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Tips for Maintaining your Ideal Weight After Bariatric Surgery

7 November, 2020

Extensive research and a significant number of success stories have proven that Bariatric Surgery is by far the best method to lose weight sustainably and experience extraordinary health benefits. Moreover, during the first year after a bariatric procedure such as gastric bypass in Mexico, the patient can lose between 60 to 80% of their extra body weight and, in most cases, continue to lose even more weight during the second year. However, bariatric surgery is not enough. The patient must commit to change their lifestyle, starting with diet and the regular practice of some sport or physical exercise.

It is necessary to have a balance between the calories ingested, consumed, and burned. The only way to achieve this is by maintaining a balanced diet and, at the same time, practicing some type of exercise during the week. Re-educating your eating habits and physical activity will be the only key to avoid regaining the pounds that you have lost with so much sacrifice.

One aspect to consider is that some patients register a slight weight recovery after weight loss surgery in Mexico. However, these setbacks are within the standard criteria once the weight loss plan is completed as part of the process of adapting to a new diet while remaining balanced and maintaining physical activity.

How should the diet be?

One of the most common mistakes patients make is to believe that following a strict diet will ensure a better result since they have been on many diets during their lifetime and continue with that mentality. Thus, avoiding at all costs consuming hypercaloric foods.

However, with gastric bypass in Mexico this is not necessary. Since the surgery itself already involves a significant caloric reduction. Instead of counting and worrying too much about calories, the right thing to do is to get used to a variety of foods and avoid overeating foods of low nutritional value, that is, processed foods.          

Compare yourself to other people

If you are in the process of undergoing gastric bypass in Mexico, you must be careful not to generate expectations by comparing yourself with other people. Remember that each case is unique. Granted, you have to consider different aspects, such as age, sex, physiognomy, and level of physical exercise. Keep in mind that improvements in your overall health and weight-loss will be at your own pace. Therefore, your path towards no excess weight and a healthy lifestyle is unique and incomparable.

Does eating less mean losing more weight?

Some patients with the desire to speed up their process begin to eat less food or eat fewer meals. However, these types of patients are the ones who lose weight more slowly. The reason has to do with the fact that If the body enters a state of scarcity, causing your metabolism to slow down. And it begins to store everything ingested and save fat as a reserve. In the end, the patient ends up frustrated by all his effort.

Eating fast and factors that caused obesity

Undergoing gastric bypass in Mexico is a long-term evolution with excellent results. The fact that there are no complications during the recovery period does not mean that they will not appear in the future. Therefore, one of the main recommendations when it comes to eating is to do it consciously and slowly. Believing that you no longer need to follow guidelines once you reach your weight goal is a serious mistake.

On the other hand, the patient must know the factors that led him to become obese and, therefore, prevent your quality of life from being affected again in the future. For example, it could be that you neglected your diet and physical activity due to excessive stress and responsibilities. Accepting this will help you make the appropriate changes.

Aspects to consider after surgery

After a few months and even years after the intervention, it is expected that you feel overwhelmed by following a more strict diet. However, beware of falling into the trap that some patients have fallen once they start slacking off, and they begin to gain weight due to the increase in their intake of foods rich in processed carbohydrates and hidden sugars. Besides, some go even further by adding drinks with high-calorie content. Ultimately, they begin to put aside the practice of some sport or physical activity.

In addition, it is increasingly normal for them to eat between meals and not maintain a meal schedule. Another aspect to take into account is that your stomach could increase in size due to the increase in the amount of food eaten. Logically, once your stomach size has increased, you will need to eat more to feel full.

Remember that you can include a variety of foods in your meals but in a balanced way. It is best to develop an eating plan. This plan must consider all the essential nutrients available such as vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids in each food. Once again, be conscious of the risk that some foods made of hypercaloric nutrients pose for you, considering that they are not so healthy and that they do not add anything valuable to your diet. For that reason, limit as much as possible those that include carbohydrates, refined sugars, cakes, bread, etc.

Some nutritionists recommend eating five meals a day, sticking to schedules as much as possible, implementing a meal schedule with these characteristics will help you stop eating between meals. Practice some physical activity daily such as going for evening walks if you have a full agenda. To achieve burning excess calories, though, more than walking is needed, perhaps practicing other exercises or sports like swimming or weightlifting.

Having the support of a great team to achieve your long-term weight-loss

Congratulations on your decision to start a new lifestyle. Be sure to follow the guidelines to ensure proper stomach healing and successful weight loss.

For lasting success, a dietary follow-up after gastric bypass in Mexico will facilitate food tolerance and help you continue with healthy eating habits that can be maintained in the long term. With all these dietary changes that are a primary part of the consultations, together with the emotional changes you will experience after the operation, your health and quality of life, will improve.

At Health Wellness Bazaar, our patients will find the best care in Mexico bariatric center. That is why we invite you to be part of a weight-loss family who has the best team behind them. With us, you will be able to carry out your weight-loss journey from beginning to end, always with a respectful, professional, and friendly treatment that all our patients deserve. Contact us today at (858) 779 2552.

Written by, Health & Wellness Experts

Written by, Health & Wellness Experts


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