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Benefits of Losing Weight During the Times of Covid-19

24 January, 2022

Did you know that one of the best methods to fight and reverse obesity is weight loss surgery in Mexico? That’s right. There are currently advanced surgical techniques that have helped numerous former obese patients lose their extra body weight and regain control of their health. Some widely performed procedures are gastric balloon, gastric sleeve Mexico, and gastric bypass surgery.

Losing weight helps you regain self-confidence, improves your appearance, and, best of all, makes you feel good about yourself. However, losing weight also helps combat modern health problems like the current pandemic. Do you know how?

Why Take Obesity Seriously in Times of the Pandemic

Due to the pandemic, people have undergone significant changes in their routine, the way they relate to each other has changed, and it has even led to increased anxiety and stress. In turn, that has led to large numbers of people gaining several extra pounds. However, this is a great cause of alarm for many specialists since a relationship between complications, obesity, and covid-19 has clearly been manifested.

Recent studies have shown that people with obesity are 113% more likely to be hospitalized, 74% more likely to be treated in intensive care, and almost 50% more likely to die. So, with every pound of excess body weight, the risk of a major complication increases. In contrast, losing weight could help considerably reduce this new disease’s risks.

How to lose weight safely, quickly, and effectively

It can be easy for those who are not overweight to think that obesity is an option. However, the reality is that this disease is the result of a set of factors that, in many cases, are difficult to control. In these instances, the search for the best methods to lose weight is constant since it is common for those who suffer from obesity to experience another factor: failed attempts at weight loss over a prolonged time.

Losing a few pounds is a real challenge for most, so conventional methods are not effective in many cases. That is why many choose to take alternative surgical methods that facilitate this fight, such as weight loss surgery in Mexico.

Thanks to these effective methods and with the help of the best bariatric surgeons in Tijuana, as well as the support of a team of professionals, patients are able to lose weight in just a few months, overcome obstacles in the process and, at the same time, enjoy incredible health benefits and increased quality of life. Have you ever thought about this alternative to lose weight? Learn the following fantastic benefits of losing weight.

5 Health Benefits That Come from Losing Weight

Time and time again, bariatric patients see impressive positive effects after their weight loss surgery in Mexico. And it’s not just about the aesthetic benefits. Losing weight opens the door to better health and fitness. Here are some of these improvements that can prevent complications from covid-19:

  1. Improved oxygen levels

It is common that when sleeping or even walking normally, those who suffer from obesity have a tough time to breath. Sometimes this is due to excess weight being placed on the chest, which creates pressure on the lungs and prevents the lungs from filling completely with air.

As a result, an obese person’s respiratory system can be a huge disadvantage against a COVID infection. However, in the process of losing weight, patients have the opportunity to improve their respiratory system and oxygen levels, not only by losing weight but by having a more physically active life.

  1. A healthy heart

A strong and healthy heart can also cope with severe diseases like covid-19. Patients who have undergone weight loss surgery in Mexico have experienced considerable control in their blood pressure, triglycerides, and increased good cholesterol levels. These changes help reduce the risk of having cardiovascular or cerebrovascular issues and reduce the impact after an infection.

  1. The immune system is strengthened

The accumulation of fat cells has been found to have a negative impact on the production of antibodies. Thus, the body’s defense system becomes more vulnerable. However, by losing weight thanks to bariatric surgery, you also acquire a much healthier and more balanced lifestyle and diet, which helps strengthen the immune system, so that the body is better prepared to fight bacteria or viruses such as covid-19.

  1. Improves chronic diseases

Recent statistics from patients who have been infected with COVID-19 indicate that those with chronic diseases tend to have greater complications, even in young patients. However, a surprising fact is that many bariatric patients who have managed to lose weight improve or even reverse chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes in an incredible way.

  1. Say goodbye to a sedentary lifestyle

Did you know that a sedentary lifestyle has adverse effects on your health? That’s right, in addition to promoting weight gain, leading a sedentary life can increase stress levels, lower your immune system, cause sleep disorders, and even worsen your emotional state. However, by going to a bariatric center in Mexico, patients acquire good exercise habits, which helps them be better prepared physically, emotionally, and mentally to face any illness.

When to start your journey of weight loss surgery in Mexico

A wise proverb says that the prudent person is the one who anticipates danger and takes precautions. Despite the extraordinary efforts of medicine, the end of the pandemic is uncertain even now. And the reality is that we are constantly exposed to these and other diseases that can put our health at risk at the least expected moment. So if you are obese, losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle is not a decision to put off.

Nowadays, whether we are young or old, prevention is the best way to protect ourselves from covid-19 or any other disease. Every day we have the opportunity to add or subtract from our health with each habit and with each decision we make. And what is better, we can also help those around us positively affect our lifestyle.

Weight loss surgery in Mexico opens the option for more and more people to overcome obesity, enjoy a better quality of life and at the same time prevent serious health problems. Do you want to know where to start? Email us today at or call (858) 779 2552, and one of our specialists will be happy to guide you through this incredible process.

Written by, Health & Wellness Experts

Written by, Health & Wellness Experts


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