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How to Tell If Something Is Not Going Right with Your Bariatric Surgery Recovery

26 February, 2021

After thousands of successful bariatric surgery procedures such as gastric sleeve in Tijuana, at Health & Wellness Bazaar, we have not received one single bad review or had a patient with adverse effects in the months following his procedure. So, why should you know if something is not right during your recovery process after a weight loss procedure?

For two reasons. 1) Some patients have undergone bariatric surgery somewhere else and might not have received proper medical care. Now some complications might be arising. 2) It is possible to let your guard down and not follow the nutritional guidelines from your bariatric surgery caretakers carefully. Granted, you might experience some discomfort sometime after your procedure. Therefore, keep reading to learn some signs that might indicate you need assistance or take some corrective measures to ensure a successful recovery.

Signs or Symptoms to Watch For

Typically, an obese patient who underwent gastric bypass or gastric sleeve in Tijuana will lose weight over a period that can be up to 12 to 15 months. Some patients opt for gastric bypass since it ensures the quickest weight loss results due to the malposition technique it uses. Basically, the bariatric surgeon will reroute a significant portion of the intestines from a reduced stomach. As a result, the body absorbs much fewer nutrients, and it will get energy from the accumulated fat. Thus, allowing the patient to lose weight incredibly fast.

However, unlike gastric sleeve in Tijuana, gastric bypass could lead to malnutrition if patients do not carefully follow the surgeons’ and nutritionists’ nutritional recommendations. Most patients will eventually recover their natural ability to absorb all of the essential nutrients. So, what are the signs or symptoms of severe malfunction? If a patient is not getting enough thiamine -for example- he will experience some weakness, dizziness, or vertigo, something doctors call ataxia.

Other signs could be ocular abnormalities, which are indicated in symptoms such as blurry vision, sensitivity to bright lights, and a sensation that your eyes can’t hold still. Besides, there could also be some mental confusion, difficulty concentrating or remembering things.

What should you do if you see some of these signs? First, if you go to the emergency room or see your doctor, let them know right away that you are a bariatric patient and how long ago you had a procedure. Ask them to contact the surgeon who performed your procedure. Once you get some relief from those symptoms, call the experts at Mexico bariatric center. They can give you a free consultation and assessment to offer you the possibility to undergo revision surgery to reverse or eliminate such adverse side effects.

What Are Some Normal Side Effects of Bariatric Surgery?

  • Dumping Syndrome. – One common concert of a side effect following a weight loss procedure is nausea and vomiting. Yet, having these symptoms is normal and part of the recovery process, particularly for patients who underwent gastric bypass. However, these symptoms can be drastically reduced if bariatric patients avoid foods and drinks with high sugar and calorie content and follow a protein diet following their procedure. Moreover, the dumping syndrome helps a patient to eat less and more nutritious meals.

Only in case the vomiting is excessive, so the patient cannot hold any food or nutrients, it’s recommended to see a doctor. But again, these are rare cases, especially if patients are receiving first-class medical care and follow up by the weight loss surgery experts at Health & Wellness Bazaar.

  • Emotional Changes. – Undergoing bariatric surgery means drastic lifestyle changes and incredible weight loss results. However, since most former obese patients were used to live with so much weight -physically and mentally-, adapting to their new body and lifestyle can seem challenging. Some even experience various emotional effects regarding their self-esteem and expectations. Thankfully, there is plenty of help available from professionals and support groups with bariatric patients that have gone through the same experience.
  • Increased Libido. – Extensive research has shown that obesity causes several issues regarding fertility and sex life. Some of the most common problems are erectile dysfunction, shortness of breath during intercourse, and unbalanced hormone levels. However, after considerable weight loss following a procedure such as gastric sleeve in Tijuana, patients have seen fantastic improvements in their sex and love lives, fertility, and hormone levels.
  • Fluctuating Energy Levels. – When a person has a high BMI, the body is used to getting energy from accumulated fat and a great carb intake. Consequently, after a bariatric procedure, a patient eats significantly less and healthier. Thus, the body might experience energy levels fluctuating during the first few months. Nonetheless, after a significant weight loss, the body will adjust to the new weight and lifestyle, and the patient will see an incredibly high level of energy, unlike his time before a bariatric procedure.

Skin Removal Surgery After Weight Loss

Another normal side effect of a successful bariatric procedure is having some saggy or excess skin due to tremendous weight loss. Such remaining skin can cause discomfort and effects that must be addressed, such as skin infections, rashes, and sores. Thankfully, however, plastic surgery after bariatric surgery can reverse and cure those effects while giving a person a fantastic aesthetic appearance.

How do plastic surgeons accomplish such excellent goals? First, by performing skin removal surgery in Mexico at the areas such as the abdomen, arms, buttocks, thighs, and neck. Second, they use some state-of-the-art plastic procedures to remove such excess skin and give body areas an aesthetic appearance, including tummy tuck and lift ting procedures, by tightening the muscles and skin were stretched due to significant weight gain.

Experience World-Class Bariatric Procedures with Optimal Results

At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we are proud to have given thousands of patients phenomenal weight loss and health results through bariatric solutions such as gastric sleeve in Tijuana. We do so thanks to world-class weight-loss experts and highly awarded bariatric surgeons who provide the same excellent care as in the best medical centers in the world but at affordable prices. You are one phone call away from experiencing world-class medical care. Call us today at +1 858 779 2552 or email us at [email protected].

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