Dental Tourism Mexico

Every year is estimated that more than 6 million travelers go to various destinations around the world to receive high-quality yet affordable dental care. From those patients, about 1 million are Americans and Canadians - 1 in every 6 patients- choose dental tourism Mexico. They do so by just driving across the border like they would do it to any city in the US or flying to the most popular and thriving destinations in Mexico while enjoying vacations or a getaway.

Why Choose Dental Tourism Services

The reason why an increasing number of people choose medical and dental tourism in Mexico is simple, they get the best possible care at a fraction of what they would pay in their home countries. Specifically, dental patients save from 50 to 80% of the standard fairs of simple services such as dental cleanings to complex procedures such as implanting prostheses for natural and permanent solutions.





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Dental cleaning

Full oral restoration (teeth and gums)

Dental implants


Teeth bridges

Dental crowns

Rod canals

Resin or porcelain adjustments

Bone graft

Teeth whitening

Sinus treatments

Pediatric dental care

Besides the incredible cost savings, patients that come to Mexico for dental tourism save time and energy thanks to the fantastic speedy appointment scheduling and other paperwork. Usually, patients in the US must undergo an extensive screening and/or process with their health insurance to get a dental treatment or procedure approved. Whether it is a simple procedure such as cleaning or requiring mild surgery, patients must wait too long and go through several visits to a dentist.

In contrast, patients who choose dental tourism Mexico can schedule an appointment at their earliest convenience. Of course, if the patient has undergone complex dental procedures in the past, he simply can provide the dental specialists in Mexico with his dental or medical history (when required), and they can make a tailored made dental plan that takes all those aspects into consideration and, thus they deliver outstanding results.


First, dental tourism Mexico can ensure the highest quality as in the world's best dental centers thanks to its top of the world dentists, surgeons, and all dental specialists. Why can any dental specialist be equal or better than any licensed dentist in the US? Simply because being licensed is not equal to premium quality and patient care. The dental specialists that you can find through Health & Wellness Bazaar are not only certified but have achieved the highest standards in their field and have the best recommendations from thousands of patients.

If the dental specialists in Mexico have the highest credentials and have been able to provide fantastic results, why are their fees so much lower than those in the US? Clearly, it has nothing to do with quality. It has to do with the incredible costs that they must pay for insurance companies if they are sued and the increasing overhead costs at the clinics where they practice. The laws and regulations in Mexico allow for low costs when it comes to insurance companies and other requirements but demand the best possible care and results to patients, both nationals and from abroad.

Second, the dental specialists and dental clinics provided through Health & Wellness Bazaar, state up to date with the latest techniques and methods in the dental field and use the most advanced technology and dental supplies. For example, dentists and dental surgeons use the latest minimally invasive techniques and procedures to ensure speedy recoveries and less discomfort to the patients. Additionally, some of the technology used go from state-of-the-art digital x-rays to other specialized devices such as 3D equipment to create exact replicas and models of a patient's single tooth or the entire mouth.


Before Mexico became a popular and prestigious place for medical and dental tourism, it has been in the top places globally for tourism. Its astonishing beaches, historical towns, amazing cuisine, and vibrant cities have attracted millions for many decades. Those who come for medical and dental tourism Mexico can enjoy the same destinations and remarkable experiences while at the same time taking care of their health. Here are some of the top places that offer fun, relaxation, and of course, premium medical and dental care.


For sure, a favorite destination to millions of California residents who enjoy a comfortable ride across the border. Additionally, both the airports in Tijuana and San Diego offer travelers from around the opportunity to fly and enjoy its advanced infrastructure, vibrant social life, and proximity to the US. Besides, travelers who fly into San Diego International Airport can only walk over a bridge to Tijuana without even leaving the airport facilities.


This is one of Mexico's largest vibrant cities and world-famous for having the best of both worlds, namely, modernity and traditional Mexican life. Visitors are amazed to find the best restaurants, shops, and hotels in the world while still enjoying tequila, Mexican traditional music, and food.


The name simply reminds people right away from one of the best destinations in the heart of the Mexican Caribbean to enjoy gorgeous beaches, turquoise water, fantastic weather, and the amazing Mayan culture. No doubt, many come here for medical and dental tourism as one more powerful reason to visit.


Even though this is a vibrant modern city, it is still favored by travelers who are history enthusiasts since they can delight in its unique ancient culture and legacy. Established by the Spaniards in 1531, this town offers colonial architecture and extraordinary Mexican culture, and world-class cuisine.


Another favorite city that is just a couple of hours away driving from Texas. Since it has been one of the leading cities in Mexico for its modernity and economy, visitors and locals enjoy remarkable experiences that only the biggest and most modern cities in the world can offer.

Puerto Vallarta

Located on the Pacific Coast, this destination has been world-famous for its spectacular beaches and resorts. Travelers from all corners of the world come here every year to enjoy the best of the Mexican culture (belongs to the same state as Guadalajara) while taking time off to enjoy a margarita by the beach, which by the way, is never overrated.

The Best Dental Care Is Possible

High-quality dental care, top of the world dental specialists, state-of-the-art technology and procedure, and the most amazing destinations in the world only, all close to home.

What else could you ask for?

Experience for yourself all these and more outstanding benefits of dental tourism Mexico thanks to Health & Wellness Bazaar by calling today at (858) 779-2552 or requesting a free quote by clicking here.

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