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What Is a Mini Gastric Bypass Mexico?

30 May, 2022

If you are determined to lose weight, it will be highly beneficial to be well informed about all your options to do so safely and effectively. Fortunately, nowadays, medicine has come up with reliable methods to help you achieve your health goals and increase your quality of life. The most common and successful weight loss surgeries are gastric balloon, gastric sleeve, and gastric bypass Mexico.

But what about mini-gastric bypass? Next, we will tell you what this popular innovative surgical technique consists of, how it differs from traditional gastric bypass surgery, and its advantages.

What is a mini-gastric bypass, and who is eligible?

Mini-gastric bypass surgery is a variation of the traditional gastric bypass. Technically, it is a simpler process but with similar benefits and goals. This weight loss surgery in Mexico allows patients to achieve great results with a more simplified procedure than gastric bypass.

A restrictive technique is used as the stomach is reduced in size, and a bridge is created connecting the new stomach to a section of the small intestine. Thus, it also becomes a method of malabsorption. These modifications in the route of the digestive system allow the patient to modify their food portions more easily.

Among the requirements for a patient to be a suitable candidate for this type of weight loss surgery is that people have a BMI of about 34 or more. Those who suffer from metabolic diseases that make weight loss difficult, such as diabetes, hypertension, or dyslipidemia, can also choose this method. Similarly, it is an excellent alternative for those who have tried other conventional or gastric sleeve methods but have not failed or have not achieved the desired results.

It is important to remember that both mini bypass surgery and gastric bypass Mexico are irreversible surgeries. That is why patients must be willing to change their lifestyle permanently. The fact that it is “mini” does not mean that patients will have to put forth a minimal effort. Instead, a total commitment is expected to obtain optimal results.

Differences between bypass and mini-gastric bypass

One reality is that among the most recommended weight loss surgeries by bariatric experts for severe cases of obesity is gastric bypass Mexico. This surgery involves dividing the stomach into two parts and attaching the upper part directly to the small intestine. In this way, a shortcut to the natural digestive route is created, making food have a shorter route. For this reason, it is known as malabsorptive type surgery; that is, it reduces the capacity of the stomach to absorb sugars, fats, or nutrients from food, thus causing massive weight loss.

Indeed, both the bypass and the mini – gastric bypass Mexico are bariatric techniques through which the size and route of the stomach are modified. However, some variations are made in these techniques that differentiate them in aspects such as the following:

  • A union of intestine and intestine is made through the gastric bypass procedure, whereas in the mini bypass, the stomach is united with the small intestine.
  • In gastric bypass, there is less change in the size of the stomach and, therefore, the ability to eat food is less.
  • In mini-gastric bypass, digestive enzymes are not diverted from the stomach, thus reducing the chance of developing bile reflux.

5 significant advantages of having a mini – Gastric bypass Mexico

Naturally, each weight loss surgery in Mexico has fantastic benefits to offer you, as well as potential risks to be aware of. If you are wondering what the particular advantages of mini gastric bypass are, here are 5 of them:

  1. Less invasive. – Although the surgical technique applied in the mini gastric bypass is less invasive, the results that patients can obtain can be similar to those of traditional surgery.
  2. Less time in the operating room. – In general, the surgery time of a mini gastric bypass is shorter since the patient usually lasts around 1 hour in the operating room, while in the traditional gastric bypass, it can last 4 hours.
  3. It is laparoscopic surgery. – Through state-of-the-art technology, the mini gastric bypass is performed laparoscopically. That allows tiny incisions to be made, and therefore, the recovery time is less than that of open surgery.
  4. Food intake. – The stomach size left after a mini gastric bypass is larger than in a traditional bypass. That allows the amount of food that patients can eat is not so limited.
  5. Reduced risks. – Since it is a less complex surgery, the chances of having complications in the operating room are also reduced. In addition, at the top-rated Mexico Bariatric Center by HW Bazaar, patients can find excellent experienced surgeons who will provide them with remarkable results, reduced risks, and peace of mind.

Similarities in Bariatric Procedures

Regardless of the bariatric technique applied, these surgeries share a common goal: to improve patients’ quality of life through safe weight loss. Gastric bypass Mexico and other bariatric surgeries are excellent alternatives that help you lose pounds more quickly.

However, this does not mean that weight loss is automatic or miraculous. Rather, it should be supplemented by a comprehensive healthy living program, including a new eating plan and consistent exercise. Those patients who manage to integrate these habits into their lives achieve better results than expected and, better yet, achieve permanent weight loss.

Unfortunately, there are cases in which patients fail to lose the desired weight or gain weight over the years. Does this mean that the surgical technique failed? Not necessarily. In some cases, this situation generally occurs because patients have relapsed into unhealthy habits, while in others, it may require revision surgery. In any case, constant evaluation by a specialist can help determine the cause and offer practical solutions.

Which bariatric surgery is better?

In reality, most bariatric surgeries are remarkable options for weight loss, as years of experience and millions of success stories have been shown to be effective methods. These bariatric procedures are eligible for patients depending on the personal circumstances of each patient.

We invite you to request a free consultation at the Mexico Bariatric Center. A bariatric surgeon will be able to conduct and order the necessary tests and tell you which the best surgery is to lose weight in your case.

Choose a better life by losing weight effectively. If you want more information, you just have to contact us by email at [email protected] or call (858) 779 2552, and we will gladly answer your questions. Discover all the benefits of gastric bypass Mexico and other bariatric alternatives.


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