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When Can I Start Exercising After Plastic Surgery??

27 June, 2021

Exercise and physical activity after plastic surgery in Tijuana are essential to maintain good overall health. Although exercise is vital and part of the surgical recovery process, it is still important to respect the resting period indicated by your surgeon. In addition, continuing with the postoperative care as provided by the specialist will allow you to have a speedy recovery.

However, one of the most common questions after undergoing plastic surgery in Tijuana is when is the right time to resume playing sports or doing physical activity. Of course, it will depend on the type of procedure and each patient’s body needs. Those factors will determine when, how often, and with what intensity physical activity can be restarted. Thus, little by little, the patient will be able to resume his usual routine or start a new one at the scheduled time.

Therefore, continue reading to discover general guidelines to return to playing sports with caution after plastic surgery. In addition, you will learn some recommendations, exercises, and the importance of discussing them with your doctor before doing them.

What general precautions should you consider for exercising?

Many people find it challenging to stop exercising after plastic surgery in Tijuana since they are used to leading an active and healthy life. However, for the surgery to complete its entire process and enjoy optimal results, it is essential to take all possible precautions in exercise not to affect your well-being.

On the other hand, it is not recommended that you engage in vigorous sports activity during the recovery period if you are not physically active even before the cosmetic procedure. Doing so without the appropriate previous physical condition can be harmful. Besides the risk of an injury, you can extend the recovery period.

Hence, immediate strenuous or vigorous physical activity can prevent proper healing. In fact, keep in mind that the wounds will be in the healing process in the weeks after the intervention, so you must be very careful not to make any excessive effort without your doctor’s consent and follow his advice on how to care for the surgery wound.

Therefore, depending on the type of surgery you have, specialists recommend starting with moderate exercises, such as stretching and walking. Consequently, it is convenient to reduce high-impact activities at the beginning and then move on to other more vigorous activities progressively.

Furthermore, it is essential to attend the appointments with your specialist, whether virtually or on-site, to assess your physical condition. In this way, you will know the next stage of your recovery and the best time to start practicing sports or exercise safely.

When can I go to the gym after plastic surgery?

Since there are numerous aesthetic procedures, we will discuss one of the most commonly performed surgeries, namely, rhinoplasty in Mexico. Whether you are undergoing this procedure for aesthetics or fixing the nose’s septum, rest will be necessary. Thus, returning to the gym or other sporting activities should wait from 2 weeks to a month.

After plastic surgery, such as a nose procedure, the bones are fragile and take about six months to recover and heal completely. Therefore, before deciding to perform any physical activity, consult with your doctor to find out which exercises are appropriate and which are not indicated depending on your surgery.

Any exercising routine must be resumed progressively so that the recently operated is not affected. In the meantime, do not lift weights or do very intense or frequent activities. However, some gyms offer some types of exercising routines to stay in shape but without putting too much pressure on your bones and muscles. These exercises can begin about three weeks after the surgery.

Routine to get back in shape

Some forms of plastic surgery require physical activity and workout routines to maximize results. For example, in plastic surgery after weight loss, it is recommended to exercise little by little to keep the skin and muscles toned. Such habits will help you complete the surgical process and achieve your healthy weight loss goals.

Even though patients will not be able to return to normal within a few weeks, they can still do a general exercise program, as it will contribute to their overall health. Additionally, this will stimulate circulation, prevent blood clots from forming, as well as reduce the swelling.

Therefore, generally, you can start exercising gradually from the second to fourth week, taking into account the indications prescribed by your plastic surgeon. Some general recommendations are:

  • Start slowly. – Remember that there is no reason to rush. You can start slow and avoid high-impact exercises. Some find it helpful to make an effort to move from a lying position to a sitting position and then to a standing position several times a day.
  • Short walks. – Taking short walks every day can be a great start, as walking is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to stay in shape. Therefore, the distance is not so important because you can walk around your house at the beginning. As you regain your strength, you will be able to take longer walks.
  • – During the first three or four weeks, rest should be paramount. However, after four weeks, the body should be able to maintain light cardiovascular training, such as speeding up the pace of walks, cycling, and low-impact exercises to help you recover.
  • Strengthen your muscles. – After four to six weeks, you can do workout routines to strengthen your arms, legs, and abdomen. Yet, you must avoid excessive activity to avoid the healing process of the surgery wound.

Usually, it takes months of training to get back into your routine safely. Also, consider that you can do sessions of about 30 minutes a day in the first six months for at least three days a week. That can be enough to keep you fit and active.

However, after a year of surgery and as a long-term habit, it will be necessary to perform more intense exercise routines and various forms of exercise. For example, biking, jogging, lifting light weights, and cardiovascular exercises can be amazingly effective in achieving your goals. Above all, it will help you stay slim and healthy.

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