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Brazilian Butt Lift in Mexico: Complications and Prevention

25 April, 2022

Have you thought about undergoing a Brazilian Butt Lift in Mexico? A person’s buttocks’ shape and proportion are primarily defined by genetics. Thus, the structure of your skeleton and the way your body deposits fat will influence your lower body appearance. That is why several people turn to physical activity and a healthy lifestyle to reach an ideal weight and tone their muscles; however, numerous remain unsatisfied with their buttocks’ look despite all efforts to keep them in perfect shape.

In this article, you will learn:

  1. Why is the BBL procedure so popular?
  2. Likely complications
  • Infection
  • Asymmetrical appearance
  • Bleeding
  1. How to prevent surgery risks
  2. Turn to the experts


Why is the BBL procedure so popular?

Therefore, many have turned to the Brazilian Butt Lift in Mexico (BBL) as a fantastic alternative to overcoming your genetic effects since it aims to enhance your butt’s size and shape by transferring fat from your hip, back, abdomen, or thighs while boosting other body parts, enhancing your self-confidence and projection, and showing amazing buttocks.

As a result, they enjoy a more curvaceous body and create a perfect balance in their lower and upper body parts, giving a more juvenile and symmetrical buttocks shape and improving their overall appearance significantly. Still, you may have concerns and be doubtful about this procedure and some possible complications.

These can quickly fade away when you are in the right hands. However, we want you to discover some complications about Brazilian Butt Lift in Mexico and how to prevent them. It will help you decide wisely the ideal place for undergoing this procedure and how to turn to the experts to enjoy an excellent life quality and brag on a fantastic butt. Let’s review a couple of them.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Mexico – Likely complications

  • Infection:

Even though it is not common, experiencing fever, redness, and green or yellow discharge that does not go away may be some indicators of infection. In addition, some unpleasant smells can be experienced coming from the area where the surgery was performed. Therefore, you may wonder how to avoid or reduce the risk of infection? The first step is to select a cosmetic surgery technique that follows protocols to ensure sterilization.

Choosing to have a Plastic Surgery in Mexico will help you find the best and latest plastic surgery methods while undergoing the BBL procedure and receive a safe and effective operation in top-rated clinics where you can be confident of a sanitized environment that meets medical standards and quality to ensure the best results.

  • Asymmetrical appearance:

Deficient surgical techniques may lead to a disastrous outcome, resulting in asymmetrical results that follow the BBL procedure. When failing to create a symmetrical butt, the plastic surgeons may recommend undergoing a revision or the procedure again. Therefore, it is essential to turn to the experts to avoid wasting time and money and feeling unhappy by having an awful butt.

Several patients have felt completely satisfied when selecting one of our Plastic surgeons in Tijuana since we count on top-rated and the most experienced plastic surgeons to provide you with the best treatment and experience in Tijuana. Our plastic surgeons will always determine whether you are a suitable candidate for a specific procedure and discuss your expectations.

  • Bleeding

It can occur in some patients once the plastic surgeon performs the needed incisions and they are completed. Thus, evaluation is essential to ensure you will not have any difficulties in the healing process and consider if you are taking medicine or anticoagulants that could provoke bleeding. For that reason, it is vital to examine your medical history and keep track of your medication to prevent issues during the operation and afterward.

How to prevent surgery risks

Several factors can increase the danger during or after a Brazilian Butt Lift in Mexico surgery. Thus, we encourage all our patients to take essential steps or actions before the procedure to decrease potential and minor risks. For instance:

  • Avoid smoking: Since nicotine disrupts blood flow and to have a proper recovery, it is recommended to stop at least two weeks up to a month before the surgery and avoid smoking for the same period after undergoing this procedure.
  • Abstain from blood thinners: Keep from ibuprofen, vitamin E, aspirin-based pain relievers, and any other supplements your surgeon may indicate to avoid affecting blood clotting during the surgery. Generally, it is best to refrain from taking these a week before surgery minimum.
  • Stop drinking alcohol: You should avoid consuming alcohol irrationally for at least two weeks before the BBL operation and during your recovery.
  • Keep hydrated. Drinking lots of water prior to the procedure can promote adequate healing and decrease swelling.
  • Home preparation: Ensure you have an ideal place for your recovery where you will have all your medication at hand and all essential things for your comfort, such as compression garments, hand towels, pillows, or ice packs.
  • Care arrangements: It is necessary to be in the care of someone, whether this is a relative, nurse, friend, or a private medical center, at least for the first day after undergoing BBL.

Turn to the experts

In this article, we learned about the Brazilian Butt Lift in Mexico complications and prevention. Also, we highlighted the importance of heading to the right place, taking proper measures, and turning to skillful and master plastic surgeons to avoid unnecessary dangers during and after surgery. At Health & Wellness Bazaar, you will encounter all you need to guarantee your expectations from top-quality techniques in the hands of trained and the most brilliant plastic surgeons who count many years of experience.

What’s more, all of our medical facilities meet the highest health and sanitizing standards for your security. Thus, take a step toward the perfect curvy body you’ve ever dreamed of. We are eager to help you reach and meet your expectations.

Please, feel free to contact us at (858) 779- 2252 or submit a brief contact form for more information. We will be more than glad to address all your inquiries or concerns regarding the BBL procedure. Remember, BBL has never been as safe as now when heading to the experts.

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