• Jennifer Roberts

  • Tummy Tuck in Mexico
  • Houston , USA
I had a weight loss surgery in Houston in 2019 and after losing over 100 lbs I was still very self conscious about my body because of all the extra and loose skin. Plastic surgery was not covered by my insurance and it was extremely expensive to get in Houston paying out of pocket. I searched for some options and I am so glad I found Health & Wellness Bazaar, they connected me with Dr. Andrei Rios who has transformed my body and my life. I will be eternally thankful to the HWB team, Ana, Lauren and Marla were absolutely amazing and helpful from the beginning and they are still in contact with me to date. I would definitely recommend them to anyone and I will be going back to get my face done.
  • Ana Gomez

  • Tummy Tuck in Mexico
  • Los Angeles, USA
The entire experience with Health & Wellness Bazaar from the first time I called to follow up has been nothing short of outstanding. Dr. Gonzalez, Lauren, Marla and the entire staff are extremely helpful, knowledgeable, professional and friendly. At no point did I feel pressured, uncomfortable or like I was not able to ask questions or speak my mind. Thank you all for making everything go so smoothly and I would definitely consider going back if I ever need any cosmetic procedures in the future.
  • Rebekah Arboleda

  • Tummy Tuck in Mexico
  • Azle, USA
Y’all I can not say enough good things about HWB!! From talking to Lauren and figuring out what surgeries would work best for me, to reserving a date. I have some distinct features in my blood apparently, instead of denying me surgery, DR. ISMAEL GONZALEZ took time out of his day to have an amazing conversation with me. HE ACTUALLY LISTENED!! Also before I left for Mexico I could not have felt more prepared Thank to marvelous Marla!! I touched down in San Diego and EVERYTHING was taken care of! Sandra and Marla covered ever single base and made the stay so easy!! I was checked on and made to feel important! Dr. Gonzalez is a genius! He did a miracle on my body! I had a circular tummy tuck and I could not be more happy! I will be going back to see Dr. Gonzalez, and the girls, to complete my dream body hopefully in September!!
  • Melissa Tebow

  • Tummy Tuck in Mexico
  • Phoenix, USA
I used HWB for a tummy tuck. They were absolutely amazing, from beginning to end. Talked with Lauren to get all the information I needed, she was so helpful and kind with getting me quotes and suggestions without ever once being pressuring or overbearing (something I did not at all experience from any of the local doctors I attempted to contact). Scheduled my surgery in March, had a Tummy Tuck and BBL with Lipo 360 and muscle repair in Tijuana with Doctor Rodas. Everything went so smoothly. Marla was my patient coordinator and was so good about communicating with me every step of the way. She made all my reservations at hotel and recovery house (definitely upgrade to staying at Bella, they were absolutely amazing!!) and scheduled all my appointments. I just in generally get a lot of anxiety over trips and medical stuff and whatnot, this was definitely a lot of anxiety and having the peace of mind knowing Marla and her team were taking care of all the details for me made a huge difference. (My roommate at the recovery home did everything herself and honestly I can’t imagine doing that I would have chickened out lol). After surgery Marla was great with checking in on me to see how I was doing and if I had any questions or concerns. It was great knowing she was a simple text away if I did have any problems. The hospital staff were all amazing and so helpful. Not everyone spoke English, but there was always someone able to translate for me and communicating was no problem. Quality of service was better than anything I have experienced in US hospitals. Dr. Rodas was very clear and thorough with how thing would happen and what to expect and all the details. I felt like he did an excellent job with the surgery. My experience was just amazing. I also would like to do my arms and breasts and definitely plan to use HWB again because they were so great and helpful and everything went so smooth. Can’t wait until I can schedule my next surgery!
  • Irma Solis

  • Tummy Tuck in Mexico
  • California, USA
I recently (April 2021) had a tummy tuck with a BBL with Dr. Ismael Gonzalez and I am very pleased with the surgery. I am looking forward to another procedure in the next year or so
  • Manuel Meraz

  • Gastric Sleeve in Mexico
  • Hemet, USA
Excellent place for a Gastric Sleeve. This place is very organized, there is lots of traffic due to high demand, the team of Doctors is very well trained, very professional and work in excellent conditions. The building is beautiful and the staff is great and watched over me frequently, the room was nice, comfy and private. I feel very good and am happy to have chosen Dr. Michel.
  • Cory Vanderpool

  • Gastric Sleeve in Mexico
  • Riverside, USA
I had a great experience! The staff were super friendly and knowledgeable. The facility was clean and modern and most of the staff were bilingual. Thank you Dr. Michel!
  • Laine L

  • Rhinoplasty in Mexico
  • Ontario, USA
I highly recommend Dr.Camberos and HW Bazaar Wellness. Carlos was an amazing co-ordinator. They took care of every detail and for the best price in North America. Everything was smooth and successful for my rhinoplasty thanks to the amazing care, attention and organization of this medical tourism network. I was recommended by a friend and very happy with my results!
  • Vivien Jaramillo

  • Rhinoplasty in Mexico
  • San Antonio, USA
I was very skeptical at first. They seemed professional and legit so i took the chance and got rhinoplasty in another country. Not only was my doctor AMAZING! but also was advisor setting everything up from my stay to my transportation . everything they were so nice and helpful! i felt so comfortable as a traveling solo patient! I never really write reviews but Health & wellness Bazaar Definitely deserves my review!
  • L. H.

  • Gastric Bypass in Mexico
  • Hopedale, USA
I cannot say enough good things about Health & Wellness Bazaar! I had gastric bypass surgery in Mexico in December 2019. I was happy with my decision to travel out of the country for my surgery. Any hesitation was soon alleviated once I arrived in San Diego and met my driver and guide who made me feel safe, and well cared for, all while maintaining a professional demeanor and friendly rapport. After almost a year of working with various doctors in the USA, I had only ended up disappointed and frustrated. But after speaking with Lauren and Oscar at Health & Wellness Bazaar, along with conducting my own research and planning, I felt confident moving forward with my decision. The drive across the border was quick and simple, and checking into the hotel was also easy, thanks to Oscar driving and helping me get checked in, along with their efficient coordination with the hotel and hospital. Everything was located in the same large, beautiful skyscraper, overlooking a serene golf course with city views beyond it. Spending and room service were easy too, because the hotel takes US dollars and most of the staff speaks English. Everyone was kind and patient with me, and listened to everything I had to say about my health history and any of my concerns for bariatric surgery. They answered all of my questions too. After a relaxing stay at the hotel, more staff members greeted me in the morning to walk me over to the hospital and help me get checked in, also answering any questions I had. They all made me feel cared for and safe. By the time my surgery was about to happen, I felt totally at ease and so happy with my decision. This level of care has continued after my surgery and still remains to this day. Their followup care has also been amazing! Although I technically travelled alone, not once did I feel on my own. There was even a staff member who drove me to a local store in Mexico to help me purchase a small carry-on bag for the flight home, so that I could bring home the additional items that did not fit in my suitcase. All of this was above and beyond anything I could have expected. And not once did I feel confused or frustrated. Their communications in all forms (verbally, online, emails, printed paperwork, etc) have been clear along the way, and still are now. I highly recommend Health & Wellness Bazaar to anyone looking for a professional, affordable, medical tourism solution. Thank you to everyone for making me glad that I made this life-changing decision! Happy New Year!
  • Louis Russell

