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How To Choose a Plastic Surgeon?

23 February, 2019

Undergoing a plastic surgery Mexico to improve your appearance is an important decision and for some people a bit difficult, but what really matters is to choose the right surgeon. It depends on him or her to have a satisfactory result on the procedure, but you also must consider that you are putting your health and life in their hands.

Even when it might be legal for a general surgeon to offer his services to perform plastic surgeries, the reality is that he does not have the ideal preparation for such a procedure. A plastic surgeon has three more years of education in a specialization that requires a lot of formal practice. It is this experience and training that will give him the ability to advise the right procedure for each patient. In the end, choose the best plastic surgeon, it is not that difficult, but you can guide yourself with these three complete and straightforward steps that will help you to make a right the decision.

First step: Create a list of names – Plastic Surgery Mexico

Began by writing a list of suitable candidates. Although it may seem a little bit useless, putting it on paper really helps to organize your ideas. This way you will quickly notice that there are more than enough possibilities, yes, some will be better than others: To help you create the list you can use questions: Start asking friends who have undergone the intervention you are considering for yourself.

You can even ask your family doctor or other specialists you are treating with, no matter the specialty, if they can recommend you a good surgeon, and the big question: if they would send a member of their family to that surgeon, etc.

Ask the nurses or any medical personnel you may know or be known by a friend if they recommend a surgeon, and their recent interventions, etc. If for any reason you visit a Hospital, visiting a friend or something, you can ask there about the plastic surgery Mexico service, the names of the doctors, etc. And finally, ask for them in the corresponding Medical Society, that of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery about qualified surgeons, where they work, etc.

If you have got tired of asking, look at the advertising, but taking into account that advertising is what you say about yourself, not what others say, which is what matters most, so do not be surprised if you find many that call themselves the best plastic surgeon in the world.

Second step: Confirm their experience – Plastic Surgery Mexico

You already have your list full of names, now confirm their experience and degrees. Although the title of a specialist does not guarantee their experience, it increases the probability of success. The title of specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery is the most recommended. This title implies at least four years of training in an accredited hospital, in Mexico. If he belongs to a surgical team of a Plastic Surgery Mexico Service in a hospital is a significant guarantee and if he has several years there, even better!

It guarantees experience, although there are no magic numbers in terms of years of specialization, the number of interventions performed, there is no problem in asking the doctor for his own experience so that we can confirm it later. Retaking the point of belonging, although it can belong to multiple professional medical societies, some have more prestige than others and who does not meet the requirements cannot belong to them. A phone call to those particular medical societies will confirm whether the doctor belongs to it or not

Third step: The consultation – Plastic Surgery Mexico

At this moment, probably the initial list has been reduced to two or three surgeons names and it is your chance to see them face to face. You can go ahead and consult them for an informative visit. It is important to consider that some doctors will charge you for that visit, while others will not. You can compare their personality, their opinions about specific surgical procedures, their fees and how they answer your questions and provide you with the information we are asking about advantages, expectations, risks, etc.

Even take with you a questionnaire of those questions that you should not forget and for which you need a response. Of course, it is worth making notes, ask everything that causes you to doubt, even if you think they are kind of overt or ridiculous. Do not be ashamed and of course, do not keep doubts to yourself.

Having made these 3 steps, it is up to you! But take your precautions and open your eyes wide, if the doctor does not belong to a hospital team if his specialist degree does not correspond to that of a plastic surgeon or does not have any surgical specialty. If he is unable to respond appropriately to your questions, if he is arrogant or impatient or if he, pressures you to submit to more interventions or procedures, these are signs to dismiss as fast as you can. Obviously, if his personal aspect is unprofessional, it is a huge warning sign.

At the end even if the Plastic Surgeon has successfully fulfilled each of the requirements, of the 3 steps to follow, you must be careful with the unrealistic result promises. A good surgeon is always looking for naturalness effect and not to create false expectations to the patient, and as an extra step make sure that the surgeon has a taste for aesthetic tendencies similar to yours.

This will improve the chances of finding the best plastic surgeon in Mexico and consequently a satisfactory result. Many illusions and hopes are deposited in the hands of plastic, aesthetic and repair surgeons. The decision to choose the best plastic surgeon within our reach, almost guaranteed to get the best possible aesthetic results. It is crucial not to precipitate your choice, make use of the reflection and do not hesitate to approach us, without question we will show you the way to choose the surgeon that best suits your needs.

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