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Rhinoplasty Before and After

6 December, 2022

A wise proverb says, “The shrewd person acts with knowledge.” These words remind us that to act wisely; it is best to have all the necessary information to make a good decision. So, if you are considering getting a nose job, let’s talk about what you should know about rhinoplasty before and after.

In this blog, we will talk about some things past patients commented that were helpful, or they would have liked to know beforehand. If you still have doubts at the end of this blog, we invite you to enter the Health and Wellness Bazar website to find more reliable information. Do not stay in doubt since the step of having plastic surgery can be the best decision or the worst of your life.

Before rhinoplasty

What should you take into account before your rhinoplasty? Here are three points that several patients have mentioned that were especially important. Let’s discuss one at a time.

Rhinoplasty Before and After

  1. Have a clear objective
  2. Choose a good doctor and medical team
  3. Do your part and prepare
  1. Have a clear objective

How would you describe what you hope to get from your nose job? This point applies if your answer is a prettier or cutter nose.

During the initial consultation with your surgeon, you must clearly express what you want from your nose job. The problem with saying a prettier or cutter nose is that it is an answer open to interpretation. Perhaps for your doctor, a prettier or cutter nose is not the same as it is for you. So what can you do to make yourself clear?

Something that can be useful to you is to look for photos of other patients who have features like yours. In these before and after photos, you can visually identify what you like and don’t. This information will help you and your doctor to be on the same channel.

  1. Choose a good doctor and medical team

The difference between a surgery with mediocre results and a great one is the doctor and medical team behind it. So do not spare the time and effort to find the best doctor and medical team available.

How to start? Something that will help you is to investigate the doctor thoroughly. You can check the doctor’s website and read reviews of their previous patients. If he or she is a respected doctor, you can find a lot of information supporting the doctor’s quality. If the site looks of poor quality or has no testimonials, this is a red flag since it shows that the doctor’s patients may not have been delighted with the results.

At Health and Wellness Bazar, you can find a list of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico who specialize in rhinoplasty. On our website, you will also find specific information about their knowledge, experience, and comments from other patients. This research will help you know that the doctor has the necessary knowledge and practice to perform the best surgery possible.

  1. Do your part and prepare

Once you do the two steps above and the surgery date is set, it’s time to do your part. What do we mean? Before your surgery, your doctor will have instructions for you, things to avoid, and things to do.

For example, your doctor will probably recommend you avoid smoking. This restriction is because, according to research, smoking cigarettes and other nicotine products can hinder your recovery and outcome after surgery.

It would also be ideal to prepare the area where you will recover. And so you can relax during the first days of your recovery; make sure you make your payments in advance and finish any pending things at home.

After rhinoplasty

Now let’s talk about 3 things you can expect after your surgery. And, of course, we will also see what you can do to facilitate recovery.

Rhinoplasty Before and After

  1. Your recovery will be a process
  2. Be reasonable with your expectations
  3. Be patient with restrictions
  1. Your recovery will be a process

When will you see the final results of your rhinoplasty? Although it is true that after a few weeks, your nose will look good and without much inflammation, it will take several months for your nose to recover completely. The final results will be seen about a year after surgery.

Also, consider that right after your surgery, you will have several bandages on your face. When the doctor removes the bandages, you will see your nose swollen after a few days, and you may have redness around the nose and under the eyes. These side effects are expected. Remember that the results will come with time.

  1. Be reasonable with your expectations

Even after doing all your research, as we saw in the previous section, you still have to be prepared that the final results of your nose may not be exactly how you imagined it to be. This is normal since, in your mind, you have made a mental image of what your nose will look like. But after a few days, you will get used to your new nose and love the results.

  1. Be patient with restrictions

As part of your healing process, you will be under certain restrictions after a rhinoplasty. For example, you must avoid opening your mouth too wide (including eating large foods or while laughing). It would be best to avoid strenuous activities or exercise for about three weeks after surgery. These are some examples, but your doctor will provide all the restrictions you must follow.

Rhinoplasty before and after: Are you ready for your surgery?

As we have seen, there are several things that you should know about rhinoplasty before and after. We are sure you won’t regret the results if you take your time to get the complete picture for your next surgery.

At Health and Wellness Bazar, we can help you find the best doctors and medical equipment in Mexico. Thanks to the affordable prices in Mexico, you will have access to the best plastic surgeons in the region. If you’re considering a rhinoplasty in Mexico or other plastic surgeries, contact us at (858) 779-2552 or email us at [email protected] to schedule a consultation and get more information.

Rhinoplasty Before and After


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