  • Gastric Bypass in Mexico
  • Detroit, USA
I visited in August 2019 to receive a revision surgery for my gastric bypass. My overall experience was very good. I would say excellent but I had an issue with the hotel and their excessive billing practices. The medical facilities met and exceeded some of the hospitals I have visited in the states. I definitely would recommend using health and wellness as I plan on doing so again in the near future. Top notch staff and doctors is hard to come by and they are the epitome of this.
  • Bethanie Anderson

  • Gastric Balloon in Mexico
  • Oregon, USA
I could have never imagined that scheduling and getting a gastric balloon procedure in Mexico would be so easy. Health & Wellness Bazaar was extremely helpful, they reviewed my medical history with their doctors to confirm I was a candidate for this procedure and also helped me coordinate all the logistics for my trip. The procedure couldn't have gone better and 2 months after I have already lost 25 pounds! The surgery center is beautifully decorated and it even has all international certifications for bariatric surgery. You cannot go wrong with Health & Wellness Bazaar.
  • Polly Dolex

  • Tummy Tuck in Mexico
  • Denver, United States
I traveled to Cancun for Liposuction and a Tummy Tuck in September. Just over a month post-op the results are amazing. Dr. Samano is a top notch surgeon with a warm and caring personality. The level of personalized care and attention was truly exceptional. Alex, Dr Samano's assistant went above and beyond. She answered all my questions for months beforehand and was available 24/7 after the procedure. She spoke with hotel management on my behalf and got me all sorts of perks during the recovery process. Dr. Santos is great also. He and Alex drove me to my second hotel in Playa del Carmen about an hour away. They provided transportation to all follow-up appointments. I felt like a VIP. Dr Santos checked up on me every day via WhatsApp, advised me on meds and even took the time to wash and blow dry my compression garment during a follow-up visit. Thank you, Dr Samano and team for working your medical magic!
  • Bornica lwan

  • Hair Transplant in Mexico
  • Kiev, Ukraine
I have had this huge burn since the accident that took place in our house when l was one, and although everyone around me is nice but I could still see people staring which made me uncomfortable. I was thrilled to know that hair transplant would work for my case, was nervous about the surgery but everything went well. The surgeon explained that the donor area was only enough to implant the front part of my scalp which hopefully will give me a full hair line look and I can't wait to cover the rest of my head next session next year. Now people will notice me, not my missing hair!
  • Roger Heesakkers

  • Hair Transplant in Mexico
  • Amsterdam, Nertherlands
Hair loss and getting bald at a young age was really a big problem for me. So, I have made the decision to go to Dr. Behruz Uysal at Regene Medical in Istanbul for a hair transplant. Probably the best decision I have made until now. The Hospital was like a 5" hotel and so is the staff working there. Dr. Uysal is fluent in English and explained to me the whole procedure. After we had established the hairline the transplant starts. Dr. Uysal and his staff are very professional, the best at their game... now 6 months later I am already very pleased with the results and can't wait to see what the end result will look like at 12 months.
  • Kerry Calvert

  • Hair Transplant in Mexico
  • Los Angeles, United States
I have had three procedures over 20 years with three different clinics. I have experienced both bad and excellent transplants, so I know the difference. My first procedure was just a very bad idea, but I had confidence in the doctor because he came highly recommended by my dermatologist whom I trusted. The doctor placed a ring of about 100 plugs that were about 1/8″ in diameter. This would supposedly build a base of thickness that subsequent procedures would augment to give my hair a thicker look. This technique was discredited when I had it done, and certainly no one does it today. Unfortunately I learned the hard way. After that disaster I traveled from the Midwest to Los Angeles to have 2000 grafts placed by NHI (New Hair Institute). This was a successful procedure and I was very happy with the work. The resulting look was natural and undetectable. Ten years later my natural hairline continued to decline in thickness, so I wanted to have another procedure done. I was very happy to find Gardel Hair Restoration in Tijuana and Dr. Gaston del la Garza. He actually studied with the NHI and is a solid practitioner of the methods pioneered there. Dr. del la Garza did an absolutely great job, and the clinic personal were all excellent at their work, I could not be happier. I had the procedure done a couple of years ago, and the results are superb, and no one as ever asked me if I have had a transplant because the effect is completely natural. I can highly recommend Gardel Hair Restoration. They will give you first class results at a very fair price in a professional clinic. In fact their clinic was superior to the NHI facility in Los Angeles, and NHI is a very respected organization. Thank you Dr. de la Garza and your staff for making me so much happier with my appearance.
  • Carlos Ausejo

  • Hair Transplant in Mexico
  • San Francisco, United States
Having had a procedure in San Francisco, CA where I reside in a clinic that caters to renowned athletes, I can assure you that my experience with Gardel Hair Institute and Health & Wellness Bazaar was much better than the first one in SF. The offices, equipment and personnel of Gardel Hair is excellent, starting with Health & Wellness Bazaar, who facilitated the transport, the professionalism and the staff of Dr. Gaston de la Garza the day of the procedure, everything first, as well that the post operative. Three of my clients have been treated and are very satisfied with the care and results of their procedures. The results are amazing!
  • Sheri Lewis

  • Hip Replacement in Mexico
  • Seattle, United States
My experience with Health Wellness Bazaar was incredible. I was greeted at the airport by my wonderful host who took me to all of my appointments, got me checked in at the hospital as well as the hotel nearby I stayed at to recover. Dr Moira and his staff were exceptional and so kind. I actually cried saying goodbye to all of the staff at the hospital as well as the team with Health Wellness Bazaar. I had my other hip replaced in the states but it was such a quick in and out and nothing close to as personable as the staff in Mexico. My insurance denied my surgery in the states and I am so grateful for the option for traveling to Mexico to have it done. I am healing beautiful and so grateful for being pain free and the positive experience I had with this team.
  • Joseph Hans

  • Carpal Tunnel Release in Mexico
  • Miami, United States
My wife and I when to see Dr. Mora about her bunion which now costs $9800.00 ( deductible ) since ever since the Affordable Care Act mandated these procedures be performed in a hospital for over $12,000.00. We are fixed income American seniors traveling to Mexico to afford this procedure. Naturally a bit apprehensive about the journey at first but the entire experience with this company has been excellent. From the airport pickup to the very comfortable Grand Tijuana Hotel, to pickup for all appointments as well about personal car services back to the airport. The highlight was meeting and having Dr Mora do the surgery. Everyone was professional and Dr. Mora a very nice man. If you're faced with a too costly procedure in the states, your in luck with this option. You will not find a more skilled physician in the USA PLUS you get a nice little vacation in the process for in our case 25% of the price we would have paid here and with no getaway ( and we flew from Florida. ) we highly recommend Health and Wellness Bazaar.
  • Michelle Ramos

