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A Fantastic Destination Where Smiles Begin

12 May, 2021

Have you ever seen an astonishing view or a spectacular sunset that immediately puts a smile on your face? There is a place with incredible sites and fantastic medical care that allows thousands of patients every day to show a radiant smile of happiness and health. Yes, we are talking about medical tourism and dental tourism Mexico. Besides experiencing high-quality health care at affordable costs, many tourists are fascinated by the Mexican culture, natural sites, food, and warm hospitality.

What’s more, dental tourism Mexico is known for its top-of-the-world dental treatments and top-rated oral health specialists. For this reason, people from all over the world, but particularly from the US, visit this country in search of better dental care, from simple treatments such as dental cleanings and cavity care to more complex procedures such as dentures and dental implants.

What are the most visited places in Mexico?

Mexico has a great variety of beautiful places and sites to relax or enjoy various recreational activities. The most popular destinations and places to receive dental care are:

  • Tijuana
  • Cancun
  • Monterrey
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Puebla
  • Guadalajara

These cities have world-class infrastructure and health services comparable to first-world countries. Moreover, the variety of things to do and experience at these destinations is remarkable. Visitors can enjoy modern and historic areas, beautiful beaches, museums, shopping centers, and the best food. Practically there is something for every taste, age, and family member. Travelers enjoy all those possibilities while they patients or while they accompany a patient for his or her treatment.

Therefore, before choosing which place to visit for medical treatment or top-quality surgical procedures, we recommend that you think in advance about where you like to spend some time to relax before and after a procedure and where your family will enjoy their time the most.

Why is dental tourism Mexico the best option for dental treatment?

Regarding dental tourism Mexico, Mexican dentists and orthodontists chosen through Health & Wellness Bazaar have the highest credentials and are trained with the latest methods and technology. Thus, if you have had limited dental care services in your country due to its high costs and lack of availability from health care insurance companies, Mexico is the perfect option for you.

Generally, in first-world countries, as a result of high health care costs and overhead, even the simplest dental consultation can be awfully expensive. However, in Mexico, thanks to its health care laws, low overhead, and minimal malpractice lawsuits, costs are significantly lower. Hence, having affordable prices does not mean that our specialists and treatments are not of high quality. In fact, the quality is comparable only to the best medical center and dental services in the world.

Additionally, many patients choose dental tourism Mexico through Health & Wellness Bazaar because the waiting time and recovery are much faster than in the United States. Health care companies require tons of paperwork to provide dental care or charge extremely high prime rates and deductibles

Consequently, there is no doubt that Mexico has many advantages over the United States when it comes to health and dental care. In addition to the fantastic sites, natural sports, culture, and history, patients feel safe and understood, as language and communication are not barriers.

On the other hand, health and dental specialists know that oral diseases arise constantly. For this reason, they work on the latest orthodontic treatments and techniques to make them available to everyone. So, if you opt for these types of treatments, you will enjoy good overall health as a result of optimal dental health.

For example, many patients will always prefer to receive dental care through Health & Wellness Bazaar because of the remarkable results experienced thanks to dental implants Tijuana. This is a modern technique that uses state-of-the-art technology and prosthesis to provide stable and healthy new teeth that have been lost. In contrast, standard dentures can be uncomfortable and unreliable when eating hard foods. Thus, thanks to the amazing technology of dental implants, patients can enjoy all their favorite meals and foods.

Although there are many dental services in various parts of Mexico, most of our American patients decide to travel specifically to Tijuana to receive dental treatment or other medical services such as cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty, or bariatric surgery. Thus, medical tourism Tijuana has constantly been increasing due to its proximity to the US and remarkable connection to any airport in the world.

Is dental tourism Mexico safe?

All of the medical and dental centers of the Health & Wellness Bazaar network are in line with the highest international standards when it comes to health and safety. Even though currently most of the patients that come from the US are fully vaccinated, we ensure that our facilities follow the necessary protocols to continue to ensure they are free from any infections due to Covid-19 or any other virus. Besides, experts recommend having good oral health to prevent any diseases and boost our immune system.

It’s clear then why approximately 1.4 million people visit Mexico every year. They start and finish their trip with a smile for both their phenomenal experience in health and dental treatments and the beautiful destination and great hospitality. Top-of-the-world dental and medical care is possible just by taking a short flight or road trip across the border.

Therefore, if you would like to show off a radiant smile thanks to dental tourism Mexico or would like to get any other treatment that improves your health and quality of life, get in touch with us. Our Health & Wellness Bazaar specialists and patient advocates are experts in providing tailored-made treatments and all-inclusive packages so that they can only worry about starting their trip to Mexico. Everything else is taken care of for them. Would you like to enjoy such benefits yourself? Schedule a free virtual consultation today or request a quote by calling our toll-free number +1 (858) 779-2552 or email us at [email protected].

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