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IVF is the best hope for couples trying to conceive

25 March, 2019

For those couples who have lost all faith of conceiving a child naturally, IVF Mexico has become the answer to the long-awaited dream of becoming a parent; this reproduction assisted technology is used more and more frequently each year and has helped thousands of women to get successfully pregnant. In vitro fertilization is a process which consists of four stages, which include ovulation, induction, egg retrieval, lab fertilization and transferring the embryos back to the uterus.

The first step for a successful in vitro fertilization is taking fertility medication for several months, to help the ovaries produce more, and more mature eggs which are ready for conception, this is known as ovulation induction, and is necessary for those women, who because of any given clinical reason are not able to ovulate naturally. In this scenario, it is possible that your OBGYN orders an echography study or a blood test frailty often, to measure your hormone levels, and follow up on your egg production

Once the specialist is sure your ovaries have enough amounts of mature eggs, and then the specialist proceeds to remove them from your body, this process is known as egg removal. The extraction of these reproductive cells is a procedure which is done at the doctor’s clinic or a specialized clinic. During the intervention, you are given medication, so you are relaxed and comfortable. Then, with the use of an ultrasound, which the doctor uses to see inside your body, the doctor places a thin hollow tube through your vagina and into the ovaries and follicles which hold the eggs. The needle which remains connected to suction divide then gently extracts the cells from each follicle. Later, the specialist proceeds to inseminate the egg with the couple´s or donor’s sperm, this process is called insemination. 

After this the egg and the sperm cells are stored together in a special container, this ensures the egg gets fertilized. In case the sperm has low mobility (in other words, it does not swim well) it can be directly injected into the egg to promote its fertilization. The more the egg divides and transforms into an embryo, the more the expert keeps a close eye on its progress.

After 3-5 days after the follicle egg extraction, one or more of the embryos are placed back into the uterus, a medical procedure known as a transfer. The doctor then slides a thin tube through the cervix and into the uterus, to insert the embryo through the tube. Pregnancy occurs if one or more of the embryos adhere to the uterus wall. All of this takes place at the fertility clinics in Mexico.

Why is an in vitro fertilization convenient for you?

In vitro fertilization is the safest alternative for couples who have tried in vain, for a year or even longer, to conceive naturally. In vitro fertilization is the most reliable and most modern way to get pregnant successfully. This is a method which has benefited many women around the world since it offers excellent opportunities for fulfilling the long-awaited dream of motherhood. It provides many benefits, and it has a proven success rate. Please keep reading this article, in it, you will find why an in vitro fertilization is the best option you have been looking for.

  • A ray of hope. In vitro fertilization offers a beam of light shining through the darkness for patients who are experiencing one or more of the many causes for infertility. Those women with damaged or blocked fallopian tubes have little to no possibilities of conceiving naturally, however, in vitro fertilization may be the solution. Likewise, for men with a low sperm count or motility problems may have a difficult time fertilizing the couple´s egg during sexual intercourse. Because conception occurs outside of the woman’s body, in a controlled environment, through this method of assisted reproduction which provides a safe and secure alternative which prevents the gg for the sperm to navigate through the female reproductive system.
  • Healthier embryos. For those couples who are concerned about transmitting a hereditary pathology or a chromosomal anomaly, an in vitro fertilization guaranties screening and removal of unwanted samples before implanting. This procedure tests the fertilized embryo´s health before inserting it back into the female´s body. This determines if there is any chromosomal anomaly present.
  • Higher success rate. Even though success is not guaranteed every time, an in vitro fertilization increases the probability of getting pregnant exponentially, this is because during each fertilization cycle more than one embryos are implanted to the uterus, however, this also means there are more possibilities of conceiving more than one child, since more than one embryo may attach to the uterus wall.

Do you need an IVF Mexico?

Many women have resorted to an in vitro fertilization as a replacement for conceiving naturally; in this case, the need for an in vitro fertilization may be due to a variety of reasons, like the obstruction of the fallopian tubes, which is considered the most significant and most common source of female infertility. Nonetheless, female pelvic illness is also the leading cause. Both pathologies target the fallopian tubes because of sexually transmitted diseases.

Likewise, other diseases like cancer, endometriosis (which consist of excessive growth of the tissue surrounding the uterus), can lead to infertility. Finally, recurrent abortions, being them both natural and induced have been linked to the inability to procreate naturally.

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