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What is the right age for plastic surgery?

24 October, 2019

Plastic Surgery in Mexico

When it is thought of plastic surgery in Mexico patients in their 20s usually want different treatments to patients in their 30s, 40s or more. This time, we’re going to comment on the most popular procedures for all ages and what should be considered if you are in the age range.


Cosmetic surgery is rare in the adolescent population, this age group represents only four percent of all cosmetic surgical procedures performed each year; although in the last decade has been increasing. Many plastic surgery procedures are best performed once the body has reached its full adult size and usually are carried out for medical reasons or if there are emotional affectations.

The rhinoplasty in Mexico, also known as nose surgery, is a popular choice among older adolescent patients. Girls generally reach an adult size between 14 and 15 years, while men take about one or two years. In 2017, it is estimated that over 30,000 rhinoplasty procedures were performed in adolescents only in the United States; Approximately 50 percent of all cosmetic surgical procedures were performed for people in this age range. Breast reduction is another popular procedure for male adolescents.

The reason teenagers give for getting plastic surgery is that they see it as a way to adapt and be accepted for friends and colleagues. Adults, on the other hand, frequently see plastic surgery as a way to stand out from the crowd.

Some people draw on to plastic surgery to correct a physical defect or to alter a body part that makes them feel uncomfortable. For example, men with a condition called gynecomastia that does not disappear with time or weight loss may opt for reduction surgery. Other people decide they want a cosmetic change because they are unhappy with their appearance. Teens who undergo cosmetic procedures such as otoplasty or dermabrasion, sometimes feel more comfortable with their appearance after the procedure.

From 20 years

For people in their twenties, rhinoplasty continues as one of the most popular plastic surgeries. Per year is estimated to take place between 70,000 and 80,000 nose surgeries for patients between 20 to 29 years. However, the most popular procedure for this age group is breast augmentation in women, which also stands as one of the most performed procedures worldwide.

Saline implants are the only option for adolescent patients with late breast augmentation, but both saline and silicone can be used in patients older than 21 years with a minimum of restrictions and very attractive outcomes for patients.

From 30 years

The 30s are the decade of Botox and the age range where plastic surgery patients are mainly women. The number of treatments with Botox exceeds one million per year for this age group. As for surgical procedures, liposuction is a popular choice, and breast augmentation is the most popular option.

Women who have finished having children often opt for mommy makeover in Mexico, A customized set of procedures for restoring the body to its pre-pregnancy shape. Procedures like liposuction, tummy tuck and breast lift surgery often performed together to achieve a new look rejuvenated for Mom.

40 to 55 years

Signs of aging may begin to appear from age 35, but for people between 40 and 50 years, early aging progresses at full speed. Patients in this age group like procedures that help them retain their youthful appearance. Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, is the most popular procedure for this age and is a great way to rejuvenate yourself. Some may even opt for a facelift for 90 minutes without incision behind the ear. Preventive maintenance regarding plastic surgery refers during this age can help them avoid larger later surgeries.

55 years and over

If you thought that plastic surgery in Mexico was only for young people, you are wrong, because from this age can still look great if they wish. At this age, non-surgical procedures are the most common, most notably the facelift is the most popular procedure for patients over 55 years. Botox and dermal fillers are the most popular as well with more than 1.4 million treatments per year and more than 800,000 treatments with dermal fillers.

If you have thought about plastic surgery, it is now becoming easier to save on costs to improve your appearance and physical beauty without sacrificing the quality of service and results. During medical tourism, you may travel to a reliable, high quality and affordable plastic surgery center, so they can accomplish with confidence and without fear the transformation you have dreamed for many years.

People living in the US that prefer to pay less for surgery will travel to Mexico where they will provide a safe, reliable and affordable procedure. Plastic surgery in Mexico with Health & Wellness Bazaar is performed by the best plastic surgeons who are fully accredited with the best training and knowledge.

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