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What are the most performed plastic surgeries in the world?

12 April, 2019

Before looking for the best plastic surgeon in México, it is on your best interest to get to know a little bit of information about the work medical professionals who specialize in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery provide, which have helped millions of people around the world to change a detail which they don’t like with their bodies. Among this information, we consider you should know what some of the most performed plastic surgeries around the world are. That being said, this will be today´s topic on our blog entry, we hope you enjoy it.

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According to the International Society of Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS), about 21 million plastic surgeries are performed worldwide each year. According to their records, out of all the countries the one where the most operations where performed at was the United States, with a total 4, 042,610 registered  surgical interventions (or 18.6% total plastic surgeries worldwide) second place in the ranking was Brazil with a total of 2,324,245 of all cosmetic surgeries, (or 10.7% total). Closely following these two vast countries, when it comes to population density, is South Korea, with a total of 1,156,234, then India with 935, 487, and in fifth place, you can find Mexico, with a total of 907,913 surgeries performed.

In 2015 Mexico held third place for most plastic surgeries performed, and despite descending 2 slots, it is still considered one of the most renowned destinations when it comes to high-quality plastic surgery. It is no surprise then that many foreigners travel to this country because there you find some of the most renowned surgeons, among which you may find some of them who form part of our network of medical specialist. All of them render high-quality services to American patients, who wish to see a top-notch medical specialist and receive excellent healthcare at a more competitive price than those find in the United States. Therefore, do not hesitate to visit Mexico if you´re in the lookout for high-quality medical services.

Now, let´s get straight to the points, next we will list which are the top five surgeries performed around the world; maybe you´ll find the one you´re looking for listed here.

Nose tuck: 730, 287 procedures

Rhinoplasty (most commonly known as a nose job) was performed a total of 730,287 times, which represents  7.6% of all procedures performed worldwide related to plastic surgery. Patients who wish to remove a lump or bulge from their nose, narrow their nostrils or give a more aesthetic shape to the nose. Although the procedure may be cosmetic, it may also improve your breathing and quality of life.

Tummy tuck: 758,590 procedures

With a total of 758,590 procedures performed, this represents 7.5% of all plastic surgeries performed around the world. This procedure removes excess fat and sagging skin in the region between the belly button and the groin, and it is recommended on patients who are struggling with these conditions and wish to remove them. A tummy tuck may correct sagging skin which may be present due to sudden weight loss or pregnancy. It may also work to remove scars from previous surgeries, which are often aesthetically unpleasing.

Blepharoplasty: 1,264,702 surgeries

Blepharoplasty (the technical name for eyelid surgery), landed in third place among the most performed surgeries in the world, it represents a total of 13.1% of all plastic surgeries performed worldwide, through our investigation process. There is a bit of a strange fact regarding this cosmetic procedure, if you only take into account male patients, the eyelid surgery would be the number one procedure among males. This procedure is sought out mostly by patients over 30, who show signs of aging in their eyes, swelling of the bags under their eyes and sagging. In case you wish to undergo this procedure, then we recommend you visit Dr. Daniel Camacho Melo, who specializes in this type of Tijuana Plastic Surgery.

Lipoaspiration: 1,394,588 performed

This procedure holds second place in the world ranking, it represents 14.5% of all surgical interventions. It is important to mention that contrary to popular belief, liposuction is not a recommended weight loss procedure, but for reshaping the body´s silhouette, that´s why patients need to be within or near their ideal weight before undergoing this operation. If you´re interested in this procedure, we recommend you check out our website, there you will find the best plastic surgeon in México.

Breast augmentation 1,488,992 procedures

Brest augmentation procedure is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world, it alone accounts for 15.4% total worldwide. The records include both cosmetic surgeries whose objective is to add more volume to the breast and reconstructive surgeries, for patients who went through mastectomies (partial or total breast removal). Even though silicone prosthesis is the most well-known ones, the total number includes the ones performed with saline solution (64,674) and fat transfer breast augmentation (113,189) either way, these number do not add up to the total silicone prosthesis, which was of 1,311,129. It is important to add, this plastic surgery in México is one of the most popular in the country due to the excellent quality offered.

Finally, another critical factor to point out is that the numbers released by ISAPS are about the patient’s gender: while men barely make up to 14.4% total surgeries (3 million), women represent around 85% (18 million).

We hope this blog entry has been both useful and enjoyable. In case you´re looking to get medical services done by the best plastic surgeon in México, we invite you get in touch with our professionals, among which you´ll find some renown doctors, like Dr. Daniel Camacho-Melo, Dr. Gianbattista Piletti, Dr. Franco Quintero, Dr. Marco Rodas, Dr. Ivan Aguilar, and Dr. Rafael Cambreros, all of who offer their excellent services at different locations within the country, thank you for reading.


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