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Dr. Andres Moreno

Dr. Moreno is a graduate of the School of Medicine of the Xochicalco University Studies Center. He did his general surgery training at General Hospital Tijuana, an institution recognized for its high quality training, where he obtained his knowledge and surgical skills in Gastrointestinal surgery, Trauma surgery and Laparoscopy.

He continued his education with multiple trainings in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, Pre-operative Nutritional Support and Bariatric Surgery.

He is an active member in the Mexican Council of General Surgery.

Medical Education

  • School of Medicine - Universidad Xochicalco, 2004 -2008
  • Undergraduate Internship - General Hospital of Tijuana of the Ministry of Health, 2008 - 2009
  • Chief of Internal Doctors - General Hospital of Tijuana of the Ministry of Health, 2008 - 2009
  • Operational Program of Social Service - Tijuana Health Center, 2009 - 2010

Medical Association memberships

  • Mexican Council of General Surgery
  • Mexican Association of General Surgery
  • Basic and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery (UNEME)
  • Advanced Trauma Life Support, American College Surgeons
  • Preopeperative Nutritional Support, The European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN)
  • Clinical Immersion of hernia laparoscopica, Hospital Angeles Tijuana, Medtronic
  • Program safe colecistectomy, Asociación mexicana de Cirugía (AMCG)
  • Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopsic Surgeons (SAGES)

Awards & Achievements


LIMARP®️, an internationally renowned Bariatric Center of Excellence

Location : Tijuana, Mexico
Years of Experience : 10 years
Languages : English, Spanish

Specialized Treatments

Gastric Balloon in Mexico

Gastric Balloon in Mexico Having trouble losing 30-50 pounds with diets and exercise?

Obesity rates continue to rise among adults and children in North America causing physical, metabolic and psychological health problems. Gastric Balloon in Mexico is an ideal weight-loss option for patients with overweight who need help losing some extra pounds and are looking for a minimally invasive...

Price: $2790 USD

Gastric Sleeve in Mexico

Gastric Sleeve in Mexico Does losing weight seem like an impossible battle?

A gastric sleeve in Mexico or gastrectomy is a procedure that aims to help overweight patients lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time by restricting their daily food intake. It consists of removing about 85 percent of the stomach, transforming it into a new tube shape resembling a sleeve or a banana....

Price: $4790 USD

Gastric Bypass in Mexico

Gastric Bypass in Mexico In the extra weight affecting your overall health?

For those who had believed that achieving a slim and healthy appearance, with a body mass index adjusted to their size, was a titanic task, impossible to achieve, even after having tried most of all types of rigorous diets and exercises, the bypass gastric is the fastest, safest and most effective...

Price: $5790 USD

Gallbladder Removal in Mexico

Gallbladder Removal

Our gallbladder is a small, tear-drop shaped organ located under your liver (see Figure 1). Its main function is to store bile. Bile is a substance that is made in the liver and helps your body digest fats. Your gallbladder releases bile when food, especially fatty food, enters the digestive tract. A cholecystectomy (removal of the gallbladder) is done when the gallbladder becomes...

Price: $3490 USD

Inguinal Hernia Repair in Mexico

Inguinal Hernia Repair

In an inguinal hernia, abdominal fat or a loop of small intestine enters the inguinal canal, a tubular passage through the lower layers of the abdominal wall. A hernia occurs when part of an internal organ (usually the small intestine) protrudes through a weak point or tear in the peritoneum, the thin muscular wall holding the abdominal organs in place resulting in a bulge....

Price: $3990 USD

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