  • Tummy Tuck in Mexico
  • Los Angeles, United States
I started my journey by first searching for before and after photos of tummy tucks on the Internet. I gained some weight over the last year and it made me so depressed to look at myself in the mirror. I am 49 and all my kids are grown and married. I was sick of trying to hide this hanging belly and I just felt that it was time I did something for me. After lots of research I found out about Health and Wellness Bazaar. From their well-designed website I was able to get almost every question I had answered without having to give any personal information. Once I felt comfortable with the information on the website, I followed the easy steps to get in contact with them. Right away I was contacted by Lauren. Her emails were professional, and most importantly she made herself available via email, office phone, and cellphone. Finding Health and Wellness Bazaar was the best thing ever, especially since plastic surgery in the United States is extremely pricey. On June 4th, 2019, in Tijuana, Mexico, I was able to get a tummy tuck, muscle repair, and 360 liposuction procedure for just under $6,000. This included the surgeon's fees, anesthesiologist, nurses, hospital stay, medicine, and a personal patient coordinator who made arrangements to provide travel to and from my doctor visits. The coordinator even handled my hotel accommodations – and picked me up from the airport! The only thing I paid outside of the $6,000 was flight, hotel, and meals. Even that was not expensive. Everyone I was in contact with spoke perfect English and was extremely kind. Dr. Camberos is such a skilled surgeon! His bedside manner was awesome, and I am completely happy with the results he gave me. He was there to see me bright and early in the morning and made sure to answer any and all questions I had before I flew back home. It is obvious that Health and Wellness Bazaar only work with the most professional medical personnel and that their ultimate goal is making patients happy and owning up to the great customer service they offer. They truly care about their patient’s wellbeing and satisfaction. Thank you, Health and Wellness Bazaar, - and thank you Lauren for not pushing me into doing this, but for making me comfortable in choosing to change my life with you guys! I highly recommend that anyone who is looking for an all inclusive plastic surgery package with the top surgeons and state of the art facilities to use Health and Wellness Bazaar!
  • Erica Meza

  • Tummy Tuck in Mexico
  • Houston, USA
I started my journey by first searching for before and after photos of tummy tucks on the Internet. I gained some weight over the last year and it made me so depressed to look at myself in the mirror. I am 49 and all my kids are grown and married. I was sick of trying to hide this hanging belly and I just felt that it was time I did something for me. After lots of research I found out about Health and Wellness Bazaar. From their well-designed website I was able to get almost every question I had answered without having to give any personal information. Once I felt comfortable with the information on the website, I followed the easy steps to get in contact with them. Right away I was contacted by Lauren. Her emails were professional, and most importantly she made herself available via email, office phone, and cellphone. Finding Health and Wellness Bazaar was the best thing ever, especially since plastic surgery in the United States is extremely pricey. On June 4th, 2019, in Tijuana, Mexico, I was able to get a tummy tuck, muscle repair, and 360 liposuction procedure for just under $6,000. This included the surgeon's fees, anesthesiologist, nurses, hospital stay, medicine, and a personal patient coordinator who made arrangements to provide travel to and from my doctor visits. The coordinator even handled my hotel accommodations – and picked me up from the airport! The only thing I paid outside of the $6,000 was flight, hotel, and meals. Even that was not expensive. Everyone I was in contact with spoke perfect English and was extremely kind. Dr. Camberos is such a skilled surgeon! His bedside manner was awesome, and I am completely happy with the results he gave me. He was there to see me bright and early in the morning and made sure to answer any and all questions I had before I flew back home. It is obvious that Health and Wellness Bazaar only work with the most professional medical personnel and that their ultimate goal is making patients happy and owning up to the great customer service they offer. They truly care about their patient’s wellbeing and satisfaction. Thank you, Health and Wellness Bazaar, - and thank you Lauren for not pushing me into doing this, but for making me comfortable in choosing to change my life with you guys! I highly recommend that anyone who is looking for an all inclusive plastic surgery package with the top surgeons and state of the art facilities to use Health and Wellness Bazaar!
  • Michael Garcia

  • Joint Cartilage Regeneration in Mexico
  • Maitland, USA
I couldn’t be happier with my experience. I had an injury that caused cartilage damage to my ankle and decided to go with dr Mora for ankle arthroscopy combined with stem cell and prp treatment after long conversations through email I knew this was who I wanted to go with. I flew out from Florida and was picked up by a driver who was awesome and made everything go super smooth from picking me up at San Diego airport to taking me to all my appointments picking up my meds after the procedure and taking me back to my flight home. Overall I am satisfied and highly recommend dr Mora and his team. I was awake for the surgery but numb from the waist down so wouldn’t feel any pain and was able to watch the procedure on a flat screen tv. I was amazed at how bad the cartilage had become due to cortisone shots given to me by doctor in Florida who was just interested in managing my symptoms versus overall longevity of the ankle joint. cortisone and steroids are temporary relief and actually make things worse. My doctor in the U.S wanted to cut me open and perform a procedure where I would’ve been out of work for 3 months. I decided to go in another direction stem cell treatment regeneration medicine intrigued me and was bit nervous at first of what to expect but it couldn’t have turned out better. I am now back home recovering and planning my next trip back for a second treatment. If I could give them 10 stars I would.
  • Tari Colbry

  • Mommy Makeover in Mexico
  • Escondido, USA
I had a ‘Mommy Makeover’ on September 25, 2018 with Dr. Rodas-Nava. I’m extremely pleased with my outcome & the entire process to this point. Everyone from Health & Wellness Bazaar and from Dr. Rodas-Nava’s office has been wonderful & I’ve already recommended 2 people who are interested in the same procedures i had done.
  • Warren Davis

  • Knee Replacement in Mexico
  • Lakeside, USA

LIFE CHANGING! Doctor Mora and his staff are absolutely wonderful. I am not one to write reviews but this needs to be shared! After spending the last 15 years being turned down by doctors in the USA due to my BMI being outside their “parameters” and being told I was an unacceptable candidate, I was desperate for help. I had no quality of life as I could hardly walk across the house without excruciating pain. After some research, my niece found Bazaar Health and Wellness and promptly started chatting with a representative in their online chat group. They reached out to me and I told them of my situation and they emailed the paperwork that evening to be filled out and set up a consultation appointment for the following week. During my consultation Dr. Mara asked me to walk across the room. He simply stated, and I quote, “I can give you your life back.” Other than a higher BMI, I am in great health and Dr. Mara saw me as a patient, not an insurance claim. I got my life back 2 weeks later with bilateral knee replacements.

This was all happening at the same time as the migrant caravan arrived, but we never had any issues with safety. We were escorted across the border by a representative of Dr. Mora and straight into the hospital. My family was picked up at their hotel room down the street and delivered to the hospital daily. Whenever my family needed to go to the hospital, restaurant or hotel a representative for Dr. Mora was with them at all times, even locking them in the car while he ran into a store to get what they needed. I had incredible service. Once I was out of surgery, a nurse stayed in the room with me at all times. I wouldn’t hesitate to send any family members down to Dr. Mora. My experience is beyond belief. I truly do have a life now. I know I have a long recovery to get my strength back after not being able to move for years but I am excited for the challenge and what lays ahead for me. Dr. Mora saved my life.

