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Mexico Bariatric Center—The Best Ally to Lose Weight Safely

22 September, 2022

If you constantly battle against being overweight, Mexico Bariatric Center by Health and Wellness Bazaar has the highest quality medical care. Our goal is to improve your physical health and your quality of life. In addition, it has different alternatives to achieve your weight loss goals.

We specialize in various minimally invasive surgical procedures, including gastric bypass and sleeve, as well as revision procedures for complications or suboptimal results after primary bariatric surgery.

Mexico Bariatric Center

Our teams of highly experienced and trained specialists work with you and consult with you to understand your unique needs. Together we can develop a treatment tailored to your specific challenges. What types of weight loss surgery can you choose at the Mexico Bariatric Center?

Weight loss surgeries in Mexico Bariatric Center

Some of the most common weight loss surgeries in Mexico are:

  • Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Also known as Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, it is a relatively simple surgical procedure with a low rate of complications used to treat morbid obesity. The Gastric Sleeve in Mexico has specific benefits compared to other gastric surgeries since it presents minimal nutritional deficiencies in the long term.
  • Gastric Bypass. It IS a procedure that has accumulated some interest from our bariatric surgeons in Mexico. Although it is not a modern system, the mini gastric bypass produces a similar expected weight loss to the traditional gastric bypass.
  • Gastric Balloon. The Gastric Balloon is a restrictive procedure based on an adjustable balloon installed endoscopically through the patient’s esophagus. This process takes less than an hour and is an outpatient procedure.

Is it safe to have weight loss surgery at the Mexico Bariatric Center?

Today, bariatric surgery is safe thanks to the development of precise surgical procedures and high-tech equipment. The application of laparoscopic surgical techniques to bariatric surgery has made these procedures significantly safer than even the most common surgeries.

At our Mexico Bariatric Center, the incisions in bariatric surgery are significantly smaller, resulting in less postoperative pain and minimal visible scarring. In addition, it reduces recovery time and significantly reduces the risk of infection and other complications.

Therefore, bariatric surgery in Mexico is the safest and most effective way to lose weight. Of course, “safe” is a relative term. Any surgical procedure carries risks of complications, side effects, and even death. However, bariatric surgery is safe in at least the following ways:

  • The risks of operative and postoperative complications are statistically similar to other more complex surgeries.
  • Obesity-related health problems outweigh the risks posed by weight-loss surgery.
  • If you are obese, you are more likely to die of a heart attack, have a stroke, or live with significant complications of type 2 diabetes than to die (or have substantial difficulties) from weight-loss surgery.
  • Bariatric surgery (especially gastric bypass in Mexico and gastric sleeve) can offer effective treatment for health problems related to being overweight.
  • When undergoing weight loss surgery, the benefits far outweigh the risks.

The truth is that weight loss surgery is safer than ever and offers patients a realistic way to lose extra pounds significantly.

What benefits are there if weight loss surgery is performed in a bariatric center in Mexico?

Medical tourism in Mexico is constantly growing, thanks to its geographical location, investments in private hospitals, infrastructure, and advanced technology equipment.

Among some of the benefits of undergoing a surgical procedure to lose weight in a bariatric center in Mexico are:

  • The excellent quality of medical services.
  • The reasonable price of surgical treatments and procedures.
  • The tourist attractions offered to the patient and companions.

Weight loss surgeries have gained a lot of popularity thanks to the incredible technological advances in this field of medicine. Now procedures can be less invasive, reducing recovery times. In addition, they have made it possible for interventions to be safer, more effective, and with better results.

gastric sleeve surgery


Mexico is one of the leading health tourist destinations worldwide. The country frequently receives many patients of different nationalities to request medical services, among which weight loss surgery stands out.

Patients who have considered bariatric weight loss surgery have more than one option. They can choose from a gastric bypass to a gastric sleeve. If you have been trying to lose weight through exercise or a rigorous diet but without success, you are likely interested in having weight loss surgery in Mexico.

At our Mexico Bariatric Center, we are experts in helping patients lose extra pounds and improve their quality of life. We always minimize risks and help candidates choose the most suitable bariatric surgery.

We have helped hundreds of patients say goodbye to being overweight with our all-inclusive bariatric surgery packages for surgery that include the following:

  • Hotel nights.
  • Concierge Service.
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off.
  • On-site local transportation.
  • Pre-operative tests.
  • Surgery center’s fees and hospitalization.
  • Surgeons’ fees.
  • Anesthesia and anesthesiologist.
  • All treatment-related materials.
  • Post-operative medication.

Our highly experienced weight loss surgeons ensure you regain your health and the freedom to live life to the fullest.

Find the ideal weight loss surgery at Mexico Bariatric Center

Suppose you are one of the many patients struggling with obesity at our top-rated Mexico Bariatric Center. In that case, you will be able to find the ideal surgery that, combined with diet and exercise, can offer incredible results.

If you’ve thought about having weight-loss surgery, we congratulate you on taking the first step toward regaining your health and the life you deserve. By undergoing treatment at Health & Wellness Bazaar, you can receive care from trusted, board-certified and experienced weight loss specialists at much more affordable prices than abroad.

By choosing our bariatric surgery services, patients not only have access to a team of board-certified surgeons and highly trained medical staff. They will also benefit from ongoing post-operative medical care; they can expect to receive personalized and dedicated care at affordable prices.

We can help you find the ideal weight loss surgery through the Health & Wellness Bazaar and get your treatment at the best price. For more information, call (858) 779-2552 or write to [email protected].

Mexico Bariatric Center


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