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What waits after a knee replacement?

28 October, 2019

Recovery and full and partial rehabilitation knee replacement in Mexico is as important as the surgery itself. If you do not follow the protocols recovery may compromise the outcome of the surgery. Therefore, this time we’ll talk about what they should not do and yes after surgery.

24 hours after surgery

Usually, the day of surgery, a physical therapist will ask you to get up and take a few steps with a cane or walker. If you walk or stand on his new knee quickly after surgery, it is more likely to recover faster and have fewer complications compared to patients who do not stand up immediately.

Most patients can get up and take a few ducks four hours after surgery Surgical approaches saving muscle injections periarticular analgesics, advanced anesthetic techniques and short operating times of about 40 minutes, allow patients may have mobility quickly.

Your pain will continuously monitor various methods of pain relief to make you feel comfortable during their stay in the hospital. Most patients will be discharged when they have their pain under control and can get in and out of bed and walk short distances.

Returning home

Most patients with partial and total knee replacement can go straight home within one or two days after surgery. Some patients may be discharged to a rehabilitation center if they can not return home safely. In such cases, physical and occupational therapists help medical and surgical equipment to make such a decision.

Most patients are sure to go home the day after surgery but should be patient, since the first two weeks after the procedure are very difficult and then life starts to improve. Many people return to do what they want after six weeks and his knees continuously improved for six to twelve months as they continue with their exercise program at home.

Most patients resume activities six weeks after surgery. If you both knees replaced at the same time his hospital stay, recovery may take longer.

During his period of total or partial knee replacement recovery at home, they will continue the range of motion of the knee strengthening exercises and control your pain.

Some patients will need to take painkillers four times a day, especially before physiotherapy. Each patient’s needs are different, but most patients require a good amount of pain killers during the first month after surgery to have a good range of motion required to have good results.

Eventually, they stop taking your medicine for pain and return to his normal lifestyle. It is important to always follow the instructions of doctors since excessive use of analgesics can be harmful to health and cause addiction.

You can lead after knee replacement in Mexico?

If you operate the leg that does not handle, you can expect to resume driving when you have no pain medication and can enter and exit the car without help. If you operate the leg to drive, you can drive again as soon as you feel safe, which is usually three weeks after surgery. Besides, you should no longer take pain medication and has regained strength in the leg leading.

If you need to travel by car during periods of recovery, they must have support from a family member or friend. It is not recommended to travel by public transport for some time, since it is not usually comfortable and are at risk of some kind of blow that produces more pain.

Returning to work

If you have a sedentary job, you may be able to return to work after four to six weeks. If your job requires frequent lifting, standing or squatting, you can return to work after six to eight weeks. In case you have more labor-intensive labor, your specialist will work with you on a personalized estimate of when they might return. In some cases, the deadline may be up to three months.

The same happens with an active lifestyle. Sometimes patients are more active after a knee replacement because they can finally move without pain. It is safe for activities such as swimming, cycling, slow tennis, hiking and golf, and greatly encouraged once your physiotherapy is completed.

No activities like basketball, football, and other high impact RECOMMEND since lobbying their new knees. Talk to your specialist in joints about their athletic goals before surgery and plan when they will return after the procedure.

Knee replacement in Mexico for a better quality of life

Full and partial knee replacement recovery can be painful at first, but after returning home and complete physical therapy will be adapting to his new knee and may enjoy a more mobile lifestyle. Most patients are very happy after surgery, either a partial or total replacement because they can resume important to them that they could not do before activities.

It is a team approach because the patient has to do exercises to get a functional range of motion and strength to carry out those activities that are important to them.

Because of the high costs of this procedure in the United States, many people who have knee problems do not undergo the procedure. But today it has a solution: medical tourism, which allows people to undergo various procedures, such as knee replacement, plastic surgery, bariatric procedures, to IVF in Mexico.

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