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Arm Lift vs. Arm Liposuction

18 April, 2022

Why choose an Arm lift in Mexico? Unwanted arm contour can be a source of tremendous self-doubt, significantly affecting a person’s social and professional life. Loose arm skin is often related to a weight loss process. After weight loss has occurred, it is rare that the skin contracts down to a desirable contour. As a result, many patients who have gone through this loss may feel like their arms are out of proportion with the rest of their bodies.

However, it is fantastic news to know that some alternatives will contribute to a person’s happiness by helping them reach their weight loss and look stunning at the same time. Two of the most remarkable ways to address these arm issues are arm lift surgery and liposuction. Thus, if you consider undergoing any of these fantastic alternatives, how to know which procedure is best for you?

In this article, we invite you to discover what each process of an Arm lift in Mexico involves, who are suitable candidates, and the recovery process. This will help you better picture what to expect and how you can reach the desired results.

Additionally, you will have at your disposal the best plastic surgeons in Tijuana, who will guide you throughout the process. Firstly, during a free consultation, they will evaluate your medical history and background, and determine the underlying cause of your arm problems, if it is due to excess fat, excess skin, or both. These would be crucial matters that will help the surgeon determine the final recommendations as well as your circumstances, needs, and expectations.

Once you have reached that point, it is time to start making all the plans for this life-changing step. Nevertheless, let’s begin by learning more about these two procedures and their involvement.

Arm Liposuction and Arm lift process

Arm liposuction is a procedure that solely addresses fat with little skin benefits. Some tiny incisions are performed, through which cannulas are inserted and connected to a device that will suck the fat and allow it to be removed. In addition, the use of a laser is expected to help the skin get firmer and tighten even more than it otherwise would.

On the other hand, arm lift, also known as Brachioplasty, can significantly benefit patients with enough skin looseness. This procedure typically involves a scar that starts from the armpit area right to the elbow. This process will allow the surgeon to eliminate the extra skin, boosting the arm contour. When experiencing a minor or moderate problem, a mini-Brachioplasty will be performed. The final scar will be only restricted to the armpit region in this situation.

In some cases, when patients have extensive upper arm issues, it would also be recommended to undergo both procedures simultaneously, allowing the surgeon to tone and sculpt your arms fully.

It is remarkable to remember that whether you decide to undergo an arm lift procedure or arm liposuction, opting for any Plastic surgery in Mexico has tremendous benefits since you can spend less money than the U.S prices. You will receive top-rated quality procedures in the hand of the most experienced and talented plastic surgeons.

Recovery time

An essential factor to consider in what procedure would be the best for you is the Arm lift in Mexico recovery.

The arm lift surgery is a relatively extensive process that will require a more extended recovery time. Most patients who opt for an arm lift require approximately two weeks before returning to their everyday activities and work, whereas in the arm liposuction, the healing may take less than a week in some patients. However, remember that each patient recovers differently based on their skin conditions and overall health.

Most patients avoid driving for about ten days during an arm lift healing process since they are prescribed analgesics that may cause drowsiness. It is vital to keep away from activities or choices that may increase your blood pressure during the first-week post-op.

If you decide to undergo an arm liposuction surgery, you can expect to restart your normal activities within a few days, depending on your occupation. You may experience slight pain, bruising, burning, and some numbness in the treated region as the area gets back to expected. These will take a few weeks to dissipate. Besides that, your surgeon will indicate you wear some compression garments to help decrease swelling and maintain your arms’ shape.

Ideal Candidates

Am I suitable for any of these procedures? That is a question that concerns many patients. Your surgeon will explain some requirements or specifications to determine the best choice for you.

Generally, some arm lift candidates include:

  • Patients with remarkable upper arm skin looseness.
  • Patients who have a relatively stable weight and do not suffer from significant overweight.
  • Patients who do not have medical conditions impair recovery or grow surgery risk.
  • Non-smokers.

 The ideal candidate for an arm liposuction surgery is someone who has:

  • Stubborn, excess fat in the upper arm region.
  • Good skin and elasticity.
  • Adequate physical, mental, and emotional health conditions and be clear of any severe and active medical conditions.
  • Realistic expectations.

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