  • Jeremy Boerson

  • Inguinal Hernia Repair in Mexico
  • Fox Lakes, USA
Health & Wellness Bazaar fixed a Hiatal Hernia for me in Guadalajara Mexico recently. I found them online, contacted them and they responded right away, asked for my medical records, and got back to me in a few days letting me know they could help me. I was there from Sunday Sept 23 until Sunday Sept 30. They assigned me a patient coordinator who picked me up at the airport, brought me to my hotel, made sure I was checked into my room, and then transported me to and from my hotel for all my pre and post opp appointments and my surgery. This was a great hassle free experience for me. My treatment was successful. I feel like a new man!! I had lost 60+ lbs due to the Hiatal Hernia and am now able to eat full meals again!! The facilities were clean and the staff was professional and did everything they could to keep me comfortable after my surgery until I was released. They have checked up on me several times since my surgery to follow up on my healing process as well. I would Definitely use Health & wellness Bazaar again for future medical needs!!
  • Dione Griffin

  • Tummy Tuck in Mexico
  • Nottingham, USA
Hi to everyone reading my review, I started my mission looking for a plastic surgeon for an extended tummy tuck in Tijuana 5 years ago, I came across a few doctors but quite a few of red flags came up, I filled out consultation forms online for many and healthy & wellness bazaar being one of them, I received many returned emails about sending my info, pics & health screening forms, I think that’s very impersonable when you’re looking to put your life in someone’s hands. I then received a phone call from Lauren Murphy from HWBAZAAR, she was the only one who picked up the phone prior to sending an email, that was a plus right there, I explained to her what I was looking for, and how another company in the DR had taken my deposit, I never received a phone call & I went through the ringer to get it back, Lauren and I spoke about 20 minutes or so, me explaining what I would like to have done, not until after we spoke did she request any info about me moving forward. I sent info required, pics , & health questionnaire, she’s very prompt with responding via email & text, I changed my date a couple times starting with January 2019 but my anxiety got the best of me, I moved my date to November 23, 2018, the closer time came the more anxious I grew, Lauren never made me feel alone via her commutation, I received all document info I would need & any vitamins I may need to start pre op. Well needless to say I’m here in Tijuana, I was picked up by a driver, great personality I felt very comfortable the staff were all bilingual a big plus, hotel is everything & then some as shown on website, the hospital is beautiful, very clean and staff was great, Dr Rodas is awesome exceeded my expectations, I explained to him what I wanted & how I wanted to look, I originally came for extended tummy tuck and maybe a BBL, I told Dr Rodas I wanted to be snatched (giggles) I had to explain what I meant , I wanted a small waist with defined abs, well that required a different kind of TT because I had massive weight loss of 120lbs leaving sagging skin, he explained the procedure of an anchor cut to achieve the look & informed me of have a line through the middle of my stomach, I said idc I’m married I’m not wearing a bikini bathing suit, and with the bbl he said I had more skin than fat therefore my bbl wouldn’t be drastic, I said I don’t want a donkey butt any way, he marked me up we proceeded, with pre op testing, anesthesiologists and b4 I knew it I was headed off to sleep surgery was scheduled for 10am I was on the table at 9:30am , I love promptness, I was done at 1:30 pm I felt great the 1st day, my second day was a little tough, the nurses are very helpful & caring, my 3rd day I’m feeling better, I did some walking outside to Starbucks for coffee lol, they’re food is great, the driver escorted me back to the hotel , so far so good results are looking good even with the beginning stage and the incisions are nice & neat, my bbl is just enough my only worry with bbl was it being to big & having to buy new clothes, it’s very natural , my sister in law came with me and she’s already looking to use Dr. Rodas , I anticipated a lot more pain & each person is different but mine is manageable, I’ll be posting before & after pics very soon. I thank God for such caring hands Dr Rodas, Lauren, Mike & Manni my nurse I can’t pronounce his name so I called him Manni. Thank You All
  • Laura Romero

  • Rhinoplasty in Mexico
  • Gardena, USA
I absolutely loved my experience. In September I reached out to Lauren because I wanted to get a rhinoplasty and she recommended Dr. Rodas. He did an amazing job from start to finish. Dr. Rodas and the staff at the medical facility were hands on and helpful with all my needs. It has been 6 six weeks since my surgery and I am very pleased with the results thus far. I would highly recommend!
  • Natalie Hibou

  • Liposuction in Mexico
  • Los Angeles, USA

I am a very private person but I wanted to leave an excellent review for Dr. Camberos!!! First let me say that Dr. Rafael Camberos is the BEST!! He is personable, God fearing, has excellent bedside manners, Young but with a lot of experience and knowledge ,honest and friendly. They answered all my questions each time I called (almost every other day..:) ) The service and treatment I received was impeccable!!! Even during my surgery, the staff was also warm and friendly. I felt so comfortable under their care. I will be honest, I was nervous because it's my first plastic surgery and its my face too!! but I also felt at ease because of the staff working under Dr. Camberos and the results I've seen from others patients of him. If you are looking for a Dr. to perform your plastic surgery needs, don't look any further. Dr. Camberos is the best at what he does and you will NOT be disappointed

I had an amazing experience and no pain. Yes NO pain even a day after. He's is an amazing doctor and he is great at what he does. I am very happy with my results he did awesome job I would definitely recommend Dr Camberos if you want a. Liposuction ( one of the things i got done)or any other procedures. I'm very happy with my results

Beyond that, I also witness his caring and his respect for his patients. His goal is for total patient satisfaction. No way would he ever "cut corners," or be satisfied with "good enough." Dr. Camberos makes his living performing surgery, and caring for his patients, he is not driven, or motivated, solely by earning a living. He is driven by performing quality surgical procedures that make his patients look better, and feel better about themselves. In, and out, of the operating room, Dr. Camberos has a very relaxed demeanor. He listens well, and gives information in a clear, understandable manner. He will answer as many questions as you might have. I really liked that, post-op, he was only a phone-call away, if I had any concerns or questions. He makes himself available to all of his patients. And, that's exactly why I chose him to perform my surgery. I am extremely happy with the result, and the entire course of result. And that I'm not being paid to write this, etc., I feel the need to convey to you, myself, that this review reflects my honest opinion of my experience. When it's true, and "You have a good surgeon. Share your experience..Thank you Doctor.

