One of the ideal cities to enjoy high-quality medical care with affordable costs is by far Tijuana. Its modern urban development and medical facilities have been compared to the best ones in the world.

With recent world difficulties and health threats, the best bariatric experts at Tijuana Bariatric Center have allowed an increasing number of patients to lose weight quickly, safely, and have peace of mind knowing that they can afford the best possible medical care they deserve.





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All patients are unique. They come from different backgrounds, have specific needs due to their medical history, and have their own expectations and goals. At Health & Wellness Bazaar that works with the best Tijuana Bariatric Center, we understand this, and we make it our priority to provide a tailored made bariatric medical plan that takes all the aspects mentioned above into consideration. Therefore, our patients can delight in having extraordinary results that surpass their expectations and fulfill their dreams of an optimal quality of life.


Many patients that come through our doors wish they had made this decision a long time ago. What took them so long? The majority have agreed that a primary reason had to do with the high medical costs in the United States and the difficulties of having their health insurance cover them.

Health & Wellness Bazaar through Tijuana Bariatric Center offers the same -and, sometimes even better- medical treatments, facilities, and certified physicians of the best hospitals in the U.S but at a fraction of their rates. The reason? Those clinics and hospitals have incredibly overhead expenses to pay each year. In contrast, patients who come to Tijuana can take full advantage of comfortable facilities with the highest standards that save costs.


The technology, medical supplies, and surgical techniques are practically the same as the top hospitals in the world. Therefore, such technology costs will be the same since, at Tijuana Bariatric Center, we do not take high quality for granted. Some areas where we can save expenses are medications and anesthesia. These are considerably cheaper in Mexico and have the same quality as opposed to the United States, where regulations in the health systems are much higher.


Undoubtedly, trusting a doctor and medical experts is paramount when undergoing a surgical procedure or any medical treatment for that matter. Hence, that is precisely why numerous bariatric patients come to Tijuana to undergo a weight loss procedure. To be approved to receive a medical license to practice bariatric surgery, a doctor must go through a thorough vetting process. For example, Dr. Alberto Michel has been, for many years, one of the most respected bariatric surgeons for his high credentials and commitment to his patients. Moreover, he surrounds himself with the best medical staff, including anesthesiologists, internists, cardiologists, nutritionists, and other health experts and specialists.


First of all, in order to know if a person is eligible for bariatric surgery, a doctor will focus on his or her BMI. These three letters stand for Body Mass Index, which according to specialists and official channels such as the World Health Organization, is the determining factor is a person is obese and/or the level of his obesity. Therefore, anyone can know his BMI by dividing his weight by the square of his height, which usually is expressed in kilograms (km) and square meters (m2).

Consider the following chart to know the levels of obesity according to health specialists and research performed for several years:

Level BMI
Underweight Less than 18.5
Healthy Weight More than 18.5 and less than 25
Overweight More than 24.9 and less than 30
Obesity More than 29.9 and less than 35
Severe Obesity More than 34.9 and less than 40
Morbid Obesity More than 39.9 and less than 50
Extreme Obesity More than 50

The most suitable candidates to undergo some type of weight loss surgery are those patients who are in the Severe Obesity Level or more or have a BMI of 35 or more. There are cases when a person’s BMI is between 30 and 35 and suffers from comorbidities, such as Type 2 diabetes and hypertension. In these cases, bariatric specialists might recommend the patient for weight loss surgery. Moreover, if a patient has a BMI of 25 or more in addition to severe effects from diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, or similar, is definitely the best candidate for such procedures.

Another common denominator in patients highly recommended for bariatric surgery is that they have struggled for many years to lose weight with various methods such as physical exercise or strict diets without satisfactory results. These make the nest bariatric patients since they are already committed to drastic health and life changes, which are required after weight loss surgery to ensure optimal long-term results.


Although there are various methods and types of weight loss surgery, the fundamental principles are based on two aspects; 1) reducing the amount of food a person can take in, and 2) reducing the body’s natural nutrient absorption ability for a quick weight loss. With that in mind, the most performed surgeries in patients with BMI levels of 35 or greater are the following:

Sleeve Gastrectomy (Gastric Sleeve). - A significant portion of the patient’s stomach is reduced, causing almost immediate satiety sensation and reducing dramatically the production of hormones responsible for making a person feel hungry.

Gastric Bypass. - This surgery uses both stomach reduction and malabsorption when it connects or bypasses the stomach portion to the small intestine. Thus, the number of calories absorbed from any type of food is extremely reduced. As a result, bariatric patients with the highest BMI levels can see much faster results in terms of weight loss.

Gastric Band. - Similar to gastric sleeve, this method reduces the size of the stomach to reduce the amount of food a person can store, but instead of making an incision, a band is placed around it.

Will You Choose the Bariatric Center?

Things will not get better unless you choose better. There are many offers out there to choose from when it comes to losing weight and feeling better. Nonetheless, you know when something sounds too good to be true. Granted, undergoing weight loss surgery might not sound as easy as other methods, but we can ensure that the outcome will make it worthwhile.

Our extraordinary amount of success stories speak for themselves.

Choose the best bariatric center available. Yes, choose the best Tijuana Bariatric Center through Health & Wellness Bazaar. Our team of bariatric specialists is ready to answer any of your questions or concerns that you might have at (858) 779-2552.

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