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Experience World-Class Medical Care and Destinations in Mexico

19 March, 2021

Mexico has become one of the top five destinations for medical tourism in the world. The reason? It offers a wide range of medical treatments and procedures with trained and certified specialists in all areas, including plastic surgery in Mexico and plastic surgery after weight loss in Mexico. In fact, thanks to its proximity to the US, those specialists receive their training and certification in the US but can offer their high-quality services at a significantly lower cost.   Besides, many people enjoy the incredible destinations Mexico offers with its beautiful beaches and natural sceneries, amazing weather, fantastic cuisine, and vibrant modern cities.

Therefore, when a person decides to travel to Mexico for a surgical procedure or medical care, they also get the opportunity to get away, relax, or have the perfect vacations. Of course, other cities in other countries offer excellent medical care at reasonable costs. However, when traveling and accommodation expenses are added, patients end up paying practically the same amount as they would in their home countries.

Fortunately, those who decide to travel to Mexico for specialized treatment through top-rated medical tourism agencies such as Health & Wellness Bazaar will be able to save up to 80% with highly certified surgeons and state-of-the-art facilities—all the while receiving personal, attentive care in their own language. Additionally, consider the following fantastic variety of destinations where our patients can relax, enjoy several entertaining activities and outdoors, or recover from a procedure.

What are the best destinations in Mexico for Medical Care and Tourism?

Mexico’s medical care portfolio is not limited to the most popular or performed procedures. Patients can experience a wide variety of high-quality medical services from dental care, orthopedic treatments, IVF, plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, or comprehensive treatments, including weight-loss surgery followed by skin removal surgery in Mexico.

However, patients who come to receive high-quality medical care through Health & Wellness Bazaar’s network clinics and medical centers deserve the peace of mind and a comfortable stay. Doing so allows patients to relax before and after surgery. Thus, they experience better results and faster recovery.

Vibrant city destinations

Tijuana. – This is one of the cities with the highest influx of patients from the US that come for medical care, just a few miles away from California. It offers visitors various attractions, including shopping centers such as Plaza Rio and Galerias Mall. Also, locals and visitors enjoy beautiful parks, such as Parque de la Amistad and Parque Morelos. Besides, the beautiful boardwalk next to the beach is perfect for a walk or to have a cup of coffee while watching the sunset.

Furthermore, Revolution Av is one of the busiest streets and most visited by travelers. Here they find numerous dining opportunities of international cuisine, and of course, all kinds of Mexican food, from birria and fish tacos to seafood dishes.

Monterrey. – Home to one of the most modern cities in the world and a renowned Mexico Bariatric Center. Entertainment opportunities abound for those who love city life. Besides, it is surrounded by beautiful views thanks to the prevailing nature. You will need more than a weekend to know all the sites of interest this city offers.

One of the most famous attractions is Parque la Pastora Zoo, a great place to enjoy nature and wildlife. It borders the famous La Silla mountain and river -it resembles the shape of a horse chair-. Additionally, there are museums and natural reserves with waterfalls and caverns. These caves have various formations with minerals, shell fossils, and snails that date back to 50 to 60 million years.

The Macro Plaza is where the historical downtown and best restaurants are located, very close to where Health & Wellness Bazaar provides premium surgical procedures such as plastic surgery after weight loss in Mexico.

Guadalajara. – The capital city of the famous Jalisco state. Guadalajara is a world-famous city that offers fun and the best of Mexican culture. One of the best places to relax and recover from a procedure such as plastic surgery after weight loss in Mexico is Lake Chapala and its astonishing surrounding little towns that home to many people that have chosen this place to enjoy their retirement.

Of course, one of the best attractions in Guadalajara is the tequila routes and distilleries. You can drive a few hours or rent a cabin where you will enjoy different the countryside and cultural events so you can enjoy one of Mexico’s greatest gifts to the world: Tequila

Paradise-like beach destinations

Cancun. – Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, not only for its crystal-clear waters but also for its privileged natural location. Visitors delight in the Caribbean’s unique beauty, as well as visiting one of the most famous natural parks in the world, Xcaret. Of course, there are other beautiful beaches and towns close by, including Playa del Carmen or Tulum.

Health & Wellness Bazaar provides all-inclusive packages to make your stay and medical treatment a dream come true. You can enjoy this fantastic destination to show off your amazing body after bariatric surgery and plastic surgery after weight loss in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta. – Another world-famous beach destination with remarkable resorts, natural wonders, and nightlife.  There is a beautiful boardwalk located in the heart of the city, where you can enjoy an extraordinary sunset while you enjoy both traditional Mexican stores and restaurants and modern malls and luxury dining.

There are countless places and activities to discover and experience, from parks and water sports to incredible wildlife inland or in the ocean with dolphins, turtles, and the great blue whale.

Experience unmatched Plastic Surgery in Mexico

Undoubtedly, if you are looking for high-quality medical treatment, whether it is minor such as dental care, or more complex such as bariatric surgery, Mexico is the right place for you. Here you have the best of both worlds, from beautiful destinations and world-class medical care at affordable costs. In fact, most patients say their expectations are always surpassed and confirm that medical care es equal or even exceeds what they would get in the best medical centers in their home countries.

Health & Wellness Bazaar allows you to see your medical treatment or recovery, not as a challenge or a burden, but as an opportunity to increase your quality of life and have a wonderful time in the destinations in Mexico. If you want to undergo medical treatment, whether it’s just a routine check-up or a major procedure such as plastic surgery after weight loss in Mexico, you will find a wide variety of destinations and attractions for all ages and tastes. With complete confidence that we understand your needs and expectations, please let us know your questions or concerns at +1 (858) 779-2552 or email us at [email protected].

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