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Why an arm lift performed?

6 November, 2019

The arm lift is a procedure that our specialist plastic surgery in Mexico They offer to help people from the United States to end the sagging arms. Also known as Brachioplasty, this procedure helps reduce the amount of fat in the upper extremities, by resecting the excess amount of fatty tissue of the inside of the arms.

Over time, the skin of the upper and lower extremities, ie, arms and thighs are exposed to gravity and can sometimes lose their natural elasticity. This is very unsightly, the reason why many people are seeking the support of expertsTijuana plastic surgery to treat this unpleasant condition.

Now Brachioplasty or arm lift is an intervention of plastic medicine that helps improve the contour and smoothness of the upper limbs and raising the flabby tissue in the arms primarily, but can also be applied on the thighs. This is because the elastic collagen fibers lose their tension and the skin tends to hang muscles. With this plastic surgery sagging skin and excess fat tissue to eliminate sagging skin and tissue hanging corrected, helping to achieve shapely arms and stylized harmonically.

The arm lift has become more popular over the years thanks to the popularity of weight loss surgery in Mexico; This is because following an operation to lose weight may have residual or excess skin and/or fat under the triceps, which is the muscle on the back of the arm, which can be removed by this operation.

Should consider a facelift done when you want to surgically reduce excess skin and fat from this region to achieve a perfect look arm. However this operation is not exclusive of patients who have undergone surgery for weight reduction, indeed a good candidate for Brachioplasty is a person who has sagging skin of the arms and has managed to maintain a constant weight without overweight or obese and have good health.

The lift also helps to eliminate the rash resulting from excess skin after size reduction operation, with this you can wear tighter clothes or summer body dream to outline the arms and give a more positive image. The result is an improvement in the self-esteem of the patient achieved a significant improvement in self-image.

The operation is quite simple, only lasts one to two hours, is performed under local anesthesia. It consists solely of an incision in the upper inner arm, the size of which varies according to the amount of tissue to be extracted. The longer the incision, the best results will be obtained, as it will be a scar that will fade over time and a professional surgeon will know to do as little visible as possible.

After surgery elastic bandages are placed in the arms and analgesics and antibiotics are provided to reduce the risk of infection and alleviating pain, which can vary in intensity depending on how invasive procedure has been. However, this should not be a reason to discourage the patient because it is a pain that goes quick.

After surgery, the most common symptoms in the area are swelling, irritation and some degree of inflammation, which decreases considerably after a few days and begin to notice improvement within the first week. Just after the first week, the patient can return to their daily lives almost naturally with some care to make great efforts with arms. A few days later, the patient can reinstate a normal working life.

After the first week after surgery, it reduces inflammation and may start to see results. Besides, over the days and weeks, you will begin to notice how slowly you can again perform daily tasks without major complications. To help with this process, it is common that the doctor may recommend rehabilitation therapy with simple exercises to strengthen the triceps again.

Compared to a week of discomfort and exercises, an arm lift is an ideal solution to wear short-sleeved shirts and tight clothing because it helps to improve the aesthetic contour of the upper extremities and may be accompanied by liposculpture for mold arm shape to suit the patient. Also, as mentioned, the lift that encounters specialist plastic surgery in Mexico  Health & Wellness Bazaar helps eliminate rash and the occurrence of moisture and odor by excess skin; In this same way the grooves of the arms, something many women know estimate are eliminated.

To complement this decision to improve his image, the patient should maintain a healthy diet and exercise, which helps tone the area and keep a healthy lifestyle. Brachioplasty results are durable and even if the patient gains weight again, arms no longer accumulate fat because fat tissues of the intervention area are removed. Cosmetic surgeries aim to help with the self-image and self-esteem of the patient, so they should not feel ashamed or afraid to have any of them.

If you live in America and want this operation performed with a specialist Mexico plastic surgery, We recommend you contact the Health & Wellness Network Bazaar, where you will find lower rates compared to the US clinics, but with the same quality services. Thanks for your visit!



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