our doctors and surgeons will be delighted to be part of a process that will improve your quality of life.

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