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What Is the Best Mexico Bariatric Center? What Experts Say

6 November, 2022

A Mexico Bariatric Center aims to offer medical alternatives and guidance to those looking for a safe method to treat obesity. If you have already tried to lose weight on your own and have yet to succeed, it is never too late to approach specialists in bariatric surgeries. Cases of mild obesity to morbid obesity have managed to start a new life and reverse the effects. Do you want to know how?

Being willing to change, in addition to emotion, can involve many emotions, doubts, and uncertainty. It even happens to many that have failed in past attempts. This creates a sense of disbelief in the face of a new alternative.

However, feeling this way is nothing new. Those who have already undergone a gastric sleeve in Mexico or other Mexico bariatric center surgery have gone through the same thing and today do not regret having tried. But of course, the best way to deal with it is not by evading but by being well-informed. So today, we will talk about these incredible alternatives.

Types of bariatric surgeries at Mexico Bariatric Center

Currently, there are different surgeries with different surgical techniques, each aimed at specific objectives, but all with the same result: to facilitate weight loss. For example, some of them use a restrictive method. That is, they limit the space and capacity of the stomach to receive food.

In contrast, others are malabsorptive surgeries, which in addition to reducing the size of the stomach, reduce the absorption capacity of the intestines, helping to minimize the acquisition of calories and other elements that increase weight.

But something important to keep in mind is that, in general, the best surgeons specialize in one or two techniques since, in this way, they manage to perfect the execution and increase efficiency. So instead of looking for a Mexico Bariatric Center that offers you all the options, choosing those specialized in specific techniques is better.

These are the most common bariatric surgeries:

  • Gastric sleeve

The surgeon cuts into a tubular shape up to 85% of the stomach through this technique. Thus, the ability to eat food is restricted to tiny portions and impacts the appetite hormone. A gastric sleeve in Mexico is usually recommended in obese patients with a BMI greater than 30, and many have comorbid diseases such as hypertension, sleep apnea, and diabetes.

  • Gastric bypass

This method is considered the most invasive but, simultaneously, the one that will help you lose the most weight. It is used in severely or morbidly obese people with a BMI greater than 40. In some cases, patients manage to eliminate up to 70 or 80% of excess weight.

The surgery consists of reducing the size of the stomach and modifying the path of the intestine, so the procedure is not reversible.

  • Gastric banding

Mexico bariatric center. An adjustable ring placed in the pit of the stomach is called a gastric band. This way, the space is reduced, and the food is processed more slowly. The goal is to stimulate the feeling of satiety and thus reduce the portions of each meal. This is a method used both in people with moderate obesity and those who are overweight and want to modify their lifestyle. It is worth mentioning that the gastric band can be removed after a certain time.

  • Gastric balloon

This surgery involves temporarily inserting a bag filled with high-quality silicone or saline solution to fill a space and create the sensation of fullness. The balloon is then removed from the stomach. Thus, the brain will send signals that prevent you from eating large amounts and feeling satisfied with a smaller portion. A gastric balloon is recommended in mild or moderate obesity cases and with a long-term supervised diet.

  • Revision surgery

Is it possible to have a second bariatric surgery? What if weight loss isn’t as it should be? Although not very common, there is a possibility that the body’s response to surgery will not achieve the desired results. In these cases, it is recommended to undergo revision surgery. In this, you can correct the first surgery or try a second method that helps you lose weight.

Mexico Bariatric Center – How to know which surgery to choose

Before choosing a Mexico bariatric center surgery, you should know that each option offers excellent advantages but also its risks. You should also evaluate the effects both in the short and long term. Each person must be clear about what they want to achieve. For example, some prefer a less invasive method, even if this means that weight loss is less drastic. At the same time, others require losing many pounds (kilos) for their health.

One of the main differentiators is that those who go to a Mexico bariatric center receive personalized treatment. It is not only about trying a random method but about finding an effective route for each patient, considering their type of obesity, personal circumstances, and current physical condition. In this way, the process is much lighter for the patient, and efforts are directed more effectively.

This means that one method which has been effective in one person will not necessarily give the same results in another. The best surgeons Mexico bariatric center are those who perform an accurate pre-evaluation. In addition to the physical aspects, they also consider the causes that have influenced weight gain in a person. For example, in some cases, obesity is the consequence of a disease such as hypothyroidism.

While in other cases, they have influenced emotional disorders or patterns of behavior that need to be broken. For this reason, weight loss surgery in Mexico is usually complemented by the follow-up of specialists such as psychologists and nutritionists. In this way, patients are helped to meet all the favorable conditions so that their weight loss is not hindered. Or better yet, so that over time you do not experience a weight rebound, but your loss is permanent.

Mexico Bariatric Center – The best surgery at your fingertips

Experienced and board-certified surgeons Mexico Bariatric Center, top-notch facilities, support groups, follow-up in the process, and the backing of successful testimonials are just a few of the conditions every bariatric patient desires to have. But is it possible to find all these conditions in the process? Fortunately, yes.

Obtaining the highest quality treatment is possible thanks to the Mexico Bariatric Center. If you want to know which surgery option is best for you, you can write us your story via email at [email protected] or call 858 779 2552 and learn about the best network of bariatric surgeons. We will be happy to be part of your process.

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