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What to consider before having Tijuana plastic surgery?

29 March, 2019

If you´ve ever thought about traveling abroad and have a Tijuana plastic surgery, you must analyze every possible existing option. Medical tourism is a sector on the rise; there are thousands of people who travel to Mexico and other countries for specialized surgery, thanks to the multiple advantages it offers.

In comparison to the US, the cosmetic procedures abroad may save patients thousands of dollars, even if you add up air fees and accommodations to the main cities where these high-quality services are rendered; even though you´ll save a lot of money, not all of these medical tourism agencies are the same. Before choosing one, you must take into account three crucial questions.

Hire a renowned agency for Tijuana Plastic Surgery

It is important to mention that medical attention in Mexico is structured differently than the United States. Some doctors merely rent hospital spaces, who not always subject them to a standard set of practices; while others have entirely equipped clinics to provide the highest possible quality services possible. Two doctors who perform the same procedure, may, as a matter of fact, follow very different guidelines and practices; use various tools and techniques, which may vary in quality significantly.

It is vital, therefore, that you do a thorough investigation of the whole procedure. Analyze the relationship between the medical tourism agency and their medical personnel, if the companies you hire are only the middle man arraigning or guaranteeing that all of their doctors follow the highest standards of practice and appropriate guidelines, like the ones at Health & Wellness Bazaar.

What happens if something goes wrong after returning to the United States?

If you go to a clinic that performs plastic surgery in Mexico, which provides the highest quality services, you have a high probability of recovery without any significant problems with your procedure; if any complications arise you may have issues since not all clinics in Mexico have malpractice insurance.

However, the best medical tourism agencies work along sides and are committed to your wellbeing even after you return home. They assume all the legal responsibility and contractual agreements for your healthy recovery; furthermore, they handle any follow-up treatment or checkup needed at no cost to you. This piece of mind is absolutely priceless.

Is it better to hire a company which covers all expenses: post operatory test, travel, accommodations, follow-ups among others? When you go to a medical specialized tourism agency is similar to going to any traditional travel agency. Their number one priority is obtaining high-quality medical attention to improve your state of health so you may feel good inside and outside. When it comes to plastic surgery, a whole different and complex procedure may be needed, according to the type of medical procedure required.

It is possible you may require a pre-op test. It´s also necessary for you to reserve accommodations far in advance you’re your entire stay abroad, your flight, especially for your return flight; when you might still be feeling the effects of the recently performed procedure, like anxiety, and pain, among others.

Some of the best medical tourism agencies make the process look seamless and effortless, they assign you personnel to walk you through the whole process and appointments, a friendly face who is there to help you answer every question and to help you whenever you need it. Most medical tourism advisors from authorized specialized clinics speak both English and Spanish, are intimately related to region and are well connected in the local scene.

The main benefits of getting Tijuana plastic surgery

There are many reasons why patients choose to travel for cosmetic surgery. At first, glance traveling abroad to get a Tijuana plastic surgery sounds risky, expensive and unnecessary. Every one of these points is valid to reflect upon, but if there were no benefits for plastic surgery abroad, there weren´t be thousands of Americans who travel to Mexico to get them done. This is because there are several benefits to plastic surgery, among them are:

  • Privacy. People who are looking for a complete physical transformation tend to get away from familiar faces and indiscrete glances.
  • You may turn it into vacations. The combination of plastic surgery and vacations is an experience for people with a limited amount of time due to work.
  • Exclusive packages. Some clinics who offer medical tourism for plastic surgeries offer select trips at the most competitive prices.
  • It provides the opportunity for some patients in rural areas receive state of the art cosmetic medical procedures and to receive treatment by some of the best plastic surgeons, which would be impossible for them to undergo within the US.
  • Low prices. Prices for a Tijuana plastic surgery are low, that is one of the main benefits patients are seeking, since they may be from 20 to 50 percent less expensive than in the United States at the same quality.

Cosmetic surgery travel is far more convenient and more comfortable to organize these days. Besides, many plastic surgeons have simplified a system to help their patients abroad complete the surgery process seamlessly and without any inconveniences.

On the other hand, most of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico clinics arrange convenient transport from the airport to the clinic or surgical center to the patient´s accommodations after surgery. Also offer discount tariffs, discount prices, reduced accommodation prices and additional perks like a spa treatment and retail discount.

Plastic surgery packages aren´t the same at every clinic. Therefore it´s advisable comparing these options and prices to find the cosmetic surgery vacation which best suits you. One of the best choices to get one is Tijuana plastic surgery at Health & Wellness Bazaar. We are a network of medical tourism which offers a comprehensive service; we work with the best doctors abroad. You may contact us through the phone or through our online chat.



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