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What Is the Best Age for Bariatric Surgery?

24 September, 2021

Obesity clearly has no age limit. Fortunately, however, bariatric surgery is incredibly safe for various age groups. Yet, you may wonder, am I too old to undergo gastric bypass in Mexico? Or what is the recommended age to undergo a weight loss procedure? Although there are many doubts about the best time for surgery, reliable answers from our health & wellness experts will add to your peace of mind.

Unfortunately, the lack of information or myths about bariatric surgery can make us have concerns and be hesitant to make this crucial decision for our health. However, the medical and health fields have advanced so much that it can be said that bariatric surgeries are among the safest procedures. Many patients who have opted for weight loss surgery are now enjoying fantastic health benefits and a stunning figure.

If you’ve spent many years of your life struggling with health issues and trying to lose weight, don’t let your age hold you back. It is never too late to make a radical change in your lifestyle and reach your ideal weight. More than age and regardless of your gender and social status, the most important indicator to be eligible for bariatric surgery is Body Mass Index (BMI).

Next, we will see the difference between surgery in patients older than 60 and those younger than 18. Also, we will learn the age limits and differences to perform a gastric bypass in Mexico or gastric sleeve surgery and where is the best place to undergo such treatments.

Bariatric surgery after the age of 60

In recent years, more patients over 60 years of age are contemplating surgery in the best Bariatric Center Mexico to improve their health and quality of life. Many bariatric surgeons have concluded that the recommended age ranges to undergo these procedures are between 18 and 65. But, does age influence the success of a weight loss surgery?

It should be noted that studies show that what matters the most is the patient’s health before having surgery. Additionally, the mental and emotional state is essential since the patient must be aware of the advantages, disadvantages and having realistic expectations.

Although some specialists believe that surgery can be risky for a person in their 60s, there is actually no age limit for surgery. All those who decide to undergo this process must first undergo some tests to ensure that they are eligible and that the surgery will be optimal and safe according to their medical state and history. Some key factors to consider are the following.

  • Present or previous health problems. – If you have or recently had chronic conditions such as heart or lung complications, it can increase the risks.
  • Patient commitment. – Specialists hope that before and after surgery, you will voluntarily commit to the lifestyle changes required to ensure long-term success.
  • Previous attempts to lose weight. – Doctors will evaluate your history when trying to lose weight and not have been successful in doing so.
  • Psychological evaluation. – It is important to detect depression or other similar disorders that could compromise the results and successful recovery.

Therefore, elderly patients can be good candidates if they meet the criteria we have considered. However, before making a decision, you and your doctor will carefully consider your particular needs and circumstances.

Weight loss surgery in youths under 18 years of age

Generally, gastric bypass Mexico is not recommended in patients under 18 years of age, although exceptions can sometimes be made. Adolescents are generally finishing their physical and mental development period, so it is ideal to wait until that period is over.

On the other hand, some teenagers are interested in bariatric surgery and are committed to losing weight in a non-surgical way. For example, they may make lifestyle changes, and some turn to a weight loss support program before considering surgery. But, if they have tried these methods and haven’t reached successful results, bariatric surgery such as gastric sleeve might be ideal, even more so if they have conditions due to obesity like diabetes.

Before making a decision, youths and their parents or legal guardians must be aware of the risks. Although there are many successful cases of minors who have undergone bariatric surgery, it does not mean that it is ideal for all youths.

What age is recommended for a gastric bypass?

Again, to be eligible, especially for gastric bypass Mexico, BMI is more important than age. Therefore, if you are considering this procedure, you must be morbidly obese and have a BMI higher than 35. Also, if you have type II diabetes or a chronic condition that is putting your life at risk, you may qualify for this surgery.

On the other hand, regarding age requirements for a gastric bypass, bariatric surgeons recommend that the patient has finished puberty and has the necessary maturity to understand the procedure. In addition, the patient must be able to understand the preoperative and postoperative periods, as well as permanently take care of themselves in their fight against obesity.

It is noteworthy 65- or 70-year-old patients have undergone a gastric bypass Mexico successfully because they are in good health and do not have health problems out of control.

Clearly, success in bariatric surgery does not depend on the patient’s age since practically everyone struggling with overweight and obesity can benefit from these modern procedures.

Where can I go to see if I’m eligible for bariatric surgery?

Although there are many clinics and specialists in weight loss surgery in the US and Mexico, not all have the highest credentials and use the latest and safest techniques. Besides, not all can afford private care at the best clinics and hospitals in the US.

Thankfully, an increasing number of patients from the US and Canada choose Health & Wellness Bazaar as their reliable medical tourism agency with health experts who can guide you in your search for world-class bariatric or plastic surgeon in Tijuana.

At Health & Wellness Bazaar, we aim to provide you with the best care at affordable costs. We want to help you achieve your goal of losing weight, improving your health and physical appearance.

Therefore, if you are tired of dieting and exercising without results, consider bariatric surgery. Request a free virtual consultation to see if you are eligible and enjoy extraordinary health benefits.

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