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When should you undergo a bariatric examination?

Obesity is a severe current health problem, which leads into many other chronic diseases, like cancer, type II diabetes, and therefore more and more patients who are opting for a gastric bypass Mexico as an adequate medical and modern solution against being overweight. This surgery is the most commonly performed and has proven to be the most effective bariatric surgeries in the long run, after 34 years of proven track record. It consists of the anatomic modification of the digestive system, with the goal in mind to successfully treat those patients who suffer from obesity.

This bariatric surgery technique, which may be done laparoscopically, consists of reducing the stomach´s size to about 15 to 30 ml which is then connected directly to the small intestine; this way, the food skips a large portion of the intestine. Because of this, a reduction in total calories you can absorb is achieved; furthermore, due to the decrease in the stomach´s size, the amount of food it can hold, therefore, reducing the amount of food you can ingest. As a consequence of this reduction in the size of the stomach, you will feel fuller with fewer and fewer amounts of food, which can translate into a significate reduction in appetite.

Currently, this surgical procedure is performed because it´s the best treatments for the permanent weight loss on obese patients, for whom conventional weight loss methods have been useless, which include strict diets and intense physical exercise. The best potential candidates to undergo this procedure are those people with a body mass index (BMI) of over 40, among male patients; and between 35 and 40 among female patients. Likewise, it is a viable option for people who suffer from an illness related to obesity, among which are sleep apnea, cardiovascular diseases, and type II diabetes.

The gastric bypass technique has shown to be useful for its intended purpose, making it possible for those patients to choose to undergo this surgery to see positive results in their appearance in little time; being able to lose as much as between 65 and 70 percent of excess weight in a 5-year lapse. During the first year, you can notice the most significate weight loss; therefore, if you wish to lose even more excess pounds, you must put a little bit of effort into it, with an exercise regimen.

When should I get an examination?

If you have undergone gastric bypass surgery in a Mexico bariatric center and have gained back weight or have not lost enough, then the most recommended course of action is to consider having a medical examination. Many investigations have shown that sometimes up to a 20 percent of the patients who have gone opted for this weight loss surgical technique, and up to a 35 percent for those patients who suffer from morbid obesity have recovered their average body weight 10 years after this obesity treatment.

This body mass index recovery depends, in most cases, on how well the patients have followed the surgeons indications, in regards to the lifestyle, diet habits and lifestyle; however, for these people the examination is not necessary, what they mostly need is for a specialist to evaluate their progress and changes done to their nutrition habits.

Once the expert has brushed aside diet as the main culprit for the weight increase, it is possible he may consider checking if the reason you’re gaining weight is due to a stoma expansion; therefore, he will surely want to check the stomach pouch size and the existing opening between the stomach and the small intestine. This diagnostic is often achieved through an x-ray of the upper gastrointestinal tract, as well as through an endoscopy, this is when a camera is introduced into the stomach through the esophagus, with the goal of evaluating that area.

The surgeon will not be able to determine if you need you to undergo an examination surgery to repair the gastric bypass until he has the complete view of the stoma´s evolution within the recent years, as well as other gastrointestinal tract problems, gastro-gastric fistulas or esophageal anomalies.

What does a bariatric examination consist of?

The examination surgery is a surgical procedure which is performed on patients who have undergone gastric bypass treatment, with a prior entry to the operating room,., but whom, for any number of reasons, have not achieved their desired weight loss goals, or even worse, have gained back lost weight. Gastric bypass failure may reach 10 percent of all cases, but it depends on certain aspects, like the first technique, the surgeon´s experience, and the adherence to the post-operatory treatment.

The connection between the pouch and the small intestine may expand in the years after surgery, which has reduced the sensation of fullness and the patient once again experience hunger again. Bariatric examination has as a goal to reduce the stoma´s volume and diameter to recover the feeling of fullness after a meal. The surgery is performed via endoscopy or laparoscopically, meaning, through the mouth, and it’s over in less than an hour, under general anesthesia. The surgeon then proceeds to stitch and to fold the pouch to reduce the stomach´s diameter, with the goal of limiting the patient´s capability for caloric absorption.

Even tough stitches are placed in order to last a lifetime within the stomach, the gastric bypass examination performed by the best plastic surgeons in Mexico is an irreversible procedure, this means if it´s deemed worthy, it is possible to undo the folding and give the stomach back its average volume and return it to its original state.

It is normal that, after bariatric surgery, you are provided some indications so you can cover your nutritional and vitamin needs. You will need to implement good eating habits and follow your surgeon´s instructions rigorously.

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