  • Charles Beeler

  • Knee Replacement in Mexico
  • Albany, OR, USA
I had the good fortunate of going to Health and Wellness Bazaar on March 19, 2018, for a total left knee repair. I had been in tremendous pain and in January of 2018, I started to research for facilities that offer this type of surgery. Virtually all the facilities in my area, Willamette Valley of Oregon, the cost was prohibited for my pocket book. I was between $42,000 all the way up to $65,000 dollars. I had previous heard about medical tourism, leaving the USA and having foreign doctors and hospitals doing the surgery. So I did a google search and found several clinic that offer this service. I contacted Health and Wellness Bazaar and began to communicate with them as they were not the most expensive or inexpensive. I spoke with David Mora, one of the patient coordinators and he and I discussed the surgery and costs. I provided Mr. Mora with the necessary x rays and lab results. The first offer was $11, 600 but on examination the surgical implant device would not of been the right fit in my knee so we opted to go with a more robust joint which raised the price to $12,300. I also went on you tube and check out Dr. Eliso Mora Sanchez, the surgeon and listen to him talk knee replacement. I wanted to make darn sure I was ready to make the trip to Tijuana Mexico. Health and Wellness Bazaar had my whole itinerary ready for me when I went to Mexico. My hotel, the pre op with the surgeon, hospital, the surgery, and the recovery at the hospital and the hotel. So what happened? I had a very successful surgery by Dr. Mora Sanchez. Every night one the clinic staff stayed with me while I was in the hospital to ensure I was well taken care. My pain management was very professionally handled. I stayed the hospital for two additional nights after the surgery and then moved to my hotel room for an additional two nights where the clinic staff monitored me constantly. It has been two weeks and one day after my surgery. I am now walking with a cane, going to rehab, and virtually everybody who is in the medical field who has looked at Dr. Mora Sanchez' work has been impressed. If I need any additional orthopedic surgeries I will be asking Health and Wellness Bazaar
  • David Schmidt

  • Spinal Disc Regeneration in Mexico
  • San Francisco, CA, US
These guys (and gals) saved my life. No joke. I needed a double fusion but had no health insurance and one disc was 90% gone and the one next to it was 50% gone. I had bone on bone crushing a nerve cluster to my sciatic and couldn't afford a double fusion and didn't want one anyway. I am a yacht captain and have used to medical tourism before so I was ok with trying this stem cell with PRP treatment. Most people that saw me in my worst condition didn't seem to care very much and EVERYONE at Health & Wellness cared for me as if i was their own family. very sincere and very talented. No game at this place. Lots of love and LOTS of skill.

Being in Tijuana is a little disconcerting, but inside is actually just as clean as American medical places. Sometimes I had to remind myself of the reality of American medical places, compared to tv and movie sets that are not "reality". Then i could get over my thoughts, relax, and let them heal me.

Needless to say, it worked. Im 53 years old, the surgery was in August 2017 and now its march 2018; I feel great. Im working, playing, and installing a new engine in my boat. They're so nice, they call me to remind me to do the exercises and stretches but I feel so good that I've just been taking long walks instead.

Now the same people that didn't care if i healed or not have seen this miracle and ask me for the doctors phone number. I highly recommend this place. When I meet people that have a ruptured disc and they're not doing anything about it, I wish I could just drag them there and pay for it myself. It's that good!
  • Tonya Malek

  • Spinal Disc Regeneration in Mexico
  • Dallas, TX, U.S.
Health & Wellness Bazaar saved my life. In September 2016, I injured my cervical spine practicing yoga resulting in 2 herniated discs. I refused to have surgery because of my young age and the future consequences of open spine surgery. Health & Wellness Bazaar works with the best orthopedic surgeons in Mexico who specialize in Stem Cell Therapy for spinal disc regeneration. I was impressed by the responsiveness of the HWBazaar team, they handled my case with extreme care and answered all my questions in a timely manner.

Dr. Mora and his medical staff are amazing professionals and human beings, I felt very comfortable and secure since the moment I was picked up at the San Diego Airport. The Stem Cell Therapy I had was very successful, I completely avoided surgery and saved considerable money compared to what this treatment would have cost in the US. I always recommend HWBazaar to anyone who needs medical treatment, even to those who have insurance with expensive deductibles and copays.
  • Jonathan Encinias

  • Spinal Disc Regeneration in Mexico
  • Santa Rosa, NM, U.S.
The Health & Wellness Bazaar has been nothing short of a miracle for us. My husband has struggled and suffered with excruciating pain from his herniated discs. He was losing function of his left leg and the pain in his left leg was horrible. He didn't have a life because he could not focus on anything except the pain. It was to the point that he couldn't sleep or eat anymore either. The pain medications were just making him sick and not helping the pain.

He was out of options and doctors in our State wanted to do microdiscectomy and fusion in his lumbar spine. That was when I knew there had to be more options. I found Dr. Mora online and discovered Spinal Stem Cell Therapy. We were determined to get this procedure done. From beginning to end the whole staff was completely amazing and caring. David Mora stayed in constant contact with us and made us feel comfortable. We were picked up at the airport upon landing. Our driver was fantastic! He explained things further to us, answered all our questions, and was always there when he said he would be. Dr. Mora is a fantastic doctor that really cares about his patients. He takes the time to explain things to you and listens to you. My husband had the procedure done on July 20th, 2017 and felt immediate relief that he had not felt in years. Dr. Mora had informed us that my husband's herniation was pretty bad and may require a second Ozone Procedure. We hoped that he might not, however 3 months later his pain did start to return. We rescheduled with David Mora and were back in Dr. Mora's care December 12, 2017. Once again we were very well taken care of. After the second Ozone procedure my husband was pain free in his left leg. He is currently in the healing process but doing well.

I highly recommend the Health and Wellness Bazaar and Dr. Mora and his team. We are always telling our friends, family and people we meet about how great this Ozone procedure has been for my husband. Having been to so many different doctors and clinics and watching my husband be treated like just a number or someone who just wants pain medications, I was extremely, pleasantly surprised at the way Dr. Mora and his staff cared for their patients. Even though my husband is still in the recovery stage, he has felt the most relief from the Spinal Stem Cell Therapy than any other procedure he has gone through. Seeing Dr. Mora has been the best decision we have made.
  • Anna Lomeli

  • Carpal Tunnel Release in Mexico
  • Santa Ana, CA, U.S.
In April 2015, I was blessed to have found Dr. Mora through Health & Wellness Bazaar. I broke my ring finger and was force to seek treatment outside the states because of lack of medical insurance. Dr. Mora and his staff are absolutely wonderful! I received surgery to my ring finger and his care and professionalism for me were above and beyond. before and after surgery the procedure was explained. His facility is well maintained and secured. I felt safe at all times. My recovery was great and fast! One more thing He was able to help me with my State Disability paperwork as well. that was super important to me. I do tell everyone of my great experience with Dr. Mora and his staff. If you are like me looking for a trust worthy Doctor I recommend you give him a call.
  • Alfredo Bernal

  • Spinal Disc Regeneration in Mexico
  • Newark, NJ, U.S.
I received a stem cell treatment for my lower back and removal of hardware. Before my treatment I could barely get out of bed and had lots of pain. I'm currently going through a police academy now and my back is 100% This was done January 2017. I flew in from the New Jersey to San Diego and was picked up at airport and driven to the Tijuana clinic. The staff was great and they exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Health & Wellness Bazaar. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Thank you Dr. Mora!
  • Andrew Kapur

  • ACL Reconstruction in Mexico
  • Alameda, CA, U.S.
I twisted my knee playing tennis in June of 2017. After over a month of rest and ice it was not any better so I saw an orthopedist. The diagnosis was that I had dislocated my patella, damaged my medial patella-femoral ligament, and torn cartilage. The recommendation was surgery but the cost was prohibitively expensive.

