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Gastric Bypass in Mexico – Is It for You?

28 October, 2022

Are you struggling with your weight, and it seems you are losing the fight? Hundreds of people do everything to lose weight and cannot achieve it. They often suffer from grief because they do not lose weight, and their looks are associated with gluttonous people and bad habits. But that doesn’t have to be your case. If you cannot lose weight despite many efforts, you may be a candidate for gastric bypass in Mexico.

In this blog, we will talk about 1) what is a gastric bypass in Mexico, 2) what the requirements are to undergo this bariatric surgery, and 3) is this medical treatment for you. But first of all, it is essential to say that being overweight should not be a cause for shame. Many times, this situation is the result of factors that are beyond our control. If someone makes you feel bad or ashamed about your weight or physical appearance, you should not listen to them. It would be best to stay away from that person. You are worth a lot regardless of your physical appearance or weight.

Your happiness must come from inside, and this surgery will help you so that externally you feel as good as you do internally. But of course, many times, we are the ones who do not feel comfortable with our bodies. And although, indeed, plastic surgery in Mexico will significantly help you obtain a better physique, you must work on your self-esteem and confidence.

What is a gastric bypass in Mexico?

A gastric bypass is a laparoscopic surgery that reduces the stomach’s size by 85% of its size. Usually, it takes an hour and a half to perform this surgery. The aim is that with a smaller stomach, you feel fuller with small portions of food, which limits the number of calories you eat. Immediately after the operation, most patients only need about a ¼ cup of meal to fill their new reduced stomachs.

This bariatric surgery will help you lose almost all excess body weight. This procedure is currently performed because it is one of the best treatments for losing weight effectively and steadily. Most patients who have undergone gastric bypass in Mexico have seen faster weight loss than those who had other bariatric procedures such as gastric sleeve Mexico, gastric balloon, or others.

What are the results long term? Gastric surgery is, without a doubt, the bariatric technique that promises better results. This surgery will certainly make you lose most of your excess weight. However, long-term body weight loss depends on the changes introduced to your daily life habits. It may be possible for you to lose more than half of the excess weight in two years. Also, gastric bypass in Mexico can improve, or control other conditions related to obesity, such as high blood pressure, gastroesophageal reflux, type II diabetes, and sleep apnea.

What are the requirements to undergo this bariatric surgery?

Gastric bypass in Mexico is a safe surgery but still a surgery, so it is necessary to meet specific requirements, undergo some medical tests, and have your doctor’s approval. There are two major requirements to undergo this procedure: 1) your BMI and 2) your age.

BMI: The best candidates for this procedure are patients with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 40 or above 35. This requirement is because usually, if you have this BMI, you are suffering severe complications from obesity-related conditions. You most likely suffer from one or more conditions, such as type II diabetes, high blood pressure, or sleep apnea.

Age: Only people between the ages of 15 and 54 qualify for this surgery. This age requirement is because your body has fully developed and can adapt to the new digestive system.

If you meet both requirements, you are a candidate for this surgery and should seek professional help. At Health and Wellness Bazar, we have the best doctors in Mexico who are experts in performing gastric bypasses. These specialists will analyze your case and help you know if this surgery can help you.

Before a gastric bypass in Mexico procedure, you will be asked to take a few tests to see the state of your overall health. For example, the most common tests are blood tests and ultrasounds. And in some cases, nutritional counseling and psychological support can be provided.

The preparation stage is essential. Therefore, before the intervention, you must start having healthy habits, such as a good diet, avoiding smoking for at least two weeks before the surgery, and creating an exercise routine. You should also mentally prepare for surgery by being reasonable with yourself and your expectations. After the surgery, all these habits will help you continue your progress and maintain your long-term benefits.

Is this bariatric surgery for you?

A gastric bypass in Mexico is a powerful tool at your disposal to help you achieve your goals. At Health and Wellness Bazar, most patients lose between 65 percent and 90 percent of their excess weight over one year.

There are many benefits this surgery will bring you. But first, you must make sure that this step is necessary. The best candidate for this surgery is the one who does the research and makes sure they are ready personally. At Health and Wellness Bazar, we have seen that if a patient wants a better life, he will have to make efforts and sacrifices. And, of course, we will be there to help you.

Gastric Bypass in Mexico is an excellent option for all those who want to regain control of their life. Thousands of patients have already trusted us and do not regret it. Among the many benefits of choosing us at Health and Wellness Bazar for this treatment are having the best plastic surgeons in Mexico at your disposal and a medical team that will be attentive to your needs. Also, all-inclusive packages will help you not worry about anything when you come to Mexico at an excellent and affordable price.

You are someone special, and you deserve to be happy. Don’t wait any longer and take back control of your life and your body. If you want to know more about this weight loss surgery or others, we invite you to visit the Health and Wellness Bazar site. We are a medical tourism company that will ensure you get the best results. Contact us for more information by phone at (858) 779 225 or by emailing us at [email protected].

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