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Types of breast implants
Types of breast implants
24 April, 2019

One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures is breast implants, or breast augmentation, which breast implants Mexico are placed […]

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6 things that you need to keep in mind about bariatric surgeries
23 April, 2019

A gastric bypass Mexico is a type of clinical intervention which is done to treat an excess fat problem in […]

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Beautiful and young, with stem cells therapy.
22 April, 2019

The field of plastic and cosmetic surgery has evolved astonishingly during the last years, to the point that now is […]

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How does the body change after giving birth?
17 April, 2019

During pregnancy the woman’s body surfers several changes. From the first moment of the gestational process, there is a hormonal […]

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How to prepare for a rhinoplasty
16 April, 2019

A rhinoplasty in Mexico is cataloged as plastic surgery and may be performed perusing aesthetic or corrective objectives. When it […]

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Medical tourism: fertility clinics in Mexico
15 April, 2019

To become a parent is the dream of most couples; however, not everyone can naturally achieve this dream, so they […]

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Dental implants in Mexico are the solution you are looking for
13 April, 2019

Health & Wellness Bazaar is the medical service center which offers you the possibility to recover your smile, thanks to […]

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What are the most performed plastic surgeries in the world?
12 April, 2019

Before looking for the best plastic surgeon in México, it is on your best interest to get to know a […]

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What to consider before having plastic surgery in Tijuana?
29 March, 2019

If you´ve ever thought about traveling abroad and have a Tijuana plastic surgery, you must analyze every possible existing option. […]

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Facts about bariatric surgery in Mexico
28 March, 2019

Every year, thousands of people travel to Mexico to undergo a specialized surgical procedure, such as plastic surgery, dental treatment […]

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Most performed plastic surgeries in Mexico
27 March, 2019

Thousands of plastic surgeries are performed around the world. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Mexico is […]

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Knee injuries which may require a knee placement treatment
26 March, 2019

A knee replacement in Mexico procedure allows the surgeon to replace a damaged joint with a prosthesis to alleviate complications […]

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IVF is the best hope for couples trying to conceive
25 March, 2019

For those couples who have lost all faith of conceiving a child naturally, IVF Mexico has become the answer to […]

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How to prepare for a gastric sleeve surgery
23 March, 2019

Gastric Sleeve Mexico is one of the most efficient options to lose weight in the short term. It consists in […]

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Stem cell therapy for hair loss
Stem cell therapy for hair loss
25 February, 2019

Stem cells are the origin of the rest of the cells, tissues, and organs of the human body and have […]

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Diet after Weight Loss Surgery
24 February, 2019

A Diet after a weight loss surgery helps people who are recovering from one of these procedures, to heal and […]

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