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Tummy Tuck FAQs

19 February, 2019

Before undergoing any type of surgery it will always be a good idea to know every detail about it, find out if it is your best option, and if you can deal with possible side effects. Consider if your daily habits will allow you to submit to it or if they will allow you to have an adequate recovery. For these and more considerations, we present to you the most frequently asked questions about a tummy tuck ,known as abdominoplasty.

Am I a good candidate to get a Tummy Tuck in Mexico?

This is the first thing you got to ask yourself in any surgery, and it is as simple as looking yourself in the mirror. If you find any excess of adipose tissue that is being impossible to lose with any type of exercise. You got to be very honest with this one, because this is not a losing weight surgery. The second thing we are looking for is stretched and saggy skin around the stomach, this regularly happens after one or several pregnancies, which also can “open” the abdominal muscles, so we got to “close” them and get them in their original form. You are also a good candidate if you have a significant weight loss, in this case, you already did the hardest, so lets keep going!

So, the abdominal muscles intervene too?

Yes, during pregnancy the distension causes the white line between the abdominal muscles (also called Alba Line) to open. This is a small membrane that thins, which creates a separation between the abdominal muscles. During the surgery these come together again, by “closing “the white line, which shapes your waist and provides firmness and tension to the abdominal wall. Also  is common to perform a small liposuction on the sides to shape the waist even more.

What is the recovery time?

Although in a period of 15 to 20 days you can recover practically all your regular activities, it takes up to a year for full recovery, this is because the inflammation takes several months to disappear completely, but 365 days are enough to appreciate the result by full.

Is there a problem if I get pregnant after the intervention?

This surgical procedure does not interfere in any way with the healthy process of pregnancy; however, you can get to lose the effects obtained with surgery, so it is recommended to do it when you have had the number of desired children.

Can the fat removed from my abdomen be relocated to my buttocks?

No, the fat during a tummy tuck is removed in a bloc, so it is attached to the skin that is also removed. Only the fat obtained during liposuction can be reimplanted, after being treated. Also, the position that the patient must adapt during most of their recovery is a semi-sitting position, so if the fat were relocated in your buttocks, the treated area would suffer.

Will it completely eliminate my stretch marks?

Although an abdominoplasty can eliminate stretch marks, it only disappears those that are located in the portion of skin that is removed, but not those of other parts of the body. If there are stretch marks above the navel, these can be disguised enough when the skin is stretched, which undoubtedly provides a significant improvement.

Can I have a tummy tuck immediately after my delivery?

No, we know that the abdomen is regularly enlarged after delivery, and we would like to take advantage of the fact that we are already in the operating room, but after a birth, the abdomen is in these conditions due to hormonal factors, so that over the course of the months it should normalize, If this does not happen, it is advisable to wait 10 to 12 months to perform this intervention.

Is it true that they will make me a new navel?

No, your navel will remain the same. What happens is that when the skin has stretched the hole in the belly  button could be removed, so the skin is pierced at the level of your navel and sewn right there. That is your very own navel.

Can it leave a big scar?

Yes, the scar could be placed from one side of the hip to the other, but in the lower part of the abdomen, so it is completely hidden under the underwear, in this case, it is good to put on a scale, scar vs. better silhouette, but you should consider that as time passes, and with the appropriate treatment the injury will disappear and will be completely imperceptible.

Can I have surgery if I am a smoker?

You can do it, but it is not recommended. Without delving into very technical data, a smoker does not have good skin, which manifests itself in poor healing and a considerably slower recovery.

Can this cause me a keloid scar?

No, the keloid scar is determined by your genetic aspect, you can find out by checking your oldest injuries if before and regularly you have healed keloid it is likely that in this case, it is the same, but if it has never been like this, you are practically safe in that aspect.

Having solved all these FAQs, it only remains to emphasize that contrary to what many believe, this is not surgery for people who want to lose weight, instead for people who have already lost it and want to reshape their body, when there are sequelae that are not naturally reversible, which regularly is a huge source of insecurity. A tummy tuck in Mexico helps you achieve your goals in weight and aesthetic issues, contact us today for an assessment. Decide to improve your quality of life, you deserve it!


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