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Sobriety Ranch

Sobriety Ranch was born as the crystallization of an addict’s dream of sharing the joy and responsibility of recovery. We are a treatment and rehabilitation center for people who in their lives suffer from the consumption of alcohol or other drugs and who, when arriving at a place like this, are faced with the valuable opportunity to start learning towards a new way of living. without consuming.

In our 61 room establishment you will find the ideal rustic country setting recommended in every therapeutic community, so that it can provide the tranquility and calm that the mind needs, to be able to make a restructuring change and correctly assimilate the anti-addictive treatment to any substance.

Noise pollution is an important aspect to avoid when implementing a recovery treatment, contact with nature is a precursor to having a more understandable reception of the treatment and to the sense of life, as well as a rustic country setting It is the ideal facilitator so that an adequate environment is provided in which every drug user will be able to concentrate on the teachings that they will find with us on a daily basis, as well as they will be able to self-analyze and introject themselves in a more honest and sincere way with it. In order to get to know each other better and thus, together with the group of staff, resolve their internal conflict. All this is present in its best form in “Sobriety Ranch”

A balanced lifestyle in recovery is our main objective, that is why we not only offer first class therapies, but we also offer extra activities, as well as areas where we can relax and help in the recovery of body and mind. All amenities include:

- Restaurant
- Access to Pool
- Hiking Activities
- Equine Therapy
- Tennis Courts
- Temazcal
- Sports Activities
- Spa

Key Performance Indicators

  • Organization of American States (OAS)

Accreditations & Certifications

  • National Commission Against Addictions (CONADIC)
  • National Center for the Control and Prevention of Addictions (CENADIC)
  • System of Epidemiological Surveillance of Addictions (SISVEA)

Success Rates

  • 8 out of 10 users who intern with Sobriety Ranch, recover favorably
Location : Tecate, Mexico
Year Built : years
Languages : English, Spanish


Specialized Treatments

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Residential Treatment

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