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FAQS about blepharoplasty

8 November, 2019


One of the procedures that experts Tijuana plastic surgery our network of specialists Health & Wellness Bazaar most often performed is blepharoplasty. This surgery is highly demanded by the Americans we have spoken before, however, there are still many doubts, so in this new post in our blog we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about eyelid surgery, waiting that this remain resolved many of the concerns that come to have. If you wish to undergo this safe and minimally invasive procedure, remember to go along with experts like those that make up our network of specialists to deliver results of the highest quality.


What is blepharoplasty?

This is the treatment that is used to remove excess skin and fat pockets that accumulate in the upper and lower eyelids with the passage of age. This makes it possible to recover the aesthetics of the face and even the same functionality eye.


When is recommended and indicates eyelid surgery?

It is well known that with aging, the skin of the eyelids tends to lose elasticity and become more flaccid and the muscles that backup the eye. However, this does not occur in all people (at least considerably) also, some are more likely to form these pockets of fat under the eyelids, which is compounded by the loss of muscle tone that keeps bags.


Eventually, flabby muscles associated with excess skin make heavy eyelids drooping back and display. Such changes may occur at different ages and usually related to genetics and habits. To correct these changes associated with aging blepharoplasty indicated, it is the only treatment capable of eliminating the annoying bags that can cause problems in confidence and self-esteem.


At what age is it possible to operate the eyelids?

There is no ideal age, although people age 40 and older adults are the ones who requested this operation because it is this period that usually occurs in more cases. While it is necessary to clarify that although the changes are more common in older people, it is possible its appearance at any age. For greater determination on the need for the procedure, it is recommended to consult the best plastic surgeons in Mexico as staff Health & Wellness Bazaar.


What is the best time of year for this surgery?

Blepharoplasty can be performed at any time of year, as long as they consider strictly postoperative guidance that doctors provide them. It is recommended especially in times where its realization may abound not too warm as it is known that solar radiation can complicate the healing process.


How the application of anesthesia is blepharoplasty performed?

During the procedure is given local anesthesia care (ie, intravenous sedation is performed using the anesthesiologist, which accompanies the expert Tijuana plastic surgery throughout the procedure). The anesthetist is responsible for puncturing a vein meticulously, in which a sedative is administered after infiltrating the anesthetic directly on the site. Thus, eyelids and surrounding regions slumberings also can relax the patient to undergo without pain or discomfort to the operation.


How long does a blepharoplasty take?

This is a procedure or as large nor so short, that lasts approximately 1 to 2 hours as appropriate.


How is postoperative?

Once the process is completed, patients remain under observation for a certain period, to ensure proper healing of the suture (which is low) also to detect if present at any complications (which are usually almost null because it is a simple process). In this procedure, an occlusive dressing is not placed, and the pain is minimal since it is considerably reduced because analgesics prescribed. Antibiotics are also prescribed to avoid the possibility of infection.


How long the purple spots and swelling?

Swelling (i.e. edema) is about 5 days and gradually improves. About purple spots or bruises, these take longer and depend on several factors, but usually disappear after two weeks.


When the stitches are removed?

The stitches are removed approximately five to six days after surgery. Patients must be careful not to open sutures and prolong healing.


Does any scar remain after blepharoplasty?

They should know that any surgery leaves a scar. The visibility of the scar depends on the skill of the specialist plastic surgery in Mexico who they resort to. Generally, the upper eyelid, the scar is concealed in the fold of skin and tends to disappear with the passage of months, while in the lower eyelid can not appear scar if the surgery is performed through transconjunctival (cases where the skin is not removed, only pockets of fat).


How long does it take to notice the result?

In the first two weeks, the changes are faster, but the result usually appears after spending about six months.


We hope that this series of questions and answers will be useful. If you live in the US but want this procedure done at a lower rate at which it is handled in US clinics, they may choose to go to a specialist Tijuana plastic surgery our network, Health & Wellness Bazaar. For more details, contact us at through this site, we will respond quickly and cordial. Thanks for your visit!



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