Searching online I came across Health & Wellness Bazaar. At first I was skeptical but they reviewed my medical records and answered all my questions without charge. In September 2017 I flew to San Diego for a consultation with Dr. Mora who has his office right across the border in Tijuana. It's less than 30 minutes from the San Diego airport and transportation is included. Dr. Mora has over 30 years of experience and had successfully performed the surgery I needed hundreds of times. The price they quoted me was less than half than what it would cost in the United States. More than that, the entire Health & Wellness Bazaar team is invested in the patient having a positive experience and outcome.

In October 2017 I had surgery to repair the damage to my knee. The surgery was a success and I came away very impressed by both the surgical facilities and the skill of all involved. Everybody (Dr. Mora, the nurses, the anesthesiologist) really took the time to make sure the surgery went well and I had everything I needed. This is truly individualized treatment and care; I never once felt rushed or treated like just another nondescript patient. I strongly recommend Health & Wellness Bazaar to anybody who needs orthopedic surgery.
  • Joseph Heslin

  • Hip Replacement in Mexico
  • San Juan Capistrano, CA, U.S.
HWBazaar was a godsend to me, when none of the doctors in the US seemed to care at all about my hip, and severe pain. HW Bazaar put me in contact with Dr Mora Sanchez and his team.

Dr Mora Sanchez is a stand up surgeon. I just had my hip replaced by Dr Mora, and I couldn't be happier. In, out, and back home in 4 days. This option totally beats the treatment one gets in the united states. After meeting with Dr Mora, I felt at ease, and confident in his skills as he explained the procedure to me. His staff is outstanding. His son Dave is an excellent coordinator, the driver is a fantastic man. Mora's right hand man Sergio took great care of me, and made sure my pain level was well managed. His clinic is clean, and the hospital (Guadalajara) is exceptionally clean and sanitary.

I will be scheduling going back for my knee replacement soon. I am completely confident that if any problems should arise down the road, that Dr Mora will be right there to address them. I have total confidence in this man, and you should too. His son Dave sent me an itinerary of what to expect with a detailed timeline, and it was followed almost exactly to the minute. It's been over a week now, and I'm progressing as fast or faster than others I've come across online who have had this procedure elsewhere.

Sure, it's a little scary leaving the country for surgery, but they made all the difference in making me feel like I was right at home. They are also quite knowledgeable about many medical procedures, and were able to answer my questions with excellent communication skills. Again, I would not think twice about using the services of HWBazaar again. Their understanding, compassion and immediate attention to your health concerns are so complete and fast, it's mind boggling.

Thanks again to everyone involved in my treatment!!!!!

Joe Heslin.
  • Susan Miner

  • Spinal Disc Regeneration in Mexico
  • Cave Creek, AZ, U.S.
Luck was with me when I discovered Dr. Mora and Health & Wellness Bazaar! I have seen him for 3 different procedures in 2017, the first one in May for a Peronius Tendon repair. David Mora, my contact, was concerned and concise with my issue and the treatment required. Dr. Mora is a very experienced and learned man, and he thoroughly explained exactly what the surgeries would entail, as well as the anesthesia used & rehab recommendations.

My additional procedures have far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Mora performed Stem Cell Therapy with Ozone Discolysis with P.R.P. in several locations in my back in July 2017, and a Bunionette removed in November 2017.

I love that Health & Wellness Bazaar will provide travel assistance if required: I live close enough to Tijuana that I can drive, and they helped me find accommodations in Tijuana and the easiest ways to get around. They will also provide travel to and from the San Diego Airport, and/or a hotel, which really eases the border crossings.

The staff is nothing short of professional and gracious and they have been instrumental in me learning Spanish, although translation is NEVER an issue! My road to Health & Wellness Bazaar began because I did not have insurance nor the money to pay for the treatments in the US, but to be honest, I would travel there for any health issue, my confidence in them is so great!
  • Elma Krahn

  • Spinal Disc Regeneration in Mexico
  • Manitoba, ON, Canada
In October of 2015 I had Spinal Stem Cell Therapy done to 2 of my lumbar discs which proved to be very successful. I was very nervous going in as I had never heard of this procedure before. With such excruciating pain in my lower back and losing function of my leg I had no choice but to trust that this was the right thing for me. I have not regretted it since. Dr. Mora is undoubtedly a great surgeon/doctor, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back! I couldn’t have asked for better staff, they were so friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I especially recommend anyone who suffers with back pain to check him out. He will not disappoint. Many thanks, Elma Krahn
  • Jack Prier

  • ACL Reconstruction in Mexico
  • Reno, NV, U.S.
Dr Mora was a good explainer, the staff was attentive and helpful. ACL reconstruction and other services at an affordable price, they have wonderful facilities. I was given rides and escorted to every procedure, I would use them again readily.
  • Neil Royer

  • Rotator Cuff Repair in Mexico
  • Nampa, ID, U.S.
In august 2017 I had a rotator cuff repair on my right shoulder. I was very comfortable with the surgeon and the staff. The facilities were first rate. As I started physical therapy back in the states, and talking to others who had it done, my experience was so much better then other peoples experience of surgery in the states. I would definitely recommend having surgery in Mexico - Yes, I would do it again, it was a good experience from start to finish. If anyone wants details, I am happy to talk with you.
  • Cindy Richardson

  • Hip Replacement in Mexico
  • Whitecourt, AB, Canada
I researched out of country total hip replacement surgery in January of 2017 because I had been suffering with severe osteoarthritis in my right hip and being less than 50, wasn't being considered for surgery in Canada. I was assisted with great detail and patience throughout the entire planning process.

On April 3rd, I had the surgery in Tijuana. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed the vacation/medical experience. I received excellent aftercare during my stay there, as well as upon returning home. Although the area surrounding the hospital in Tijuana looks quite rough, the facility itself was excellent! I received excellent care during my stay there and the food at the hospital was miles above any Canadian hospital food I've ever experienced (great attention to freshness, food preferences and nutrition). If the language barrier ever became a problem, it was easy to use online translators to make sure everyone was understood. I would definitely recommend anybody I know to consider using this company for out of country orthopedic surgeries. In fact, I've given the info to many people and have a friend who just returned from Tijuana with a new hip! The only thing I would do differently, is make sure to have a plan in place upon returning home for follow-up physiotherapy (at least in the case of hip replacement).
  • Ellen Stein

  • Carpal Tunnel Release in Mexico
  • Queen Creek, AZ, U.S.
I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Mora and his staff. I had broke my wrist September 2017. I had lost my healthcare because of a divorce and could not afford the high premiums. I had started researching the cost of the surgery that was required, an open reduction internal fixation surgery and looked into Orthopedic surgeons in Tijuana. I contacted the Health & Wellness Bazaar and spoke with David. He was absolutely wonderful and very knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable with them right away.

