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Types of breast implants

24 April, 2019

One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures is breast implants, or breast augmentation, which breast implants Mexico are placed to increase breast shape and size. Breast implants are placed under the mammary tissue or pectoral muscle, whichever the case, and depending on the expected results, patients and surgeons preferences different types of breast implants available are available to choose from. So you may get to know more about the real opinions, we shall dedicate this Health & Wellness Bazaar publication to speak about this subject. For starters, it is important to mention that breast implants compose of a cover and filling.

The material used to make the cover is silicone; while the filler may be silicone gel or a saline solution. As a matter of fact, this type of filling which are in the implants is what distinguishes them amongst each other. Getting to know the different types of implants available is a necessary task in hopes to make the best decision for your breast augmentation surgery, since both implant features and surgical techniques used to place them significantly impacts over the final surgery results.

Silicone gel-filled implants are the most commonly used and the most recommended for plastic surgery in Mexico when undergoing breast implant surgery. Because these types of implants compose of with high cohesive silicone, the filler always remains inside the implant, so it is difficult for it to spill. So then, even when there is a rupture, no noticeable change in breast volume implants is noticeable. There are several advantages that silicone gel implants offer. They offer a more natural look to the breasts, which is observable at plain sight and touch. It is because of this that filler implants spills are often unremarkable,  it is recommended to get an MRI periodically after placing these types of implants, this to make sure they are in good state and to quickly detect any rupture that may arise.

On the other hand, saline solution breast implants are filled with a physiological serum made up of salt and water. These types of implants are used less and less due to the higher risk of rupture they pose. Despite the case, there are no proven dangers for the body in case of any breach, since the serum is readily absorbed in the body. Saline solution implants often lose their shape, losing volume over time, this may generate ripples and fold, and as mentioned before they are prone to rupture. Also, they offer a less natural breast aspect due to their rigid nature.

Another feature to differentiate amongst the types of breast implants Mexico used on a breast augmentation surgery is the casing texture. There are smooth and rugged surface implants. Rugged surface implants help reduce one of the most common breast implants placement risk, which is the encasement of the surrounding tissue which generates pain, hypersensibility, wrinkles, displacements, breast deformation and stiffening of the area. The covering texture eases the implant´s adherence to the surrounding tissue. It also reduces the probability of movement, therefore are highly recommended.

Meanwhile, smooth surface implants have other advantages, like a lower infection risk; since it completely lacks any folding, it is less prone to any roaming bacteria to nest on its surface cover. They also have a lower incidence of liquid fat in the area after surgery, which can lead to discomfort during the post-op process.

Besides distinguishing for their filling and texture, the breast implants identify themselves on their shape. There are round shape implants with almost no base, traditionally those are the most often used, and there are also the oval more anatomically correct which resemble a water drop or a tear, these are on the rise and patients are requested with more and more frequency due to the natural look they offer. This last type of implants is highly recommended, especially for women with a small chest and a slim body complexion.

Finally, another feature chosen by the plastic surgeon based on the patient´s wish is the implant´s silhouette. The silhouette this indicate the implant´s measure and a projection forward. It is the implant shape when looked at from the side. There are three types of outlines, the tall which is a round shape, medium which is orange-shaped, and low which is flattened and disc shape.

All implants must be replaced within ten and twelve years after the surgeon places them, and or according to any problems that may arise, like ruptures, hardening or encasement. As mentioned before it is easier to detect and fix problems on a saline solution breast implant. They often present deformation, volume loss, and ripples, however, in regards to silicone gel-filled implants, some periodic imaging studies are required to ensure they are in optimal conditions, and it is up to the surgeon to determine the frequency of said imaging studies.

Choosing breast implants depends on the patient´s anatomical features and his goals, as well as how they get introduced into the breast, and the anatomical shape in which the surgeon places the implants. Whether the specialist introduces the implant through the armpit, periareolar inframammary, or whether they are placed above or below the pectoral muscle. The best plastic surgeon in Mexico shall inform you of all the surgery details and provide you with instructions to follow on surgery day, as well as the post-op care plan which you must adhere to the dot during the recovery process, this to obtain the best results possible and to reduce any possible complications.

If you are interested in breast implants Mexico is best to resort to the services of highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeons, like the ones who work and make part of Health &Wellness Bazaar. For more detailed information about our plastic surgeries in Mexico at an excellent price we urge you to get in touch with us, we shall gladly provide you any information you´ll need.


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