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Gastric Balloon in Mexico

Gastric Balloon in Mexico

Having trouble losing 30-45 pounds with diets and exercise?

Obesity rates continue to rise among adults and children in North America causing physical, metabolic and psychological health problems. Gastric Balloon in Mexico is an ideal weight-loss option for patients with overweight who need help losing some extra pounds and are looking for a minimally invasive procedure.

Not everyone is a candidate for Gastric Balloon in Mexico, to be approved for this surgery your BMI needs to be between 27 and 35. With our network of elite board-certified physicians, undergoing minimally invasive weight-loss surgery is as easy as booking a vacation through a high-end concierge service. 

With this procedure, a silicon balloon filled with saline solution is inserted in the patient’s stomach to reduce food consumption and calorie intake. This can be a great solution for mildly overweight patients who need to lose 30-45 pounds or an excellent way to start losing weight for more obese individuals. 


Below is a typical itinerary for someone undergoing Gastric Balloon with our surgeons:

  • Day 1: Arrival to destination of surgery,  pre-op tests – spend night in hotel
  • Day 2: Surgery – spend night in hospital
  • Day 3: Discharge- return home

Benefits of Gastric Balloon in Mexico

Choosing to undergo Gastric Balloon in Mexico has several advantages:

  • It can save you up to 65% compared to U.S. prices
  • Highest quality with U.S. Trained surgeons in Mexico
  • Best results with FDA approved Orbera Balloon 
  • Our personalized nutritional plan for up to 1 year

Gastric Balloon surgery can cost as much as $7,000 USD in the U.S. and, because it is generally not covered by most Health Insurance plans, this is typically paid out-of-pocket or financed with high interest rate loans. With Health & Wellness Bazaar, traveling to Mexico for Gastric Balloon is safe, easy, and affordable with packages starting at $2,690 USD for the balloon placement and $900 for the removal with minimum wait times.

Our medical providers are able to offer such low pricing compared to the U.S. because of the low cost of land, labor, and materials in Mexico. Nonetheless, the safety, quality, and efficacy of this minimally invasive procedure is never compromised. Please contact us for more information.

Our process is very simple!

Getting a Gastric Balloon with any of our bariatric surgeons is very simple. The first step is to review your case with our doctors to determine if the intragastric balloon will achieve the expected results. To do so, all we need from you is your medical history and this only takes 5-10 minutes! After reviewing your case, our surgeons will let us know if the Gastric Balloon is optimal for you or if you should consider a Gastric Sleeve or a Gastric Bypass for best results.

If you do not have time to fill out the medical questionnaire at this moment, please submit an inquiry and we will assign you a Care Manager who will email you shortly with more information on Gastric Balloon pricing as well as instructions to review your case. Your Care Manager will coordinate your remote consultation with our surgeons, check availability and schedule all your appointments for your procedure.

All-Inclusive Packages

For your convenience, in collaboration with our bariatric surgeons, we have designed all-inclusive packages for our international patients that include the following:

  • 1 Night in Hotel
  • 1 Night in Hospital
  • Airport pick-up and drop- off
  • Local transportation
  • Preoperatory tests
  • Hospitalization and  surgical center fees
  • Surgeon Fees
  • Anesthesia
  • All medical materials and supplies for the procedure
  • Post-operatory medication
  • White-glove counseling
  • Psychological and physical evaluations before the procedure
  • Periodic follow-ups via phone, e-mail or video call

Transportation & Accommodation

Your only additional expenses to the cost of your Tummy Tuck package are your transportation and meals outside the hospital. You can learn more about our accommodation options in our Plan Your Trip page.

Gastric Balloon Procedure

This surgery consists of putting a balloon made of silicon inside the stomach, through Endoscopy. Insertion of the Gastric Balloon is a nonsurgical, minimally invasive procedure taking place in an ambulatory manner so you will not have to worry about a long post-operatory. The intervention lasts about 20 to 30 minutes and the recovery time is minimal.

Surgery starts  by inspecting the interior of the stomach, which is done under Anesthesia. Later, the Balloon is deflated and guided to the stomach with a catheter in a guiding wire. Then the wire is removed, and a saline solution is injected to the Balloon. The balloon is inflated, and the surgeon can now disconnect the catheter. After six months, the Balloon is deflated and another Endoscopy is done to remove it.

The Intra-Gastric Balloon remains in stomach for six months limiting the space for food. As a result, patients feel more full resulting in eating less and consuming lower amount of calories. 

Thanks to this Bariatric technique, patients can lose about 30% of excess weight in six months, which improves their health significantly, especially in patients with diabetes, muscle-skeletal diseases, and cardiac pathologies. 

Candidates for the Gastric Balloon

Gastric Balloon is an ideal Bariatric technique for patients with some extra weight who need the help and look for a minimally invasive procedure.  This procedure is for people with a BMI between 27 and 30, with a co-morbidity related to their weight,  those with a BMI between 30 and 40 with or without co-morbidity pertaining to their weight, and  an elevated BMI for people over 40 years old. 

Those who have tried to lose weight with rigorous diet and exercise but haven’t reached their goals can also qualify for the Gastric Balloon. 

You are not a qualified candidate if:

  • You had a prior weight loss surgery
  • You suffer suffer from a inflammatory diseases in the digestive system
  • You have digestive hemorrhages or birth defects
  • You suffer from hiatal hernia or any affliction that would interfere the endoscopy
  • You have a drug or alcohol addiction
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You have psychological disorders
  • You use anticoagulant

Preparation of the collocation of the Gastric Balloon

To prepare you for the procedure, our specialists advice you to take Prilosec OTC 40 milligrams or generic Omeprazole once a day starting the day the procedure is performed and at least for two weeks after. To cope with the symptomatic condition of the post-operatory, our surgeons will recommend continuing with this medication until the removal of the Balloon.

48 hour prior to the insertion, you are asked to follow an almost liquid diet. All solid and liquid food should be eliminated at least 12 hours before your procedure. 


After the insertion of the Gastric Balloon and for at least one week patients tend to suffer from nausea and vomiting which is normal as your digestive system is adjusting to the presence of the balloon in the stomach. Our surgeons will prescribe some medication to help you control these symptoms. You must follow the prescription closely. Remember that our medical staff are available 24 hours. 

Our Bariatric Surgeons

At Health & Wellness Bazaar we work with Board-Certified Bariatric surgeons who use the latest technology to treat obesity and other metabolic disorders.  We only work with medical facilities and doctors that are:

  • Board-Certified
  • Have a clean background with excellent patient care
  • Active Members of the Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery
  • Active Members of the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons.
  • Participates continually in conferences and workshops about the latest procedures and surgeries
  • Recommended by trusted medical professionals
  • Experienced in prestigious medical institutions
  • Been published

Our recruiting and compliance team interview all of our Bariatric surgeons personally, visit their facilities, meet with the current and former patients and check their progress and medical protocols.

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