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Stem cell therapy, the most significant scientific advance of the XXI century

20 June, 2019

In recent years, medical science and the technology implemented has advanced have advanced at a gigantic pace, Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico is one of the most significant advances, which has achieved astonishing results the hope of attaining the long-awaited dream of eternal youth. The discovery of the existence of mother stem cells has completely revolutionized the way we look at investigations in the rejuvenating face field. Therefore in this blog article for Health & Wellness Bazaar, we´ll explain to you in great detail all of the related aspects with this medical science advance and also regarding its application in cosmetic surgery.

Even though science has tried to find the substance which will help us keep eternally young for over 200 years, it wasn´t until the discovery of stem cells that we´ve finally started to believe that it is possible to make our skin look younger is something actually achievable. The idea as mentioned earlier is due to the fact that stem cells have the capability to regenerate specific tissues starting from the fetus formation inside the mother´s womb until a human´s old age. Following this train of thought, it is easily assumed that their implementation in the cosmetic medical field is something pretty doable to give a rejuvenating effect on the face.

The most important thing to mention before we start listing the possible stem cells applications for the plastic Surgery in Mexico is that these types of cells, even though they keep their properties throughout a person´s lifetime, they also age as well as any other cells inside the body. The fact that they can keep all their features is the main reason they are widely used, not only in the cosmetic medical field but why they are also used in the traditional medical, orthopedic and traumatology field.

That is one of the reasons the doctors recommend extracting stem cells from the body as early as possible. Because the younger you are at the moment of the extraction, the more possible it will be to retain most of the cell´s properties, this means it will be more reasonable to achieve the most benefits if needed in the future, meaning, when the time comes for them to be used for the desired procedure.

Modern Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico

Up until recently, stem cell extraction could only be done in certain hospitals in Spain, Switzerland, and Germany; nonetheless, with time passed, technology for extracting stem cells has spread worldwide, and, therefore, now a day stem cell extraction is done safely, and you can rest assured they will be stored in perfect conditions. Under this interest vision, the doctors may obtain several samples from the abdominal fatty tissue for later use, when required.

Obtaining a sample for the stem Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico is a pretty simple process: it is performed under local anesthesia (applied to the lower abdominal region), the doctors extract fatty tissue using a liposuction technique. Once the doctors collect the necessary sample, they freeze it and ship it to the lab, where it will be stored until it is required for use. There are many possible applications for stem cells, among the most important ones we can find:

  • Regenerate joint tissue
    • Regenerate facial bone structure
    •    Help produce heart cells in patients who suffer from heart problems
    •    Face rejuvenating aesthetic procedures

Stem cells in cosmetic medicine have several weapons at its disposal for it to fight aging signs, but it looks like every day there are more and more techniques and methods to tackle the problem at its root: the natural skin cells aging process. In this sense, the implementation of stem cells is going one step beyond traditional or conventional methods; it achieves a new route towards facial cell regeneration which is in charge of producing collagen, the main component in charge keeping your skin young and its elasticity. Stem cell application is a useful procedure which may complement your Tijuana Plastic Surgery, like a facial lift, to achieve the best results possible.

Another one of the procedures which you should not dismiss is the fact that stem cells have the capability to promote hair growth, which is very important for all those people who suffer from androgenic alopecia. Truth be told, no one has developed a way to generate new hair; we must say that capillary follicles growth is something that has been achieved, which dramatically reduces hair loss for several years. There is no doubt that stem cells open up an entirely new horizon for cosmetic medicine, especially in the rejuvenating facial field.

Where can I get a stem cell therapy in Mexico?

This type of treatment in the United States is too expensive; this means one of the best options you can go for is medical tourism, a new option which allows patients to travel from the United States to Mexico to undergo this type of procedures, without sacrificing quality, and cutting edge technology, but at a much more accessible price.

At Health & Wellness Bazaar we have a team of highly specialized doctors in Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico. Therefore if you wish to undergo this procedure we cordially invite you to go to our website, there you´ll find everything our packages have to offer as well as the details which have placed us as some of the best plastic and aesthetic surgeries clinics currently operating in northern Mexico. Keep in mind that we have plenty of experience on under the belt backing us up; this is because our surgical team has a combined experience of over 200 thousand surgeries, and this is one of the main reasons which have enabled us always to offer the best results.

Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico


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