High-quality medical care and the opportunity to receive treatment from the best doctors, surgeons, and specialists are luxuries in many countries. Nonetheless, thanks to Medical Tourism Tijuana, numerous patients from the United States and all over the world come to this thriving city to receive such care at affordable costs and with many financing options. As a result, they can significantly improve their health and appearance. Moreover, thanks to those outstanding benefits, patients from all parts of the world have enjoyed an increased quality of life reflected in their personal, social, and professional lives.


Undergoing a simple treatment such as a dental cleaning to a complex procedure such as bariatric surgery is not only safe but easy and affordable when choosing Medical Tourism Tijuana. Consider the following fantastic benefits of doing so through Health & Wellness Bazaar.


Medical or dental treatment costs through Medical Tourism allow patients to save incredible amounts of money for similar procedures in their home countries. It has been demonstrated time and again that it can result in savings of up to 80% depending on the specific treatment or procedure.

Additionally, numerous patients choose Medical Tourism Tijuana because their insurance companies refused to cover for a procedure, even if doing so will allow them to reduce health risks and mortality. In some cases, they might cover such treatments, but the deductibles are insurmountable, or the paperwork can take years to finish.


Undoubtedly, a patient who has struggled with various illnesses or chronic diseases over some time has spent incredible amounts paying for medications and treatments. Consequently, although a medical treatment in Tijuana is significantly cheaper, they may have spent much of their savings or resources while dealing with such issues. In other instances, patients have little means or many expenses but still desperately need medical treatment or desire to improve their appearance, increasing their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Thankfully, Health & Wellness Bazaar has helped numerous patients find financing solutions that are perfect for their needs and circumstances. For example, Citerra Finance is an outstanding institution we work with very closely to provide our patients with the best medical financing options. They offer low-interest credits so patients can have the peace of mind that their expenses and future are covered. In fact, Citerra can finance the medical procedure and other costs, such as their flight and accommodations included in our all-inclusive medical packages.


For sure, one of the primary reasons why numerous patients come to Tijuana for medical care is the extraordinary care they receive from the best doctors, surgeons, dentists, and medical experts that can be found only at the best hospitals in the world. Health & Wellness Bazaar is proud to have in its network only certified and medical experts with the highest credentials that are endorsed by the most prestigious institutions and medical organizations.

Furthermore, we know one of the best backings and endorsements any professional in the medical field can receive is from his patients. Therefore, the professionals you choose through Health & Wellness Bazaar are highly awarded and have received fantastic reviews thanks to their extraordinary attentiveness to each patient and remarkable results that surpass their expectations.


It would be logical to conclude that in order to receive affordable or low-cost treatments, these must be offered at low-quality medical facilities or third-world clinics. However, nothing can be further from the truth regarding Medical Tourism Tijuana . All facilities where our patients receive treatments that receive world-class awards thanks to their safety, elevated standards, and practices. Besides, patients can enjoy the latest medical methods and procedures with state-of-the-art technology.

Why can we offer such extraordinary facilities and medical procedures at low-costs? Simply because medical centers in Tijuana can save in numerous aspects that are very costly in other countries due to the way government and insurance companies work. Some of the things or aspects we can save considerable amounts while giving the same high-quality medical treatments as in first-world countries are the cost of labor and medical fees, medication, overheard costs, real estate values, paperwork, much fewer malpractice lawsuits, and many other factors.


There are numerous opportunities to improve or reverse issues, diseases, and conditions in Tijuana, Mexico. Plus, many patients come just to do regular check-ups or preventive treatments that will result in wonderful health benefits later on. The following are the most requested treatments in Medical Tourism Tijuana:

  • Bariatric Surgery. – For years, health experts have been alerting about the fact that obesity has reached epidemic proportions. Moreover, the adverse effects of obesity, such as diabetes and hypertension, have significantly reduced the quality of life and increased mortality of millions of people globally. However, bariatric procedures such as gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery have allowed numerous patients that come to Tijuana each year to lose weight dramatically and reverse the effects of obesity.
  • Plastic Surgery. – Thanks to the best plastic surgeons found in Health & Wellness Bazaar’s network, thousands of patients are now enjoying fabulous improvements in their beauty and appearance. The reasons why they undergo a procedure go from reversing the effects of age to recovering from an accident, disease, or genetic factors. Some of the plastic or cosmetic procedures available in Tijuana are Tummy Tuck, Mummy Makeover, Rhinoplasty, Breast augmentation or reduction, Liposuction, Facelift, and many more.
  • Dental and Oral Treatments. – This is another broad area where numerous people from the US come to Tijuana for high-quality and more affordable solutions. Some of the treatments can simple, such as dental cleaning, dental crowns, teeth whitening, etc. Other procedures could be more complex, including dental implants, dentures, bridges, resin adjustments, mouth restoration, etc.
  • Fertility. – Thanks to modern treatments such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), many couples have been able to enjoy parenthood that previously was very difficult or practically impossible.
  • Stem Cell Therapy. – A groundbreaking treatment that uses the latest medical treatments to reverse or even stop degenerative and autoimmune diseases.
  • Orthopedic Treatments. – These treatments performed by specialists focus on improving the patient’s mobility in bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves.
  • General Surgery. – Many other procedures might not be included in this list, but Health & Wellness Bazaar can help patients find the right solution for any issues or conditions. For example, patients have come to Tijuana for surgeries such as gallbladder removal, hernia repair, penis enlargement, among others.

Would you like to know more about these and other treatments that can improve your health and give you the thrill to enjoy life to the full? Call us today at (858) 779 – 2552 or request more information by clicking here.

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