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Keys to Identify the Best Plastic Surgeons in Mexico and Minimize Risks

25 November, 2022

Throughout time, the concepts of beauty and aesthetics have significantly impacted humanity, from the makeup invented by the Egyptians to the aesthetic musculature of the Greeks and Romans. Today, the immense development in medicine and plastic surgery is remarkable, but there is widespread concern about recognizing the best plastic surgeons in Mexico. What would you say?

Many plastic surgeons cannot be trusted because they do not have the necessary training or tools, so you should be aware of what constitutes a professional and trustworthy doctor. Below we will show you some characteristics that will help you recognize a reliable plastic surgeon so that you avoid unnecessary risks.

The first visit is crucial

During the first visit with the surgeon, you must communicate your wishes, expectations, and doubts that arise about the procedure you want. In this initial visit, the best plastic surgeons in Mexico will be attentive to understanding your expectations and objectives. Also, he will evaluate your anatomy and all your cases to tell you which technique is best for you, and which does not favor you.

Generally, in this initial visit, he will explain the treatment he suggests. Remember that a good doctor is skilled in presenting this information to you; it should be clear what the method is and be willing to answer any question. Above all, a good surgeon is specific when explaining the method’s drawbacks, the type of anesthesia used, what the postoperative period will be like, and what complications can occur with this type of surgery.

Undoubtedly, the impression you have of your surgeon on the first visit is particularly important, so care, sincerity, clarity, and empathy should be taken into account, as this will signal if the specialist is trustworthy or not. On the other hand, if this plastic surgeon attends to you in a hurry, gives you few explanations, ignores you, or even seems upset that you ask questions, then most likely, he is not the right one and should look for a better option.

Do the best plastic surgeons in Mexico work with the necessary infrastructure?

A significant aspect you must see is that the plastic surgeon has the necessary facilities and equipment to perform quality plastic surgery. If you see that the facilities are neglected, in a poor state, or not very clean, it means that they do not have a good level of hygiene or that the materials and equipment are limited. In such a case, it may not be the best place to undergo surgery, like a rhinoplasty in Mexico.

The best doctors with the expertise you want will never perform surgeries in apartments or private homes. Instead, since they understand the importance of these procedures, they will provide their services in clinics and hospitals with the corresponding certifications. This way, surgeons will have the means to attend to any medical complications or emergencies that may arise during the procedure.

Curriculum and academic training

The academic training and curriculum of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico is a starting point for learning about their work. For example, for a plastic surgeon to practice, he must be a member of the SECPRE (Spanish Society of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery). The Mexican Council of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery must also endorse him.

If the plastic surgeon belongs to these two associations, he is a trusted plastic surgeon since he has the necessary studies to practice his profession. Another characteristic of the surgeon’s professional qualification is his history of jobs in different entities and hospitals. For example, to work for a public hospital, a surgeon must meet specific requirements that prove he is a professional plastic surgeon. His skills and certifications are legit if he has worked in several hospitals and different positions.

Therefore, beware of those who only qualify or have a diploma as a cosmetic surgeon or a master’s in cosmetic surgery because these are not official degrees. Without official degrees, they are not admitted to the society and council we mentioned before without official degrees. Fake doctors could hide under these titles and mislead patients into trusting them, which could put their health at risk.

Know the evaluations of other patients

Usually, the best plastic surgeons in Mexico have a long history and experience because they typically have reviews and ratings from their patients. What can help you to be aware of these evaluations is to consult them on the surgeon’s website or in the forums that deal with this topic, look for reviews on the Internet, and even ask patients to give you their own opinion.

You can also find out from people who recommend the surgeon, either from their own experience or the experience of someone close to you. Remember that a trusted surgeon has fabulous reviews and recommendations from other patients who have already had surgery with him, as is the case with the Health & Wellness Bazaar experts.

Distrust the good, beautiful and cheap

Having Tijuana plastic surgery is a very serious decision and should be taken as such. A lower price should not be the main factor when choosing a plastic surgeon. If you only focus on finding the lowest price, you could overlook several important factors for your surgery.

Great surgeons are generally priced a bit higher, as in all professions, but the most expensive is not necessarily the best. For this reason, you should be wary of those who offer you promotional offers or seasonal discounts. Ideally, you should be guided by his history and the above criteria to assess if a doctor is a trusted surgeon and a good option for your surgery.

Where to find plastic surgeons who meet these requirements?

Now that you know the key characteristics that make a reliable plastic surgeon, we invite you to meet us at Health and Wellness Bazaar. Not only do we have first-rate facilities and equipment, but our plastic surgeons are also certified and have the highest standards in terms of quality and price.

You can be sure that at Health and Wellness Bazaar, we will listen to you with empathy and guide you on each step of your aesthetic procedure. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to turn your life into the best version of yourself by calling us today at (858) 779-2552 or emailing us at [email protected].

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