Dr. Mora by far is one of the best doctors I’ve ever experienced. He was professional, he took his time with me to explain the break and the procedure needed. It was a great overall experience. The staff at BajaOrtho were top-notch, friendly and treated you like family.

Had I had this procedure done in the United States my savings would have been depleted. The cost was a fraction of what it would’ve cost me here in the US.

I would highly recommend Dr. Mora to my family, my friends and anyone who is considering going to Tijuana to have Orthopedic surgery.

It has been three months since my surgery. I am 57 years old and I am doing great! I am doing my own physical therapy and I know if I have any questions or concerns that Dr. Mora will response to me personally.

Again a BIG THANK YOU to Dr. Mora, your wonderful team and David for making this such a positive experience for me.
  • Fati Zandi

  • Joint Cartilage Regeneration in Mexico
  • Plano, TX, U.S.
Thanks to Health & Wellness Bazaar I am able to walk and move freely without any pain. In 2016, I was diagnosed with severe arthritis in my left knee and was recommended a knee replacement. I am a very active person and consider myself too young to have my knee replaced. Because of this, I researched online for alternative solutions to knee replacement and found Health & Wellness Bazaar and its medical tourism network of specialized surgeons. The Health & Wellness Bazaar team was very helpful and efficient in coordinating the review of my case with their doctors and were great in explaining their findings and recommendation. I agreed to undergo Knee Arthroscopy with Stem Cell Therapy to regenerate the cartilage and I couldn’t be happier with the results. In 4 months after my treatment I was completely recovered and I am now able to enjoy all the activities I used to do with my biological knee. Since my last visit my right knee started bothering me and I am scheduled to get Stem Cell Therapy on it on February 2017, I cannot wait!

Health & Wellness Bazaar makes medical tourism a very simple and quick process. I was assigned a case manager since the first contact and he was in constant communication with me to answer any question I had and help me coordinate the logistics of my trip. Additionally, and the best part, Health & Wellness Bazaar also provided me all the documentation necessary to file a claim with my insurance company to get reimbursed for the knee arthroscopy part of the treatment.
  • Oscar Castro

  • Gastric Sleeve in Mexico
  • San Marcos, CA, U.S.
Health & Wellness Bazaar gave me back my life. I have always had trouble losing weight and didn’t have $15,000 available to have weight-loss surgery in the US. A friend of mine recommended working with Health & Wellness Bazaar as she had had a gastric sleeve done with a surgeon from their network and she is very happy with the results.

As soon as I spoke to a case manager at HWBazaar I realized I had made the right decision. They coordinated with their network of surgeons to review my case and confirmed my eligibility for surgery and quote within 2 days and in less than 2 weeks I was getting a Gastric Sleeve surgery done in Guadalajara, Mexico. Dr. Aceves and his staff are the most professional and experienced team, they made me feel at home and always knew what to expect. Their follow-up program is top of the line and had regular consultations on Skype to check on my progress. It took me 6 months to reach my ideal weight and as part of the program I was provided a 2-year diet plan to sustain my goal. I am very pleased with my experience and would recommend it to anyone needing to lose weight.
  • Tina Nicole

  • Rotator Cuff Repair in Mexico
  • Dallas, TX, U.S.
In March 2017, I injured my rotator cuff at the gym and was told I needed to have surgery to repair a muscle/tendon tear in my shoulder. My sister used Health & Wellness Bazaar for a spine injury she had in 2016 and I did not hesitate to reach out to them for help with my case. I was able to schedule my surgery with Dr. Mantecon in Cancun, Mexico 3 weeks after I initially contacted Health & Wellness Bazaar and 4 months after my surgery I was back at the gym training.

The whole process was very easy and they even helped me over the phone to upload my MRI to their platform for review. Upon my return home, my surgeon gave me very clear instructions to follow after the surgery and provided me with a physiotherapy prescription to rehabilitate my shoulder at home. I highly recommend Health & Wellness Bazaar for the quality of their surgeons and the cost savings of getting surgery abroad. Lastly, additionally to the lower cost of treatment in Mexico, I was able to get reimbursement from my health insurance for the majority of the costs of my surgery – they were glad to reimburse me for a less costly surgery done in Mexico vs the US.
  • Steve Paradie

  • Knee Replacement in Mexico
  • Los Angeles, CA, U.S.
This is a long review but I wanted to share my total experience of my double knee replacement surgery.

Dr. Mora is an amazing orthopedic surgeon! I had been on workers comp for 3 years fighting with the insurance company for double knee replacements. I was only 50 years old but had been a tractor trailer driver/delivery driver my whole life. I live in southern California but am originally from New Hampshire. After seeing the care that I had gotten for my knees or lack of, in California. I decided I would never allow them to do the surgery on my knees. Finally after 3 years, a cash settlement was reached. After 3 years of trying to walk with 2 bad knees, I had a 40% lower body disability. Not only were my knees screwed up but also my hips, my thighs, my calves, my feet, I was in rough shape!

I asked my wife to look on the internet for an orthopedic surgeon anywhere in the world. If it was $10,000 cheaper and it cost $5,000 to travel, we would be $5,000 ahead of the game. I wasn't looking for cheap. I was looking for the best all around deal. Of course I wanted a great doctor for as cheap as possible, who wouldn't, unless money wasn't an issue. My wife had contacted many places around the whole world and David Mora was the first to contact us back. He sent me their website to look over and a price for the double knee replacement surgery. I saw the price and was in shock but in a good way! My uncle had knee replacements in New Hampshire (with insurance), they charged the insurance company $180,000 for each knee! Let me just say, the price I was quoted wasn't even 1/10th of that!

I read the reviews for David's father, Dr. Mora. Every review was 5 stars and had nothing but great things to say about him. I asked David, What if there is an infection? He told me, his dad has been an orthopedic surgeon for 35 years and had done over 1500 knee replacements and it has never happened. We decided to have Dr. Mora do my double knee replacements. My wife and I drove to San Ysidro border in San Diego where we were met by David Mora and their driver in a parking lot at the border of Tijuana Mexico. We left our car in the very safe parking lot which is patrolled by border patrol. The driver was very professional driver whom turned into a great friend still to this day. He is more than a driver, he was more like my personal liaison seeing as though my wife and I don't speak any Spanish.

