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Do All Bariatric Surgery Candidates Need a Psychologist?

11 March, 2022

The World Health Organization defines health not only as the absence of disease but as a complete state of well-being: physical, mental, and social. And this is the goal pursued by bariatric surgery in Tijuana such as gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, or gastric balloon for those who suffer from obesity. However, did you know that good results do not only depend on an excellent bariatric surgeon in Tijuana?

That’s right, to achieve a truly healthy life, bariatric treatment doesn’t just focus on making a physical change. But the mental and emotional aspect plays a vital role in the process. When the balance between these elements is achieved, patients aspire to a better quality of life.

Importance of psychology

We all go through times of stress, sadness, anxiety, and other emotional ups and downs in life. However, some tendencies or psychopathologies create an imbalance in our minds and emotions, constantly affecting our behavior, activities, or even our goals. Therefore, as part of the evaluation for gastric bypass, gastric balloon, or gastric sleeve in Mexico, it is necessary to consider each candidate’s physical, mental, and emotional aspects.

In some cases, obesity affects the brain or emotions since some have suffered some kind of harassment or discrimination in society for a long time, leading to low self-esteem, depression, and other negative feelings. In addition, many have tried to lose weight without success or have relapsed into habits. But why is that? Did an emotional factor contribute? Is there a mental barrier? Do you have an internal struggle?

These are issues to be resolved in a psychological evaluation. It is important to identify or rule out psychological elements that may interfere with a patient’s weight loss results. This early detection is a key factor in increasing the chances of success of the surgery.

Most common psychological factors

If you think of having a gastric sleeve in Mexico or another bariatric procedure to lose weight, you need to know yourself and be convinced of what you want to achieve. These are some mental and emotional aspects that specialists take into account when evaluating a candidate:

  1. Personality traits

Naturally, each person has character strengths but also weaknesses. Therefore, being aware of both attributes will play a fundamental role when facing obstacles. For example, passivity, vulnerability, and disorganization can make it challenging to achieve goals. In contrast, the person who shows greater resilience, discipline, and perseverance is less likely not to give up.

  1. Expectations

Being positive is essential during a weight loss process. However, when we idealize that everything will be perfect and ignore the risks or complications, we can expose ourselves to great personal disappointment. Another unrealistic expectation is making minimal efforts is sufficient or that the changes will only be transitory. Patients must be aware of the impact of bariatric surgery in Tijuana on their lives and what this process implies.

  1. Hormonal factors

Those people who suffer from hormonal imbalances can also present emotional disorders. So, with the help of a bariatric surgeon in Tijuana, it can be determined if an emotional problem has a medical cause that can be treated. In most of these cases, supervised medical treatment can stabilize hormone levels and restore emotional stability.

  1. Motivation

Why do you want this change in your life? What is your primary motivation? Some are motivated because they want a better quality of life, a less complicated future, or even look and feel better about themselves. However, when this decision is motivated simply because you feel compelled or do it to please others, there is no personal commitment, and you are more likely to fail because you will experience a lack of motivation to make an effort.

  1. Habits

Are you a disciplined person, or do you find it challenging to maintain a routine? For example, emotional eating is a habit that many patients struggle with, especially in times of stress. The ability to adapt to changes and acquire new behaviors allows patients to achieve a new style of eating and exercise. The faster you integrate these healthy habits into your life and ditch old habits, the more fantastic weight loss results will be evident.

  1. Intellectual disability

A bariatric patient must be able to understand the changes that bariatric surgery in Tijuana represents and the implications in the process. For this reason, in the case of intellectual disability, the level of difficulty is evaluated, and the support of family or caregivers who can be counted on to cope with the demands of treatment is valued.

  1. Influence of the environment

Our mental health is closely related to our environment. Family, work, and social life directly affects what we think and feel. So, experts recommend creating a support network during the process. Healthy, effective relationships positively influence the mood of patients.

  1. Chronic disorders

Depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, bipolarity, addictions, or eating disorders are some pathologies that must be treated and evaluated by a psychiatrist before bariatric surgery. Although not all of these disorders are contraindicated for gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass in Mexico, it is necessary to determine the severity level and how it affects your behavior.

Is it mandatory to go to the psychologist?

In general, a good weight loss treatment involves a multidisciplinary team that supports the patient throughout the process. Specialists include an experienced bariatric surgeon in Tijuana, a nutritionist, and a psychologist. The professional evaluation of these specialties will determine if the patient is physically and mentally prepared for the changes.

Depending on the patient’s particular circumstances, in some cases, psychological help may be strictly necessary, while in others, it may be optional. Getting this kind of help does not necessarily mean you have a severe problem. Even for those who enjoy good mental and emotional health, psychological counseling can be very convenient during the weight loss journey. You will face new trials, emotions, profound changes in your life, adaptation, and unique challenges.

The psychology applied to bariatric procedures focuses on studying the behavior, perceptions, or feelings related to weight loss. To anticipate obstacles, identify weaknesses, and prevent patients from regaining lost weight in the future. Therefore, this aid is highly recommended within the bariatric system.

How to know when to see a specialist for a Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana

During her first consultation, a bariatric surgeon will review her medical history. He will collect necessary information about your physical and general health in this consultation. Also, if you have had psychological problems in the past or present, it is a good time for you to talk to your doctor about this information. Sometimes a general psychological test is carried out, and if your doctor considers it necessary, they will refer you or guide you to see a specialist to receive personalized psychological help.

Preparing your body and mind for a new lifestyle will allow you to enjoy this vital process. With the help of one of the best bariatric surgeons in Tijuana and a team of specialists, you will be able to achieve the results you have always wanted. So don’t put off this decision any longer; email is [email protected] or call us at (858) 779 2552 and we will help you clear all your doubts and concerns.

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