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Dr. Eliseo Mora
English Spanish
Tijuana, Mexico
Years of Experience: 33
Procedures Done : 250
Availability: 2 Weeks
Dr. Eliseo Mora is one of the best all-around orthopedic surgeons in the field. Having attended one of the most prestigious medical schools in Latin America, Dr. Mora learned and continuous to practice general...

USD $7,500

Avg. US Cost: $25,000

78% Savings

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Dr. Armando Mantecon
English Spanish
Cancun, Mexico
Years of Experience: 10
Procedures Done : 0
Dr. Armando Mantecón is one of the most passionate surgeons in our network and his love for orthopedic and spinal surgery is reflected in his successful track record. Since he was a child, Dr. Mantecón has be...

USD $6,700

Avg. US Cost: $0

0% Savings

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