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Can we reverse the results of bad plastic surgery?

30 October, 2019

The plastic surgery Tijuana is a branch of medicine that growing social importance cobra, because it helps to improve the appearance and quality of life of people; However, some patients fall into inexperienced or unscrupulous hands, obtaining results that, far from being positive, become a source of anxiety and depression. That is why many wonder if bad surgery can be repaired or corrected. This usually occurs in cases of rhinoplasty. Many people who bet on cosmetic surgery to achieve a more favorable nasal volume, but by opting for services scammers not only got an aesthetic dissatisfaction, but also an important health problem.

In the case of a broken nose, for example, suffered in a car accident or a sporting event, the person can choose to undergo plastic surgery to straighten the bone structure and eliminate the bulge of the bridge. In most cases of unsuccessful operations, the patient is encouraged by recommendation of friends and without prior research center that is to be treated, being decided by surgeons who do not always have the knowledge or experience to perform this task.

What happens next is that people tend to notice something strange, saving the cases in which can be seen at a glance that the intervention was a failure. And even there are times in which you can perceive a strange smell, but, again go to the same doctor, far from obtaining a satisfactory response, they are sent home. When this happens and you are not remedied in time, you may experience problems breathing, especially when playing high-impact physical activities, such as tennis or athletics.

The problem is that after such a terrible experience, tainted by fear again into the hands of a doctor; at least there is wary of a consultation with a different specialist. However, you can rely on experts Health & Wellness Bazaar, because we have a talented team of experienced professionals whose medical career has been confirmed, so we can guarantee optimal health care. They carry out cutting-edge procedures and tested cosmetic medicine, to satisfactorily correct the damage from previous intervention.

We can ensure that our specialists are licensed and accredited surgical practices for aesthetic purposes, complying with requirements as certified by the medical board, a proven track record of success and excellent patient satisfaction; should also be active members of the medical community, constantly participate in conference and workshops on the latest procedures and technologies, and must have formed in the most prestigious institutions.

Why is it important to corrective surgery?

If you are looking for the best option for plastic surgery in Mexico to fix deficiencies in procedures performed by inexperienced physicians in other centers, it is important to choose the new surgeon carefully. The truth is that many experts shirk this task or overcharge for corrective interventions because they present additional challenges beyond the primary aesthetic, but in Health & Wellness Bazaar distinguish our professionalism and commitment to our medical oath, so that with us, you will get the best service at great prices. Even so, it is essential to bear in mind certain aspects:

The degree of difficulty increases significantly due to the presence of cicatricial tissue, altered anatomy and often lack of “material” with which to work; for example, in cases of patients who have undergone many surgeries, such as rhinoplasty, cartilage is no longer to use; however, it is possible to use a rib cartilage for nasal reconstruction.

You may feel emotional with their current situation and are afraid to venture another procedure, knowing that the future is uncertain. You may have had a bad experience, but our doctors are not the same trauma that caused them so they can rely on our team. No matter what the problem you have Aesthetically, our surgeons will offer personalized attention and humane treatment will help to calm your fears.

Is there a risk of infection or complications after surgery?

Infection is a potential risk when operations are carried out in unhygienic conditions or if you do not have the training and experience to perform the procedure. Although corrective surgery is a sought solution that helps improve the appearance imply that the best plastic surgeons in Mexico made incisions in the skin. Because the epidermis provides a natural barrier against bacteria that may cause infections, any opening or cutting may sequelae or an open door for unwanted microorganisms.

However, this can be prevented. Precautions are taken before our surgeons make the first cut. The room where they carried out the operation meticulously cleaned and sterilized, and both the physician and staff will be dressed in appropriate surgical clothing; Also, the area of ​​the body will be prepared to work with an antiseptic substance that causes no pain when applied.

And if, despite all these preventive measures, there are still bacteria close, most likely will not be a problem, because in most cases, the body’s defense mechanisms involved and destroy invaders. The risk of infection is generally lower, although some people more susceptible than others, such as those who smoke, have diabetes or take steroids. In all cases where skin cuts are made, surgeons prescribe antibiotics for a few days and should only take them strict medical prescription low, at any time without altering treatment or abuse them. Remember that self-medication can have fatal consequences.

If you have medical problems or cosmetics as a result of previous surgery, we can help, because in Health & Wellness Bazaar work from the highest standards of quality, always committed to the health and to offer our patients the best results. For further information, we invite you to contact us through our website.


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