Fertility Clinics in Mexico

Fertility Clinics in Mexico

3 effective methods to achieve a successful pregnancy with reproductive assistance

One in six couples who go to  fertility clinics in Mexico, searching for answers to their infertility problem. Often times conceiving a child is sometimes not as simple having sexual relations, sometimes it takes a little bit more than that to conceive a child. Reproduction is a phenomenon which happens at a specific time of the month, and under particular conditions, as a matter of fact, only 20 percent of all women who try to conceive naturally during the first month of treatment to achieve their goal. There are even specialists who go as far to claim that there is only a probability of about 17 to 25 percent of conceiving during the ovulation period. This is the highest peak in the female fertility cycle fertility.

However, there are many people who, despite having unprotected sexual relations, even after several attempts for more than a year that it was in vain, and no fruit has come of it. This is highly frustrating and in most cases, may lead to depression. This precisely where some of the problems that cause lab fertilization to fail, because assisted reproduction just like with natural conception requires for the woman to be calm, confident, free from anxiety, stress or depression.

Infertility is a health condition which may be a result of other illnesses and makes procreation nearly impossible, it is characterized by the inability to get and maintain pregnant, and this may be due to a variety of reasons. Seeing one of our doctors here at Health & Wellness Bazaar may help you detect what is causing your fertility problem, and thus, finding the best treatment for you. Nevertheless, sometimes it is not possible to locate the exact cause of the problem which prevents you from getting pregnant. This is known as idiopathic or unexplained infertility.

What causes infertility?

Sometimes it may be because of an illness or a health condition which may interfere with your ability to get successfully pregnant. As well as some environmental factors which you may want to be aware of, both if you have chosen to re-try conceiving naturally or if you have opted for alternative fertility treatment to get pregnant.

  • Endometriosis. Many women go to their medical appointment and think about the possibility of recurring to an IVF Mexico, as a consequence of their illness. Endometriosis consists of the presence of endometrial tissue outside its usual location, which is inside the uterus. Its name comes from the word endometrium, which is the layer of tissue which covers the uterus inside and which detaches once a month during menstruation. It is most frequently found at the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the ligaments holding the uterus in its place, the pelvic cavity or abdominal cavity. Its effects include pain, which may be related to the menstruation; infertility itself, which can generate ovarian cyst, in some cases.
  • Polycystic ovaries. This is a common illness among women. The term makes reference to the increase in the number of small cyst or antral follicles in the ovarian surface when examined through an echography. There are a significant amount of women who suffer from this condition who have no problem ovulating, nor getting pregnant; however, there are several of them who fit the polycystic ovary syndrome profile, with irregular or even absent menstrual cycles.
  • Stress or anxiety. Although they´re not considered long term factor determining infertility, they do intervene in the probability of getting pregnant successfully in the short run. The burning desire to become a mother may generate the opposite effect you are looking for. Therefore many OBGYN´s recommend women who are planning on getting pregnant to relax and enjoy healthy sexuality with their partners.
  • Obesity or being overweight. Excess weight is often related to many chronical diseases like cancer and type II diabetes, but it may also be one of the causes of infertility. A high BMI has a direct repercussion on a woman´s ability to ovulate.

Other risk factors which may result in infertility include, being over the age of 35, being underweight, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, overexposure to certain environmental toxins like lead, pesticides; an alcohol or drug overconsumption, smoking tobacco, chlamydia, or gonorrhea, as well as other sexually transmitted diseases. Or even a prior history of pelvic  inflammatory disease.

Which are the assisted reproductive methods?

You are not alone; many people go through this same medical scenario. Medical science has made significant progress, so, helping infertile women who aspire to become mothers is no longer an impossible task. In these cases, assisted reproduction is the replacement for natural conception, through the use of safe and effective methods.

  1. Artificial insemination. This is a technique which consists of transferring the couple´s or a donor´s sperm into the uterus with the help of a catheter. The semen is processed at a lab with a density gradient, which increases the success rate.
  2. In vitro fertilization. This technique consists on obtaining egg from a women trough ovary stimulation with a medical treatment, which is followed by collecting the eggs and fertilizing them the couple´s or the donor’s sperm so they may combine, giving life to an embryo, whose development is closely monitored until it is ready to implant back in the mother´s womb.
  3. Embryo donation. Some couples, after having gone through in vitro fertilization cycles with their own eggs or a donor´s decision to adopt embryos which come from couples who have successfully got pregnant through in vitro fertilization and have decided to donate the remaining embryos.

Would you like to get pregnant and make true your dream of becoming a parent?  At Health & Wellness Bazaar we have doctors who specialize in fertility. Oud staff of medical professionals is highly qualified and certified to provide you the best service possible; therefore, we humbly invite you to visit our website so you may get in touch with us.


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