Once we got to Dr. Mora's facility, it did look a little scary but the driver made us feel secure. Once inside, he communicated to the receptionist for me who I was. They actually made me feel important like, I was their only patient. I knew I wasn't but in California when you go to a doctor for a scheduled visit, there are like ten people in the office and you don't get in for about an hour but if you're late, they make you reschedule. They started me right off with an EKG for my heart then x-rays of both knees. After that, I was ready for the surgery the next morning. We were then brought across the street to a very secure hospital. My wife needed a badge and every day, a security guard would come and issue her a new badge. We had arrived on Wednesday, March 29th 2017 and was released on Saturday, April 1st 2017. The room was nice but I had asked for a couch or a recliner for my wife over and over again and didn't receive it until I called David Mora. I was very upset about that because it was getting late, my wife was tired and she didn't even have anywhere to sit. Finally, the recliner arrived, late Wednesday night. I also suggest that if you can't speak Spanish, get a translator app on your phone. It worked great for me but the WIFI was a little off and on so I would say what I had to say to my app, it would translate it and I would screenshot it. Then, I would call for the nurse and show them my phone. The television was great! Many channels including HBO and Showtime. Now either the hospital wasn't climate controlled or they were saving on A/C so i asked for a fan in my room and opened the window. Luckily it was only in the low 70's. The food was great! They have a cafeteria which my wife would eat at and she told me that the food was very good and pretty cheap. David told me that they had addressed the issues that I had with the hospital and things there have gotten better and apologized for any inconvenience. 7 am Thursday morning, they came and wheeled me out for surgery. I was very impressed at how clean and sterile the surgical center was. They gave me an epidural for my surgery because I have severe sleep apnea so they didn't want to knock me out. It was very strange to be awake for the whole surgery which was 8 hours long. There looked to be about 5 surgeons and 5 surgeons helpers doing the surgery. The anesthesiologist sat and talked with me the the whole time. He draped a sheet up so that I couldn't see what was happening but I heard everything. I never felt a thing though, totally painless. After the surgery, they brought me back to my room at about 3 pm. 8 hour surgery, YIKES! The next morning, they had me stand. They made me do it by myself which I did. It was tough but I did it. Friday night, didn't sleep at all again with pain. Saturday morning, they came back in and had me stand and walk with a walker. I did it! I could only take a few steps at a time and then had to sit. Saturday afternoon, the driver picked my wife and I up to bring us back to our car. We stopped at his favorite taco place and we all got the best taco's ever! When I arrived at home, I had the help of some neighbors to get me up the stairs of my house. Those 5 steps were rough but I did it by swinging my legs up one step at a time. I continued walking with a walker getting stronger everyday. By the 3rd day, My neighbors helped me take a shower in a handicap bathroom and re-dressed my knees. By the end of the week, I was walking with a rollator. A couple days of that and then I needed no assistance at all.

In one week, I was walking without the aid of anything or anyone. I went back for a follow up in one month and they couldn't believe how well I was walking but told me to slow down and relax a little more. It has now been 9 months since my surgery. I have had many problems with my legs but none had to do with my surgery. Like I said in the beginning, I had a 40% whole body disability. The most important thing I would say to do is, ride a bike, stretch out your legs. Work out your legs. Don't just walk because you don't get the stretch that you need to. I have gone to an orthopedist here and showed him the x rays of my new knees and he said, they look perfect and that Dr. Mora did a great job! 9 months later and you can barely even see my scars. For me, Both of my knees were gone and I was in so much pain for 3 years, having both of my knees done at the same time was the best choice for me and I don't regret a thing. I am still on the road to recovery because of all of my other leg problems which were caused by my bad knees for 3 years. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely choose Dr. Mora again. He is a great doctor and did a great job on my knees. Thank you Dr. Mora! To this day, they are still in contact with me and told me if I need anything at all, just to let them know.
  • Daniel Vazquez

  • ACL Reconstruction in Mexico
  • San Diego, CA, U.S.
In June 2016 I injured the ACL in my right knee playing soccer and I needed to get surgery to be able to practice any sport again. After going to a doctor in the US I realized an ACL Reconstruction surgery cost around $17,000 and my deductible and co-pays would be around $10,000. I found Health & Wellness Bazaar in looking for cost-effective options for my surgery, they had their orthopedic surgeons review my MRI remotely and confirmed diagnostic and needed surgery within 2 days.

The HWBazaar team helped me coordinate my surgery with Dr. Romano in Guadalajara and the results have been amazing. I fully recovered in 4 months and I am back on the field playing soccer with a fully working knee and no pain. I saved almost half of what I would have had to pay if I had gotten the surgery done through my health insurance in the US and the results have been as good if not better. The medical facilities were state-of-the art and everyone at HWBazaar and Dr. Romano’s office was very experienced and knowledgeable in working with medical tourism patients.
  • Burk Krohn

  • Hip Replacement in Mexico
  • Rocky Mountain House, AB, Canada
I had been suffering with Osteoarthritis on my right Hip for about 3 years and it kept getting worse. I finally went to a Chiropractor with a sore Hip one Day only for him to tell me after he X rayed my Hip he could not do much for me. I kept going to him for about a year to relieve the Pain somewhat but it kept getting worse. I saw our Family Doctor and tried to get a referral to see a Specialist for over a year. All he kept telling me was I was too young and there were other Options. I asked him what they were and he said it was Painkillers and Cortisone Injections. After a bit I got frustrated and went to see another Doctor. He did give me a referral and a little while later I went in to see a Specialist. We met, he reviewed my case and agreed that total Hip Replacement was the only Option but he did Mention that he thought I was too Young ( 47 at the Time ). I was put on a waiting List for Surgery..... and would still be waiting.

The Pain was getting crazy, went to see the Doctor here and I received stronger and stronger Painkillers. They did nothing for the Pain. Then one Day the Richardson Family called me, they heard about my Dilemma and said if I was looking for Options to call this Clinic, so I called. I was pretty nervous because going out of the Country was a pretty big step for me. IT WAS THE BEST PHONE CALL I EVER MADE. Thanks to this Clinic, I have my LIFE back. Dr. Eliseo Mora Sanchez is one of the most amazing People I have ever met, he is an incredibly Talented Man. The People working with Him and Service are second to none. They are true Professionals and are very good at what they do. From the second we stepped off the Airplane at San Diego we were looked after every Step of the Way. Thanks to you and your Staff again for a Life altering Experience and for giving me my Life back. From my experience I would recommend this Clinic to anyone. Very Grateful, Burk Krohn
  • Fred Loehr

  • Spinal Disc Regeneration in Mexico
  • Rio Rancho, NM, U.S.
I went there in May 2015 for Ozone treatment and everything has gone as planned. The whole staff at the clinic were outstanding and the treatment so far beats what they wanted to do here in the US! I wish I had gone there 3 years ago instead getting passed from DR to DR here! Dave will take good care of you!
  • Richard Barton

  • Hip Replacement in Mexico
  • Norwich, New York USA
I am glad I found HWBazaar and I had crippling pain in my left hip and was getting to the point that even a short walk to the mailbox, twenty yards was an adventure.  My daughter in law is from Mexico and I had been in the country before and as far as medical or dental care there I felt very comfortable with the services there. After all I currently live in the US where the third leading cause of death is the health care system. The staff and the facilities are great. HWBazaar works with a boutique surgery center so there is less exposure to infection like you would get in a large hospital and you also receive a one-to-one nurse attention. The surgery went well and I recovered rapidly.  Furthermore, the cost savings can not be beat, I saved at least $40,000 compared to what I would have paid in my home town including airfare and the stay at the hotel.  If I ever need medical attention again I would not think twice about going back to HWBazaar again.
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