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Mommy Makeover in Mexico: What You Need to Know About Recovery and Scarring

23 November, 2022

“It has changed my life. Now I feel more confident in myself, and I can wear the clothes I want, so if you have the opportunity to get a mommy makeover after pregnancy, do it, you will never regret it.” Like Michel, many women want to get a mommy makeover in Mexico to tone, firm, and shape their bodies after pregnancy since the combination of these techniques transforms the body in surprising ways.

Although changing your body is very attractive, some mothers doubt how noticeable the scars are after surgery and in which areas they are made. We know how important it is for you to be well informed; For this reason, in this article, we will explain what the scars of a mommy makeover are like so that you are calmer and can decide on your treatment as soon as possible.

Will there be any visible scars?

When the skin’s surface is cut, the body triggers a natural wound healing and repair response. Most minor cuts or scratches tend to heal quickly without leaving any visual trace, but surgical incisions or severe trauma can leave more noticeable scars as the body repairs itself.

Although a less invasive method to perform surgery has not yet been achieved, the treatments are based on modern treatments to improve the appearance of scars. In addition, board-certified surgeons are trained in techniques to minimize scarring and place scars in strategic areas, so they appear inconspicuous.

Because mommy makeover in Mexico is a standard procedure, incision locations vary from patient to patient. However, below we will show you the most common incisions in a mommy makeover:

Areas where the incisions are made:

  • Typically, the incision for a tummy tuck is placed from one hip to the other so the surgeon can access the abdominal anatomy and remove excess skin and tissue. The surgeon will also place this incision as low as possible, so it is hidden by underwear or a bikini bottom.
  • Liposuction. In the case of liposuction, minimal incisions are required so that the surgeon can insert the device used to break up and remove fat cells, known as a cannula. Once the fat is removed from the abdomen, the doctor can use the same incision as the tummy tuck for liposuction, which means there will be no additional scarring.
  • Breast augmentation. Most women who undergo a mommy makeover are looking to enhance the experience of breasts that have usually begun to sag and may have lost their natural shape. This breast lift can be combined with breast implants to restore lost volume to the breasts and can be placed within the same incisions.

If you are checking the mommy makeover in Mexico cost, feel free to contact a plastic surgeon from Health & Wellness Bazaar, as this will give you a better idea of the cost and what to expect based on your anatomy and your specific goals.

How long is the recovery period for a mommy makeover in Mexico?

The recovery period of a mommy makeover in Mexico can be more extended than other plastic surgeries. The reason is that this procedure is not just a technique but a set of procedures that affect different parts of the body, so there are several periods of recovery.

Specialists estimate that this period is usually between 2 and 3 weeks, but recovery will depend on each patient. We can say that this phenomenal surgery is unique because there are several methods in a single surgery, apart from the fact that the procedure is relatively safe so that you will feel terrific about your body as before pregnancy.

How should you sleep after undergoing a mommy makeover in Mexico?

While recovering from a mommy makeover in Mexico, sleeping on your back and sleeping with your upper body slightly elevated will be essential. Something that can help you achieve this posture is a recliner or some cushions. This is to avoid deformation or pressure on the lesions affected by surgery.

You will also promote blood circulation, which is ideal for proper recovery and healing. In any case, the recommendations on how to sleep and what to do during the surgery day will be made known to you by the Health & Wellness Bazaar specialists before and after surgery.

Follow the following three recommendations to look radiant

Apart from the recommendations that the best plastic surgeons in Mexico give you, there are things that, as patients, you should do after surgery to reduce the appearance of scars.

  1. Wound care. It is imperative to clean the incisions gently and regularly, avoiding getting wet and trying to apply healing cream. Keep in mind that vitamin E is a common component that can help the wound heal faster and improve the texture of your skin.
  2. Silicone sheets. Some doctors recommend placing gel strips or sheets over the incisions to help flatten the scars and help them change color. For example, instead of the scar looking red or purple, it can look more natural, like your skin tone.
  3. Eat healthily. To help your body with the natural healing process, it is especially important that you eat a healthy diet and avoid smoking and exposing your scars to the sun or ultraviolet light. So, these things can help your incisions heal faster and minimize the risk of scarring, so it doesn’t turn lighter or darker than your skin.

Let the professional help you enjoy a fantastic youthful appearance!

How you were able to observe the recovery of a mommy makeover in Mexico is much shorter than you might have imagined. Of course, it has its peculiarities, and you will have to be careful so that the recovery is perfect, and you obtain fabulous results. Still, you should know that the scars heal correctly, following the recommendations of the specialists.

If you are interested in knowing how to plan the care of your scars or know when is the ideal time to get a treatment like this, do not hesitate to contact us today at Health & Wellness Bazaar, where we can answer all your questions. Just give us a call at (858) 779-25252 or email us at [email protected].

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