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Knee Replacement in Mexico is a Choice

21 February, 2019

Nowadays, it is very common to hear about people who suffer from pains in different body parts, one very frequent is the knee pain due to the many movements in which this part is involved as walking, running, jumping, etc. This pain is also due to degenerative conditions as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.   In consequence, a knee teared needs to receive the opportune attention for a person to do their activities with normality.

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Knee replacement definition, types of implants and surgery description

Knee replacement can be defined as a surgical procedure to remove the damaged or diseased joint completely and replace it with a man-made device to restore its function. Knee joint replacement is a procedure that involves replacing an injured or ailing knee with an artificial joint, or prosthesis.  The prosthesis is made of metal alloys, plastics, and polymers. It mimics the function of a knee. Another name for this procedure is knee arthroplasty.

Types of knee replacements implants

Broadly speaking, there are four basic categories of knee replacements depending on the degree of mechanical stability provided by the design of the artificial knee:

Non-constrained: The non-constrained implant is the most common type of artificial knee. It is termed non-constrained because the artificial components inserted into the knee are not linked to each other and have no stability built into the system. It relies on the person’s own ligaments and muscles for stability. This is the key feature of this group of artificial implants helping to maintain the stability of the knee.

Semi-constrained: The semi-constrained implant is a device that provides increasing stability for the knee. This type of artificial knee has some stability built into it. It is used if the surgeon needs to remove all of the inner knee ligaments (some surgeons prefer to do this), or if the surgeon feels the new knee will be more stable with this type of implant.

Constrained or hinged: The Constraint or hinged implants are rarely used as a first choice of surgical options. In this case, the two components of the knee joint are linked together with a hinged mechanism. This type of knee replacement is used when the knee is highly unstable and the person’s ligaments will not be able to support the other type of knee replacements. It is useful in the treatment of severely damaged knees particularly in very elderly people undergoing a revision replacement procedure. The disadvantage of this type of knee joint is that it is not expected to last as long as the other types.

Unicondylar: A unicondylar knee replacement replaces only half of the knee joint. It is performed if the damage is limited to one side of the joint only with the remaining part of the knee joint being relatively spared. It is now possible for the surgeon to replace only that area of the knee joint which is severely damaged. However, even with only half of the joint destroyed, many surgeons prefer doing a total knee replacement believing this is a better procedure than the half-knee (unicondylar) replacement. But equally, there are surgeons who believe it is more appropriate to perform a unicondylar knee in the right circumstance.

Surgery description: During the procedure, which lasts between one and two hours, the surgeon will make a long surgical cut above your knee. With the skin and muscle pulled back, they’ll cut away damaged cartilage and bone.

They’ll affix the new knee joint to your femur, or thighbone, and tibia, which is the main bone in your lower leg. They’ll do this using specialized cement, pins, and screws. Afterward, your surgeon will close the incision wound with stitches and apply a bandage.

Physical benefits of knee replacement

This procedure gives patients many physical benefits as:

Mobility: The most notorious benefit from this procedure is the mobility recovery which lets people do their normal activities as walking and moving without pain.

Pain relief: This procedure represents a great gain for people as living without pain is determinant for enjoying life.

Recovery of physical condition: When a person recovers the mobility of a body part without pain, they also recuperate the enthusiasm to move and do exercise; in consequence, their physic and physical condition improve too.

Psychological benefits of knee replacement

A person who gets a knee implant benefits psychologically in many ways such as:

More confidence: People who undergo this procedure feel more confident for having replaced a damaged knee that was a problem for them.  The results of this procedure give a person the possibility of walking and moving with normality; consequently, a feeling of more confidence and optimism is created.

Increased self-esteem: Once having replaced a faulty knee; moving and walking with normality, it is common that people feel more comfortable which makes them appreciate themselves better.  When people think about themselves in a positive way, they are happier and more optimistic about the future because of all the possibilities that the results may bring as having a better social interaction and participation.

Other benefits of knee replacement

There may be other benefits of knee replacement such as a better health. When people fix a damaged in their bodies, they feel like working out because of the absence of pain; in consequence, their general health improves. Another notable benefit from this procedure is the inner change that occurs from it.  It is notable that people who alleviate from a pain transform their mood because of the feeling of comfort they obtain.  This is an essential issue to develop personality characteristics such as sympathy and extroversion.  To sum up, a person benefits integrally from this procedure not only physically but also in their personal growth.

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