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Tips for a Flat Stomach After a Tummy Tuck in Mexico

6 August, 2021

No doubt you have experienced quite a lot following your surgery, and now you are looking forward to the next chapter in your life. A tummy tuck in Mexico will be quite a life-altering experience. Patients who have experienced significant weight loss, pregnancy, and childbirth are often those who seek out this type of procedure to enjoy a sculptured figure.

A tummy tuck can help remove excessive amounts of loose skin that have been the result of significant weight loss following bariatric surgery. A tummy tuck can drastically change your entire appearance. It is no wonder that patients most often ask what they can do to make sure the results of their procedure are kept for as long as possible. To give a broader perspective and help you maintain the desired results, it’s important first to analyze what an abdominoplasty is, commonly known as a tummy tuck. Understanding the fundamentals of this procedure will allow you to be able to enjoy the results of your surgery for the rest of your life. Let us begin with a fundamental question.

What is a tummy tuck?

In the medical field, it is referred to as an abdominoplasty. A tummy tuck in Mexico is a cosmetic procedure specifically designed to tighten the abdominal muscles and remove excess skin in the stomach area. The overall results are a slim figure and waist. Thus, the primary goal of this procedure is to return firmness to the abdomen area.

Skin is flexible and can be stretched to the point when it loses its elasticity and is unable to snap back into its natural shape properly. Usually, patients who have lost vast amounts of weight or the effects associated with pregnancy are the ones who seek out this procedure. No amount of diet and exercise routine can make sagging skin disappear. The only solution is a tummy tuck in Mexico.

Stick to your doctor’s recommendations

By now, you are well on your way to the desired sculpted tummy and figure you deserve. And in order to maintain your newfound results, you have to follow your surgeon’s recommendations. Recovery time can vary between three to six months and up to a year for final results.

Ensuring a successful recovery will depend on your adherence to those guidelines and recommendations from the best plastic surgeons in Mexico, some that may include:

  • Take your prescribed medications on time
  • Have a healthy and balanced lifestyle
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol for some time
  • Exercise regularly and avoid a sedentary life

You might find it surprising to know that following a tummy tuck in Tijuana, your doctor will recommend walking and showering the next day. So be prepared to be active, as it will be an essential aspect of your recovery process.

Once you have been cleared for physical activity and exercise, follow a program to help you reduce inflammation and get those muscles toned. That will also help avoid the formation of pesky varicose veins and blood clots. Poor circulation after surgery is something you want to avoid. Some foods to avoid as much as possible are the following:

  • Sodium-rich foods
  • Flour-based pasta
  • White bread
  • Sugary sweets and pastries
  • Fast food
  • Deep-fried food

Patients who have undergone a tummy tuck in Mexico need to continue to eat a balanced diet to avoid future weight gain, which can negatively affect their desired results.

What should I do to achieve the best results from my surgery?

  1. Avoid weight fluctuations

What does this mean? Simply put, these are periods in which weight loss and weight gain can be significant. Consider a future pregnancy. Such an event can put your results in jeopardy. For optimal results, patients should not be planning on having any more children. The strain that pregnancy and childbirth can have on the stomach and abdominal region can compromise the results and lead to a second procedure.

  1. Diet tips

Additionally, preserving the results you have worked so hard to achieve, below you will find a group of foods that can help you maintain that sculpted figure:

  • Fish
  • Whole grains
  • Fruits
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Meals with high protein content

All of these groups, coupled together with a proper exercise routine, can help you keep that tummy flat.

  1. Exercise

If you were not accustomed to exercising before your procedure, you must keep in mind that now it will be part of your life. For the first six weeks, you will have to avoid vigorous physical activity. After such time, you will have to incorporate a regular exercise routine to keep your stomach in good shape. Once given the go-ahead by your surgeon, get into a workout regime that will benefit you overall and not just your abdominal muscles. A full-body workout and focusing on strengthening and stretching your muscles will help you keep your tone and tummy flat.

  1. Quit smoking

Another recommendation you will most likely get is to stop smoking following your procedure. Smoking does restrict the body’s blood circulation, which in turn does not allow your body to heal properly, thus impeding your body’s ability to keep your skin and organs at their healthiest.

  1. Follow the instructions given by your doctor

Taking antibiotics and pain medicine when scheduled will assist in a speedy recovery. Our doctors and post-op specialists will guide you through this process. Even if you start to feel better, you should continue to follow your doctor’s instructions and take your prescribed medication on time.

If you are looking for a sculptured figure, do not hesitate to find out more about tummy tuck in Mexico since it is the perfect option to have a slim figure and a healthy body. Thanks to medical tourism in Mexico, you can find the best plastic surgeons, world-class facilities, and reduced costs.

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